Brigitte Analysis: Forging a New Type of Support

written by SleepyBeyond

After being on the PTR for two weeks, it’s time to talk about the newest off-support Brigitte Lindholm. Brigitte was promised by Jeff Kaplan in an interview to be “meta-changing”, but with her release, the question is how? Now, Brigitte is designed to counter the dive-meta as she can effectively protect herself and the other support player. She accomplishes this successfully by stopping Tracer in her tracks, defending against a Winston well enough to give to her team an opportunity to peel, and being able to support her fellow healer.

However, what about when the enemy team isn’t running dive. Is Brigitte still viable? In the right team composition, I would argue she is, but she can’t sit back with her fellow support. Brigitte needs to be active to be useful. Her passive ability, Inspire, heals only when she deals damage at a rate of 16 health per second within a 20 meter radius. This means to be effective she needs to be brawling often enough to where she’s able to actually support. Now, she can also use her repair pack to heal up to 150 health on an individual target, but with a cooldown of 6 seconds, and that cooldown, in my opinion, isn’t short enough to allow for viable healing in a distance composition.
My optimal Brigitte composition would be the following: Ana, Brigitte, Reinhardt, Zarya, Genji, Tracer (Doomfist could also work here). This is what I consider a close combat composition. Aside from Ana all of these characters want to more or less be in the mix of the of the battle. Reinhardt and Brigitte pairs exceptionally well, both are close quarters combat in terms of damage and with Brigitte’s passive healing in the mix, Reinhardt can stay up for that much longer. She can also put a repair pack on Tracer or Genji to enhance their health before a flank, therefore having them be far more effective in the enemy backline or in peeling for Ana. Zarya should be at relatively high charge by bubbling either Brigitte or Reinhardt which enables closing gaps to enemies where Brigitte can provide the extra damage that’s needed with this team composition. Finally, Ana can keep her team up, pocket heal, and anti-heal the other team to negate the other team’s reactionary healing. Now, keep in mind this is an optimal composition where everyone needs to be doing the exact right thing and your Ana needs to be very aware with good positioning for it work in the best way possible.

Now, keep in mind that Brigitte can still be used in other comps. To get a new perspective on this I asked UnluckyPally, the flex DPS player of Reforged Thunder and a member of the leadership team for the Reforged Gaming Community. With an Orisa, Brigitte can still support, even though Orisa likes to keep enemies at a distance. Not only can she Shield Bash (50 damage, 5 meter knock back, and .75 second stun) and Whip Shot (70 damage and 5 meter knockback) incoming divers or players (especially Tracers) attempting to flank Orisa’s barrier but in UnluckyPally’s words, “She can Shield Bash and cleave anything Orisa halts”. Using Whip Shot activates her passive and both active abilities help her gain charge for ultimate Rally.
To finish up the analysis of Brigitte, we look at that ultimate, Rally. It lasts 10 seconds with a radius of 7 meters, increases Brigitte’s movement speed to the equivalent of Lucio’s Amp’d speed, and every 0.5 seconds Brigitte and her allies in range when she activates it gain 15 armor. This armor also sticks to characters until it’s destroyed unlike Lucio’s barrier which disappears after his ultimate completes. Knowing this, Brigitte’s ultimate is best used before the engagement to gain armor before the brawl and can greatly help support squishier teammates to effectively attack for longer battles.
In the end, my opinion stands that Brigitte is not groundbreaking, but she will be shifting the tone of play. Still, players shouldn’t go in assuming that a Brigitte will immediately shut down certain compositions. Just like Moira, an overaggressive and uncoordinated Brigitte won’t be supporting anyone. A good Brigitte player should strive to play with their team and be prepared to communicate. If they aren’t, then she’s not going to effective. She can’t go in alone and she can’t carry games, but she will be able to slow the dive heavy meta…at least for the moment.
For more information about Brigitte check out these awesome resources I used: by calprinicus
PTR Patch Notes Feb 2018: Official BattleNet Forum
Geoff Goodman – Overwatch Developer
Brigette Stats: OmnicMeta posted Febuary 28th, 2018


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