Is Hearthstone a Pay-To-Win Game?

The debate regarding Hearthstone being a Pay-To-Win has been around since Hearthstone's Beta and has carried on since then. Even today, this topic has been brought up within the Hearthstone community. But is Hearthstone really...

Three Sheets to The Wind

It never ceases to amaze me how much fun I have in Sea of Thieves. The game isn't what most would call an in depth experience (ocean pun in the second sentence, nailed it) and yet I have no problem...

Patch Note Speculation

It’s the start of a new year and we’re looking at a pretty wild list of changes from the development team. Is this the end of GOATS as we know it? Will reaper become meta for the first time ever?

Rainbow Six Siege: The Disruptors

Picture this. Your Rook armor is down, ADSs are placed, Bandit or Kaid have sealed off the hard breach, and you're getting ready to make your stand against the attack. Suddenly you see a bright blue light and hear a muffled explosion and the room goes dark...

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