Gotta Fly ’em All..?

written by Alastrom

Star Citizen has become something of a ship collecting game while players patiently await its launch. This has lead to a Pokemon-esque mentality where some people have just gotta catch (buy) them all. I believe this philosophy is harming the game in the long run and for that reason, I generally support this larger more expensive packages coming about. Imagine for a second that you own five two hundred dollar ships. You like each of these ships as much as the next but none of them stand out to you as your favorite. Suddenly, the fresh new “thing” comes along and you’ve just got to have it. The problem? It’s a thousand dollars. In this situation you may consider turning your five ships into store credit and purchasing the one big ship. What does this do for the game? Well for starters, there’s now one more player out there that has specialized in one area of the game.

The RSI Polaris

Specialization is something I believe Star Citizen will come to rely on in the future. A person that owns every ship could feasibly do anything at any given time. This causes them to rely less and less on the community and eventually they’ll decide that they’ve seen all the game has to offer and move on. Sure, they may stop in and play from time to time, but they’ve had the option to move quickly from one piece of content to another and much like binge watching Netflix, you eventually realize you have nothing else to watch. When you have enough people who fit into this paradigm, the game on the whole stagnates. New players can’t compete with older players and as a result older players view new players incomplete experiences.

Top hat monocle
Greetings Fellow Monocles!

To this end, I have always supported more expensive Star Citizen packages the closer the game gets to launch. I think the game would be a lot healthier with many players deciding to focus on a few specific parts of the game as opposed to a large number of backers feeling they need to build a fleet for every situation that they can think of. Of course with the game still in development I suspect many players will realize they don’t have time to do everything their fleet suggests they can. In this situation they’d still be better off with a few focused ships as opposed to Noah’s proverbial ark.

Star Citizen Noah
Now in full disclosure, this author is a Star Citizen Concierge backer, which is the classification of people who have spent greater than one thousand dollars on the game. Most of my purchases were done with the mentality of group play however I did fall into the early trap of trying to have something for every situation. I don’t feel the need to ridicule players who have spent thousands on the project, I just worry about the longevity of said game if the standard approach is that every player should aim to have a complete tool-shed of ships to call upon. After all, there’s a saying that explains who’s special when everyone is…

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