Forge Onward

I began playing online games when I was thirteen years old. My very first MMORPG was a game called Dark Age of Camelot and it existed in a time when the genre was still new and trying to find their own way. I remember wandering past the verdant forest of some distant land, scattered with ruins and monsters. A dusty path twisted through the winding maze of...

Trust Your Teammates

During the Western Conference finals of the NBA 2018 playoffs, the Rockets and the Warriors were in game five of what would be a seven game battle. During a timeout, audio was captured of Steve Kerr giving an poignant anecdote to Kevin Durant: “When MJ was with the Bulls...

My Amateur Team: What Works

Practice Practice Practice! My team officially meets twice a week for 3 hours. However, we are often on several times throughout the week for fun. During practice time, we focus on learning individual hero mechanics, map routes, and compositions. This is a...

Rainbow Six Siege: Denial Ops

This week will conclude the Defender side, and will see a transition to the Attackers in the following article, alongside a new column titled Operator, In Depth where the community will vote on a single operator to be covered in a much more detailed format. Let’s jump on in!

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