Rainbow Six Siege: The Defenders

written by DocWhiskey

This article is geared towards players who are newer to the game. Defensive rounds can make or break a game depending on their results, just the same as attack rounds, however on defense you have direct control over how you want the round to play out by utilizing reinforcements, gadgets, secondary gadgets, and of course, the angle holds and gunplay. For the purposes of this piece, Operators will be broken up into five categories: Anchor, Trap, Information, Denial, and Roamer. Note that one operator can fit into more than one category.


The first tier of operators on the list are known as Anchors. The Anchors are the last line of defense for the objective sites. They utilize their gadgets to help their team hold the objective more easily or assist the other Operators by providing extra health or armor plates. Anchors are generally 3 armor, 1 speed ops that carry powerful guns, some of which have access to the coveted ACOG optic that allows them to hold deep angles with relative ease and safety. Operators that are considered Anchors are Doc, Rook, Mira, Maestro, Tachanka and Echo. Doc carries a Stim Pistol that provides additional health to anyone, even attackers that are shot with it. Additionally, it can bring players back from a down but not out state (DBNO) and get them back into the fight without having to risk another friendly coming over to pick them up. Rook provides armor plating that can increase the overall survivability of the team. The armor plating also guarantees a DBNO state, provided the player is not taken down by a headshot. Mira can deploy her Black Mirror gadget on both reinforced and unreinforced walls alike. This provides lines of sight beyond the walls in order gain better information about what is going on. The Black Mirror is best used in locations where long sight lines can be held or to cover popular entry points. Maestro is a new operator, slated for release within the week, who deploys his Evil Eye cameras that are invulnerable to both bullets and melee attacks while in its shell mode. In its active mode the Evil Eye can be destroyed but can also fire low damaging laser bolts to destroy gadgets and harm enemy players. These cameras excel as information gathering tools in that they can see through even the thickest smoke. Tachanka is a much loved icon among the Siege community, but unfortunately is hard to fit into many team compositions. He can be difficult to use effectively due to the nature of his gadget. He has access to a mounted LMG that gives him ridiculous amount of firepower, but leaves the player stationary and relatively easy to kill. Last on the list, but certainly not least is Echo, who deploys his Yokai drone which is a mobile secondary camera with the added bonus of firing concussive blasts to disorient attacking operators. This special gadget allows for the securing of a decisive kill, or even a delay to the planting of the bomb de-fuser. All of these gadgets can help turn the tide of the fight, but ultimately the gun skill of the player is always the best horse to bet on. The interaction of these gadgets with the rest of the team is what makes them such an invaluable asset to any defensive set up and is what earns them the name, Anchor.


Trap operators do exactly what their name implies, they place traps to delay a rush, stall an attack, or outright shut down an entire team. Due to the nature of Siege being heavily reliant on audio queues, Trap operators often work best with information operators. Operators that fall into this category are Kapkan, Lesion, Frost, and Ela. Kapkan places down his Entry Denial Device on door and window frames which, when triggered, deal a significant amount of damage to the unlucky attacker. He can use up to 5 of these EDDs per round, and while they do incredible damage, it is often not enough to secure a kill on its own. Lesion places down Gu mines that cloak to conceal their position, making them very difficult to play into. The Gu mines deal 10 damage to the operator who steps on them, and an additional 8 damage over time (DoT). Those afflicted with this DoT have the option to remove the poisoned needle causing the damage, however it leaves them vulnerable in the process. Lesion can use a total of 8 of these mines over time, and each takes less than a minute to fully recharge. Frost has 3 bear traps that can be deployed almost anywhere in the map, so long as there’s room for the mat. The traps do not kill, but immediately trigger a DBNO state, leaving the attacker caught in them vulnerable to a swift end, or possibly multiple kills if the downed operator is being helped up by an ally. Ela is another operator that helps Trap operators fill the dual role with Information. Her gadget is a Grzmot concussion mine that can be adhered to any surface. When triggered the attacker becomes afflicted with a dizzying effect, as well as a flash and audio dampening. This naturally leaves the victim extremely vulnerable for the few seconds it takes Ela to capitalize on the opportunity to strike. Last but not least, is Alibi, and while her Holo-Projectors don’t cause any damage to attackers, when they are shot they reveal the location of the attacker, leading to great flanking opportunities. Most Trap operators carry very capable weapons, but unlike Anchors, their gunplay doesn’t necessarily need to be their defining factor. Instead, the information gathered and opportunities created can lead to incredible plays from the Roamers.


Next up is the Information ops, Operators who can employ their gadgets and secondary gadgets to gather Intel on the movements and composition of the attacking teams. Operators in this category because of their gadgets specifically, are Valkyrie, Maestro, Alibi, Lesion, Echo, Pulse, and Mira. Valkyrie places up to 3 black eye cameras around the map whose only job is to provide a visual on areas where the map’s default cameras either can’t see, or don’t exist at all. This is about the extent of her information gathering, and doesn’t necessarily fall into any other category. Valkyrie can however be used as a Roamer if the player chooses to do so. The other Operators listed because of their gadgets have already been covered in previous paragraphs, with Pulse to be covered in the Roamer section below. Operators who can help out with the role of Information as of the Para Bellum update, by utilizing the bulletproof camera secondary gadgets are Caveira, Vigil, Mute, Doc, Castle, and Frost. With information being the most valuable asset in the game, it makes sense that most operators can dual role into this category. Even if it’s just done through secondary gadgets, it’s a role that should always be filled on the team.


Denial operators are used to stall a push, or completely cut off specific entrances. Operators who fill this role are Mute, Bandit, Jager, Echo, Frost, and Castle. Mute places down signal jammers that block drones, and prevent operators like Thermite and Hibana from activating their respective gadgets to breach reinforced walls. This effectively cuts off the breach until the jammer is destroyed. Bandit functions in a similar manner, but instead of disabling enemy gadgets he can outright destroy them with his Shock Wire batteries. It is common to see these deployed as a counter to Thatcher’s EMP. After the EMP is used to clear any defending gadgets that may be preventing a breach, Bandit can use his Shock Wire to deny the impending breach by destroying any gadgets deployed following the EMP blast. Jager denies projectile gadgets and hand thrown grenades, with two exceptions; Hibana’s Xkairos pellets, and Captiao’s crossbow bolts. He achieves this by placing down his Active Defense System (ADS) gadget. Once placed, Jager is generally used to Roam around the map and harass the attackers. Castle deploys armor panels on the doors and windows that prevent attacks from breaking them down without using either significant resources or time. The only ways to get through one of Castle’s armor panels is to use breach charges, spend way too much time using melee attack, or expend a ridiculous amount of ammunition from Glaz’s rifle. These panels excel at preventing a rush from specific sides of the map, and help to funnel attackers into a more defensible area. Lastly comes Smoke. Smoke uses his gas canisters to create a cloud of toxic gas that deals significant damage to attackers who sit in the cloud for any length of time. These clouds, being strong area denial tools, are best utilized to prevent rushes, bomb de-fuser plants, or just to shut down entire sections of the map for a few seconds at a time. This forces the attackers to either change their attack route or waste time waiting for the gas to dissipate. Both of these options make the attackers easy pickings for your friendly Roamers.


Speaking of Roamers, they are last on the list. Roamers have the unique job of taking a midnight stroll through the map and harassing the attackers using superior speed, and competent weapons. Defenders that fall into this category are Caveira, Vigil, Pulse, Ela, Kapkan, Alibi, Bandit, and Jager. Caveira utilizes her Silent Step ability to muffle her footsteps to stalk the attacking team. Her pistol is incredibly unique in that it allows her the opportunity to interrogate her victims after knocking them into the DBNO state. This interrogation reveals the real time location of any remaining attackers. Of course, once the interrogation is finished, so too is her victim, leaving one less attacker to be dealt with later in the round. Vigil uses his gadget to cloak himself from cameras and drones, allowing him to flank enemies undetected. He can, however, still be spotted by players while remaining undetectable to cameras and drones. His weapon loadout features strong damage output and low recoil, which has naturally made him a popular pick since his release with the White Noise update. Pulse’s Cardiac Sensor is able to detect the heartbeat of the attacking players, ever through solid surfaces. This affords the opportunity for him to either secure the kill himself on an unsuspecting attacker, or he can pass on the information to another Roamer. Bandit and Jager were both covered in the Denial section, however both of them are strong roaming operators as well, thanks to their speed and access to strong weapons.


For new players, figuring out which roles you like to fill and learning how to play them effectively can be a daunting task. The learning curve is steep, but don’t be discouraged. Anyone can learn how to become an effective part of their team with a little bit of guidance and practice, and a lot of dedication to figuring out the nuances of the defending team.

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