Rainbow Six Siege, Why you always Lion?

written by DocWhiskey


The last two weeks have been an exciting time for Rainbow Six Siege players. Two new operators, Lion and Finka, made their debute alongside the fast paced co-operative mode, Operation: Outbreak with the Season 3 patch, Operation Chimera. This new co-op mode is the first of it’s kind in Rainbow Six Siege, in that it allows operators typically on the opposite sides of attack and defense to work together during the three separate missions that make up the new game mode. Sadly, this new mission will only be available until near the end of the month, along with it’s brand new Outbreak packs, which can be purchased using R6 Credit, Siege’s digital currency.


The introduction of Outbreak packs sparked a huge backlash from the R6 community, most of whom were not partial to the idea of paying real money to purchase cosmetic items, or to have a chance at opening the newly released Ash elite skin. What sets elite skins apart from the regular uniforms in game is that each is a throwback to a vintage era, such as Fuze’s WW2 uniform, as well as having a special animated end of match screen if the player using the elite skin held the highest match score. To help assuage the flow of negative feedback, Ubisoft made it clear to the players that each Outbreak pack would contain a unique item, and that there would be no chance for players to receive duplicate items, meaning that the player would be guaranteed to open unique items with every pack, totaling up to 50 items.
Alongside the release of Operation Chimera, the new season of Rainbow Six Pro League kicked off. Crowd favorites, PENTA Sports and Evil Geniuses both opening with victories against their opponents. For those of you who are unfamiliar, or just getting into the pro scene with the current season of R6 Pro League, PENTA and E.G. faced off against each other in the grand finals of the Rainbow Six Invitational, with the match going to the tie-breaker map, Coastline, which saw PENTA take home the win in a 6-4 score over E.G. Both teams put on an incredible performance.


As many people suspected, the new attacking operator Lion became an instant game changer with his EE-ONE-D gadget, which reveals the real time location of any moving defender. This effect is currently only able to be countered by Mute’s Signal Jammer, making it an instant favorite. In a game where information is such a valuable asset, Lion’s gadget is an extremely powerful tool in when used with a coordinated team, maybe even a bit too powerful depending on how you look at it. The current Pro League season has shown Lion with a pick rate in the high 90s when compared to other operators. This same pick rate was seen with Operation Blood Orchid’s Ela Bosak, the female operator from the Polish GROM counter terrorism unit, who has since receive multiple adjustments to her gadgets, primary weapon damage, recoil, and grizmot mines. Lion has the potential to be as powerful an operator as the pre-patch Ela, and will probably receive some kind of adjustments very early into season 3. Used in conjunction with gadgets like Jackal’s EYENOX Model 3, which track the footsteps of defending operators and Dokkaebi, who can use her tablet to hack defender phones, causing them to vibrate and give away their relative location, Lion’s gadget can be instrumental in the early round roam clear, as well as making the defender’s post plant retakes incredibly difficult. Lion’s primary weapon is nothing to laugh at either. The V308 is a .308 caliber battle rifle with a 50 round drum magazine, and while it’s no laser beam, the recoil is easily manageable for the competent player.
All in all, despite a rocky launch day, Operation Chimera has been a ton of fun so far, and if you’ve not had a chance to give the Outbreak game mode a try, I highly recommend you do so before the event comes to a close.


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