Rainbow Six Siege: Lion going the way of Mufasa, and Pro League Updates.

written by DocWhiskey


New changes are coming to the CBRN operator, Lion. In a previous article, it was written that the author expected changes to come very soon after the release of this powerful new attacker. His EE-ONE-D gadget allows the attacking team to see the real time location of any moving defending operators, outlined in a red pulse, making them easy pickings for a coordinated team, or anyone from the attacking side to shoot through destructible surfaces to hit and kill.

With the current state of the game, Lion’s gadget can be used three times, with a ten second cooldown between uses, and will keep the outline of the detected operators for the entire duration of the scan. This, as has been mentioned before, is an extremely powerful gadget for the attacking team to use to either stall or deny objective retakes from the defending side. Based on a release from Ubisoft on Reddit, the coming changes will take the EE-ONE-D’s uses from three to two, and increase the cooldown from 10 seconds, to 20 seconds, as well as the most significant change, which is that the outline of the defenders will only be visible while the operator is moving, meaning that once detected the defending operators need only stop moving to stop being detected.
Regardless of any changes, Lion’s drone will still be an incredible asset to any team, and has shifted the meta of the upper echelon of play, where teams are selecting Lion over a second hard breacher, an operator capable of destroying reinforced walls or hatches, and some utility operators such as Ying, who was previously seen entering the meta in the last season of play due to her smoke grenades and multi-flash cluster bombs, and IQ who uses her gadget to detect electronic gadgets such as Valkyrie’s black eye cameras, Bandit’s shock wire batteries, or Ela’s Grzmot mines. On the reverse side, the defense operator Caveira has seen some play in the pro league in an effort to deny the acutely dangerous Jackal/Lion roam clear, as her Silent Step ability is a hard counter to Jackal’s Eyenox gadget, taking away his ability ping her location using the Eyenox gadget.
Changing gears, and looking towards the culmination of the group stages of Season 7 of the R6 Pro League, crowd favorite from the NA scene, Evil Geniuses, clinched a playoff spot with their victories over Honor Among Thieves in the first round, and Spacestation Gaming in the second. Spacestation Gaming played against Obey Alliance in the losers bracket and secured a playoff position as well. From NA group B, both Rogue, and SK Gaming will be going to the playoffs  as well, both teams having played in the previous season.

From the EU scene, PENTA Sports secured an early playoff spot by besting Mockit Esports and Millenium, both of which are scheduled to play on the 12th of April for their chance to go to the playoffs. Group B from EU saw former champions ENCE knocked out by Team Vitality, who will also be playing on the 12th against Digital Chaos for the second playoff bracket, the first of which was taken by 1UP Esport.
The LATAM Scene has seen another strong contender, Black Dragons, taking hold of their playoff bracket, with a decider match between BootKamp Gaming, and Team oNe eSports being held on the 11th of April, which will also be the day of the group B decider match between FaZe Clan, and BRK E-Sports. For full details, please visit the Rainbow Six Pro League website.


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