You’re Doing Fine

written by Fyren


I’m not always instantly amazing at every game I pick up. Sometimes it might take me awhile to get into the swing of things. During that time, it isn’t uncommon to find someone that wants me to uninstall, drink bleach, or kill myself. In those moments it is important to remain objective and not to take those words to heart.


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Every game has a learning curve. In some games with incredibly complex systems, like some 4X strategy games, the entire experience IS the learning curve. In many competitive games where you find yourself climbing a ladder or ranking system, this is also the case. The wider game experience IS the learning curve of the game itself. As one gets better at something like Overwatch, it’s easy to see how you as get better you learn things that you didn’t even know were important upon first picking it up. It’s important to keep this in mind when meeting people online in these games. Everyone is just at a different point on the curve, including you.


It’s quite common then and even expected, with so many people at so many different points in the experience, for someone to feel that they are being held back by lower skilled team mates. In these moments we often see people lash out with any variety of insults, in a manner that we can now only describe as toxic. It’s hard to play your best when someone is telling you that “you are literal garbage”, and this can have an effect even on thick skinned individuals. If you find yourself in the mood to engage with that sort of idea, you may want to think again.


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Instead of engaging with that kind of negativity, remind yourself that you’re doing just fine. You are just at a different point in your journey through this game. You are not garbage, please do not drink bleach (or eat a tide pod). Let me say that again. You are not garbage. No matter how many people yell at you, or scream toxicity in your direction. You are doing just fine. I would be remiss not to also remind you that too often, we can be our own worst critics. Sometimes you can end up being toxic to yourself. Regardless, you are doing just fine.

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