Rainbow Six Siege: The Para Bellum Reveal

written by DocWhiskey


The Rainbow Six community has a lot to celebrate this week, as just yesterday in Atlantic City, New Jersey, a new champion was crowned as Team Liquid beat out PENTA Sports in a dominating performance on the tie-breaker map, Consulate. For the first time in Pro League history, the championship title is held by a team from the LATAM region, instead of it remaining in its previous European home. During the Livestream event following the road to the grand finals, Ubisoft finally pulled back the curtains on Operation: Para Bellum, giving us all the nitty gritty little details that we’ve been putting together from leaks and speculation over the last few months.




Operation Para Bellum is introducing two new operators from the Italian G.I.S. Counter-terrorism unit. Code named Maestro and Alibi, both of these new operators have been eagerly anticipated and are currently playable, along with the new map Villa, on the Technical Test Server as of  May 22nd, with a full release to the live servers expected to be sometime in the first week of June. Both operators fit in very well with this season’s step away from Global Abilities, something that’s found its way into every season since Operation: White Noise, and into the new focus on the Defending team’s ability to gather information.


Maestro and Alibi bring two very unique gadgets to the table that will undoubtedly flip the current META on its head as the Siege developers often enjoy doing, something that YouTube content creator Get_Flanked mentioned in an article written in late April of this year. Both gadgets can be used to gather information either directly or passively, and will most certainly be seeing a lot of use at all levels of play.

rainbow six siege italy operators alibi maestro

Alibi is a 3 speed, 1 armor operator who deploys up to 3 decoy holograms. The base of the hologram can be shot, struck, blown up, or hit with a twitch drone to destroy them, and IQ’s gadget will pick up the electronic signal coming from the device. Thatcher’s EMP grenades will only temporarily disable the projection, but will not outright destroy the device. When an attacker mistakenly shoots a decoy, their location will be revealed for a short time in a similar fashion to Jackal’s Eyenox gadget. Currently, the most direct counter to Alibi is Glaz, whose thermal scope will not display a heat signature on any of Alibi’s decoy holograms. As an added bonus, having an Alibi on your team will ensure that the identity of any defensive operators who leave the building will not have their identity revealed, but will still maintain the detection marking for the attacking team to see. Along with that, Alibi’s decoys will only project the operator’s default camo and headgear, and will be projected only with her CX4 submachine gun, with no attachments. It will take a keen and practiced eye to pick the real Alibi from her doppelgangers when presented with the situation of there being many decoys in one area. The world of Siege is ready, and eagerly anticipating the live release of this operator, as well as her counterpart, Maestro.


Maestro is the opposite of Alibi. He is a 1 speed, 3 armor operator who brings his Evil Eye cameras to the defensive set up. These camera are bulletproof, and cannot be destroyed by melee while the protective shell is covering the lens. The exceptions to this are Sledge’s hammer, and any operator who carries explosive gadgets, such as frag grenades, or Ash’s breaching rounds. The cameras can see through smoke, and can open its protective covering to shoot Attacking operators with a low damage, but decent fire rate laser. More than his gadget, the most unique thing about Maestro is that his primary weapon is an LMG, something the has not yet been done before in the game, as even the mighty Lord Tachanka’s LMG is his gadget. Being a 1 speed operator also mean that Maestro will have the option to equip his LMG with an ACOG optic.


That’s not all that Para Bellum will be changing. In addition to the two new operators, the new map, Villa, was unveiled. Villa was built from the ground up to be balanced for ranked and competitive play, and will likely see its way into the ranked, and pro league map pool almost immediately after launch. It was also designed to be a very roamer friendly map, and will make sure that the attacking team is exceedingly diligent in its early round roam clear, otherwise they risk being punished by late round flanking rotations. There is much that the Siege community has to learn about this map and its defensive set up, and attacking strategies, leaving the players with a lot to learn about how to approach their roles with this beautiful new map.


Other changes coming to the next season of Rainbow include the recoil nerf to both the Bearing-9, and SMG-11 machine pistols, which will reduce their overall effectiveness and bring them more in line with how they should be used, rather than as more of a “second primary weapon”, as they are now. Smoke, Hibana, and Echo will all be feeling the hurt with this one, however Ubisoft is making it up to Echo by giving him an additional Yokai drone. The secondary gadget bulletproof cameras are still going to be a thing, and will lend themselves well to this new theme of information gathering for the defensive side of the game. The biggest change to the game will be the rework of the map Clubhouse, a map that has been consistently in the ranked and pro league map pool for quite some time, and will be the first of hopefully many maps to get balanced out for all levels of gameplay, and make each site a viable option for the defending team to make their stand on.


With all the new and interesting things coming to the game with the next patch, the world of Siege is bound to get a little more savvy, and a lot more fun. The players over at Reforged Gaming can’t wait to get their hands on it, a sentiment undoubtedly shared by the rest of the Siege player base.



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