Overwatch Anniversary Skins: In My Humble Opinion

written by SleepyBeyond


It’s that time of year again, the Overwatch Anniversary event has been live over a week.  So, without further ado, it’s time take a look at the new skins that they’ve released for the.  For now, I will solely be focusing on the NEW Overwatch skins released for the Anniversary event and not giving my two cents about any previous skins.

I will be rating them on a scale of Stone to Dragonscale:

Stone: Worst possible addition ever, why did Blizzard think this was something we wanted.

Bronze: I will never purchase this skin, but I guess I can see the appeal to some people.

Iron: I guess this is ok, but also it could’ve been done better.

Steel: This is pretty good, I like it.

Dragonscale: This is the best thing ever, may Blizzard creators be blessed.



As an Epic release skin, it isn’t bad.  But it isn’t great.  Using some awesome research done by unlimitedblack on reddit here, you can see that Solider: 76 is sitting in the middle when it comes to total skin count so it makes sense to give him something to work with.  I think the addition of an Epic skin was a good idea as well because Solider isn’t at the bottom of the Legendary Skin list (he comes in at 5th place with 7) either, so giving him something that’s nice but not a huge addition is a smart move.  However, the biggest problem I have with it is the name: Venom.  I’m sorry Blizzard, but I don’t know if you’re trying to reference a certain infamous anti-hero in the Marvel universe but that’s where my mind went and because of that I’m full of disappointment with the color scheme.  It doesn’t match the Venom I know, which makes sense because of those messy copyright laws, but still I’m let down.  As a result, my final judgement is: IRON.


I don’t like this.  I understand that Tracer is the “face” of Overwatch, but this is not high quality.  Tracer also has the most skins with a total count of 18 with only McCree and Bastion matching her.  The color scheme is not my favorite, it’s just so blandly yellow.  I understand the theme was Lighting but that doesn’t mean stain everything yellow.  Her hair is even yellow for some reason.  I just don’t like this skin, I suppose if you’re a big Tracer player this one might really speak to you.  Especially if your favorite color is yellow.  As a result, my final judgement is: BRONZE.


I’d like to start by saying I love McCree.  He’s my favorite cowboy.  In an effort to be fair however, I’d like to call to attention that McCree matches Tracer for total skin count and has 9 legendary skins.  That means that half of McCree’s skins are Legendries.  So, maybe he didn’t need this skin.  It doesn’t mean that it isn’t pretty cool though.  I think his robotic arm looks really cool as it sort of gives a nice steam punk vibe to the look which I dig.  He makes a great Sherlock, just like he makes a great cowboy.  Still all things considered this isn’t a skin I feel we needed.  I would’ve loved to see Ana get a new legendary skin as she’s sitting near the bottom at 6 for Legendries with the only two characters below her being the newest additions of Brigitte and Moira.  As a result, my final judgement is: IRON


Speaking of Brigitte, her skin is gorgeous.  As a fan of Vikings historically and someone who likes the costumes from the TV show Vikings, I love this skin.  My favorite part of the skin is the shield.  I love the old-style wood mixed with the new age tech. It is truly well done.  Brigitte also needs skins as she currently has the least number of skins in total, so it’s incredible that it was done so well.  As a result, my final judgement is: DRAGONSCALE


You know what we didn’t need Blizzard?  Another Bastion Legendary skin.  Yeah, I guess it’s kind of cool because it matches up with the Retribution event.  Sort of…?  I am honestly not a fan of this concept, while it doesn’t look bad it wasn’t a necessary addition and I would’ve 100% rather see a different character get a new skin.  Bastion sits right next to Tracer when it comes to total number of skins.  Bastion doesn’t need new skins right now.  As a result, my final judgement is: STONE


Blizzard may have disappointed with the Bastion skin, but they did wonderful job with Doomfist.  (If you need to take this out I understand)  The black mechanical arm coupled with the white suit is a beautiful contrast.  Not only is this reminiscent of the comics, which I absolutely love the inclusion of, but it also just looks great.  Doomfist has the second lowest count of skins being a newer character so the addition of this skin was sorely needed.  I may be a tank main, but please excuse me while I spend the coins on this new Doomfist skin.  As a result, my final judgement is: DRAGONSCALE


I honestly feel like Junkrat has gotten a lot of skins lately, but looking at the stats he’s sitting in the middle of total skin count and legendary skin count.  Still, personally I don’t like this skin.  Doesn’t Ana have a Buccaneer skin?  Oh wait, we named that one Pirate so it’s different.  Look, I can understand the appeal of this skin and it’s not bad, but it’s not suited towards my tastes and as the title states this is my humble opinion.  I think Blizzard could’ve been a bit more creative and worked on an unused concept for this skin.  As a result, my final judgement is: IRON


Orisa needed more skins.  She sat next to Doomfist at the bottom at total overall skin count.  That being said, I loved this skin.  For some reason, Orisa is always depicted as a bug creature in many of her skins, so I was thrilled to see a different type of take with the Forest Spirit addition.  The skin itself is really beautiful without being ridiculous.  The symbol on the front of her torso that’s giving off a light illumination really plays into the mystical concept.  I don’t know if I’d buy this skin, but I certainly don’t hate it.  As a result, my final judgement is: STEEL


Symmetra is like Junkrat, sitting in the middle of total skin count and legendary skin count.  She doesn’t have a need, but she could benefit from the addition.  I actually really like the addition of this skin.  It’s something that hasn’t been done before and I think fits neatly with Symmetra’s character.  However, do I think it’s worthy of being a legendary skin? No, not really.  The simplistic design reminds me more of an Epic skin. However, I’m sure that this is an opinion not shared by many.  As a result, my final judgement is: IRON


I don’t get this skin.  It looks like it’s blue and he has a fancy beard.  Not only that, I don’t think Torbjorn needs a skin because he sits at a high total skin count and a large amount of those already being legendary skins.  I tried to see if the skin was referencing something unique like a comic but I came up with nothing.  The skin isn’t bad, but it’s probably the most unnecessary skin, usurping even Tracer and Solider because those two are the faces of the brand.  They get skins because of that.  Torbjorn is like the old uncle that everyone tolerates, he doesn’t really need the skin.  As a result, my final judgement is: BRONZE

That’s all my opinions for today.  If you’d like to argue with me, have your people contact my people.

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