Dating With Friends: Monster Prom Multiplayer

written by SleepyBeyond


Monday night, for the first time in my young life I was able to play a competitive dating simulator(sim).  As a connoisseur of dating sims I looked at Monster Prom as a new opportunity.  No more lonely nights trying to romance ninjas, birds, or whatever the heck else, all alone.  No, now I had the chance to roll the dice and play one of my favorite types of games with other people.


It may sound silly but as someone who has a true love of dating sims because, I love the whole concept of love, I was ecstatic to have a chance to share a dating sim with friends.  However, gathering a party to play with proved to be my biggest obstacle.  Now, it should be noted that Monster Prom is a wonderful game whether you play alone or with friends, but I 100% purchased the game with the intention of playing with friends.  Unfortunately, all my friends rejected me.  Lucky for me I’m part of a fairly large gaming community known as Reforged.  So, I posted in a channel asking for some companions and within minutes I was able to gather a little group.


Before I continue, I want to discuss my only issues with the online play of Monster Prom.  First of all, for some reason my computer screen acted up when It was another player’s turn so I couldn’t see what they were choosing, which is lame.  But, the developers are constantly working on and fixing the issues involving the online play so I wasn’t too upset.  The other problem was at the end of the game, when I asked out Scott, my hopeful werewolf date, the game switched my choice to Miranda who one of my companions had picked.  Weirdly enough it also let me go with Miranda to Prom even though my companion had already successfully romanced her and taken her to prom.  I chalked this up to an online bug though and just prayed to the technology gods that it would be resolved by the next time I decided to jump into the multiplayer format.



To make my discussion of the game a little easier let me tell you about myself and my compatriots.  I played Blue/Vicky, the little Frankenstein character and aimed to romance Scott.  My two companions choose Yellow/Oz, the Shadows cutie and Red/Amira, an Ifrit hottie (literally).  They went after Liam (the hipster vampire) and Miranda (the mermaid princess) respectively.  Our experience in the solo game varied.  I had about a 5% success rate with at least 20 games played.  My friend who played Yellow, Artemis, had dabbled but ultimately been unsuccessful thus far.  Our third member, Silk, was playing for the very first time.


We dove right into the game still trying to figure out who we were going for as we filled out the beginning questionnaire.  The first round was relatively normal and then, Silk betrayed me.  After a little mini game to decide play order she choose to sit near Scott and Miranda at lunch blocking me.  I was lost in what to do and thus began my downfall.  Artemis, however, was able to begin to put the moves on Liam.  We continued the game at times blocking each other by accident.  Even though we were technically competing none of us were after the same person, but because we couldn’t all go to the same area for a stat increase we still affected each other’s game.


One of the coolest part of the multiplayer version was the added bonus of weekend activities.  Instead of doing the normal pattern of school, lunch, school, repeat, we had the inclusion of a weekends to spice things up.  Randomly, one of us was selected as the leader of the event.  Artemis rigged the game, so she won every time.  During the first of these events she had the opportunity to use another player to support her in a challenge which if done successfully (just like in the events during the school day) increased in-game stats.  She choose Silk, rightfully so, because of Silk’s intelligence score and the two won the challenge.  The other weekend event was even cooler though.  Artemis had the opportunity to help or hurt Silk’s chances with Miranda by giving Miranda advice on her and Silk’s relationship.  Lucky for Silk, Artemis was a bro and helped move the relationship in the right direction.


At the end of the game, Artemis and I had both just messed up big interactions with our Prom hopefuls, and we knew we had failed.  Artemis didn’t even try to ask Liam out, due to fear of rejection and instead asked Damien who… also rejected her.  I clicked on Scott but somehow got Miranda and was successful in asking her to Prom, but we’re going to count that as a loss because we think it’s a glitch.  Silk, the newest player, absolutely killed it.  She successfully got a date with Miranda and when compared to Artemis and me, won the game.


Monster Prom offers great dialogue, lots of events, and wonderful romantic options whether you play alone or with friends, but I have to say that playing with friends is truly enjoyable.  I can’t wait to play with people again especially because I realized Monster Prom allows Local play and encourages screen sharing to play with friends who maybe don’t have the game.  The multiplayer offers experiences and events that can’t be found in the single player version and vice versa which makes it re-playable.  Just because you manage to succeed in one doesn’t mean you’ll do the same in the other!

Now, wish me luck as I try to romance Scott for the 30th time!

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