Rainbow Six Siege: If you want peace, Prepare for war!

written by DocWhiskey


Siege has had some big updates and announcements as of late. Lion has finally been nerfed, and his gadget doesn’t feel like it is quite so powerful anymore. However, it still maintains it’s status as a round changing ability that stops roamers in their tracks. To recap, it now has a 20 second cooldown and only two uses per round, adjusted down from 10 second a cooldown and 3 uses per round. Hibana and Ying both received slight adjustments to their loadouts, with Hibana losing her claymore in exchange for breaching charges, and Ying losing her smoke grenades and gaining a claymore, which marks an end to the Ying/Glaz/Blitz strategy that saw so much use in the last season of Pro League. Vigil also received a balance, in that his gadget only keeps him hidden from drones/cameras for 12 seconds at a time as opposed to the original 30 second, and has a 6 second recharge instead of the 12 seconds it used to have.


However, the biggest news is that the new map slotted for release with Season 2 has been officially announced. This map, set in Italy, continues an Italian theme set by the announcement of two new Italian operators. Both Italians come packed with unique gadgets that will definitely change up the way Siege is played. Although we don’t have the official release date for these characters as of yet, dataminers have uncovered some information about the newest members to join the Rainbow Six lineup. The map meanwhile is speculated to modeled after the villa that the character Ezio retires to in the famous Assassin’s Creed franchise.



Alibi will be bringing a holo-projection gadget that is speculated to display an image of herself that will reveal an enemy’s location in a similar fashion to how Lion’s drone reveals defenders who are moving during the duration of the pulse. With how much impact Lion’s vision has had, this seems like a gadget that will need to be adjusted rapidly if it proves to be too powerful. Alongside Alibi, Maestro will be bringing a deployable turret that can only be destroyed when Maestro is manning it, however it is not commonly believed that the turret will kill attacking operators, but stun them for short periods of time. Either way this gadget will certainly be an interesting one to see being used. Of the two of them, it is more likely that Alibi will see significantly more play time in the Pro League than Maestro, at least until players learn how to distinguish between the real deal and her projected doppelgangers.




Along with the new operators, a new defensive gadget will become available at the start of Operation: Para Bellum. Bullet proof cameras will be available to the operators Mute, Castle, Doc, Frost. Caveira, and Vigil. These cameras can be deployed on a wall anywhere an operator can go, and can see through smoke grenades, giving Glaz an indirect nerf. The cameras can be destroyed by shooting the sides, blowing the wall out, or by Twitch drones, and are only disabled, albeit only temporarily, by Thatcher’s EMP grenades. In a game where information is widely regarded as the most important asset, these cameras will without a doubt become an extremely handy gadget for the defending teams to have at their disposal. To round things off, the new patch will include the long awaited dropshot nerf, which changes the way operators go from standing to prone, in which they now return their weapons to a hipfire position during the transitional movement, which means players will no longer be able to aim down sight while they go prone. Unfortunately, the much anticipated shot alignment fix has been confirmed to not be rolling out in the latest patch, even though it was expected to come with Operation: Para Bellum.



As we draw closer to the release of the new update, so too do we draw closer to the Pro League Season 7 finals being held in Atlantic City, New Jersey. This is truly exciting as it features the top teams from the NA, EU, LATAM, in addition to the newly added APAC region. The teams representing their regions are as follows:

North America [NA]: Evil Geniuses and Rogue

European Union [EU]: PENTA Sports and Millenium

Latin America [LATAM] FaZe Clan and Team Liquid

Asian-Pacific [APAC] Fnatic and NORA-Rengo


The event kicks off at 11AM [GMT-4] on Saturday, May 19th, with the first round of matches consisting of Rogue vs. NORA-Rengo at 11AM, followed by PENTA Sports vs Evil Geniuses at 1:30PM, FaZe Clan vs. Millenium at 4PM, and Fnatic vs. Team Liquid at 6:30PM.


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