Diary of A Galactic Uber Driver: The Beginning of Greatness

Written by Fyren


The galaxy is a massive place. Anyone who has been out there will tell you, there are more stars than a person could possibly ever care to see. I’ve seen a few of them myself. Now, I’m gonna see even more of them. See, I got myself a new ship, named it The Forgerunner Prime. I traded in the old hunk of junk I was flying around, and got myself something bigger and better. Something that will let me go farther and faster than ever before. I figure, with my new Forgerunner all outfitted, I should probably put it to good use.



Star systems have plenty of names. Of course we all know the Sol system. Most have boring names though like COL-2564 A. So, you can imagine my surprise and my joy when I come across a system that shares my name almost exactly. The Firen system. Immediately I decide that this should be my new home. A base of operations where I can start really making a name for myself. It doesn’t take long to do exactly that. Contracting for some local companies makes me a well respected driver in the system, as well as replenishing my recently tapped reserve of credits. After some time, a most unique opportunity crosses my screens.


McKenna Curtis, a self described explorer and researcher, needs a ride. Not just any ride. Long range. 19,000 light years away to be exact. The contract pays well enough. More than I’ve ever been offered before, probably some sort of Federation grant money. Not my concern where the money comes from, I don’t normally ask many questions. Anyway, this is no normal taxi fare. This is a chance for me to see what my new equipment is really worth. This is a chance to do something extraordinary. So, I shuttle McKenna into the only first class cabin on board. No additional passengers this time. No additional cargo. Just the two of us, heading out into the unknown.




The destination is a system named Dryuae Aoscs IR-W E1-3926, on the other side of the galaxy. Who names these things? As we leave McKee Terminal and put the Firen system behind us, I begin to wonder what new sights may be seen. However, my wonder does not last. We pass countless systems, each the same as the last until I find myself out in the black with not a single station anywhere nearby. Those areas of space, colder and darker than most, where the stars are farther and farther apart until the sky appears as just blackness. The spaces in between civilization. The space. Endless space. My charts tell me that we’re getting closer.



Just as my last venture out from the civilized places of the galaxy, a touch of madness begins to set in. Refuel, hyperspace, check course, refuel, hyperspace, check course. At this point, I begin dreaming of encountering pirates out here, where no one can help me, just to break the tedium. Refuel. There is no one out here though. Hyperspace. No pirates, no bounty hunters, no one. Check course. There is little reason for explorers to even come this way. Refuel. McKenna Curtis is restless as well. Hyperspace. At the very least they aren’t harassing me in the cockpit, asking “Are we there yet?” incessantly. Check course. I’ve had passengers far more aggravating. Refuel. I pass a binary system, one with two stars, with no more than a fleeting curiosity. Hyperspace. We are making very good time and should arrive ahead of schedule. Check course. Just under half way there. Denser space is ahead, filled with adventure or so I hope.



Continued in Stopping To Smell The Nebula


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