Why you should get 6 hours on 6 heroes BEFORE touching competitive.


written by SleepyBeyond

Look, I know what you’re thinking; this is the opinion of someone who hates fun.  No.  This is the opinion of someone who loves Overwatch.  You see kids, when I was young, only 21 years of age I began playing Overwatch.  It was my first FPS game and I was excited to finally play competitive once I hit level 25.  Man, if I only knew how much I was screwing myself.

You see kids, not only did I have very little FPS experience, I also lacked an overall understanding of how to truly play overwatch.  “What’s a meta?”, I wondered as I entered my first competitive game.  I struggled through 10 matches and was placed in bronze.  I don’t know if you people have ever been in bronze before but let me tell you, even after I finally understood the game and didn’t have the accuracy of a blind man shooting a civil war musket, I could not get out of bronze.  If you think diamond and plat are elo-hell you are oh so very incorrect.


Anyway, what I’m getting at is that if I had WAITED until I had some actual experience playing Overwatch I would’ve done lightyears better in my placements. Now, the reason why I’m saying get 6 and 6 comes down to a single idea: there’s six players in a match.  If you put the right amount of time on more than a handful of heroes, you will be a lot more flexible in tight situations. Bonus points if you learn 2 heroes from each category, as that will let you play whatever role your team needs, because let’s face it, you’re gonna have to fill at some point.

This understanding doesn’t just affect your play, but how you react to your opponents’ play.  If I had taken the time to play characters that weren’t Tracer and DVa when I started I would’ve known how to play against them as well. By learning each hero’s strengths and weaknesses, I would have put myself at a much higher advantage than some other new players.  I still wouldn’t be great, but I would’ve been able to understand basic concepts like: “Reinhardt shield breaks and he can’t get it back for a little so rush him”.  But instead I took my weak, untrained aim and tried to play competitive with very little understanding of how the game is meant to be played.  By getting a total of 36 hours spread on six heroes you prevent this from happening because you’re forced to gain more overall experience in Quickplay.

Look I’m not saying don’t play competitive until you’re 100% the best player ever, but I’m saying give it some time.  By waiting until you have experience with more heroes, you will have more knowledge as a player.  Even in my naivety of playing competitive for the first time, I knew how to play against other D.VAs because I played so many hours on her.  Don’t jump into competitive, give yourself time to learn the game (the 25 level period is not enough but that’s for another day), learn the meta, and learn your heroes.

edited by UnluckyPaladin and Fyren


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