Rainbow Six Siege: Meet the Anchors

written by DocWhiskey

anchors (1)

Last week’s article focused on the defending team and highlighted some of their unique gadgets and play styles. This week, we’ll be taking a closer look at the defense operators, specifically the anchors. Anchors are generally slow moving, heavily armored operators with the 1 speed and 3 armor attributes. They excel at holding down the objective while the rest of their team focuses on denying ground to the attacking side. Note that many of the defenders can fall into multiple categories of the ones listed in last week’s article (Anchors, Trap, Information, Denial, and Roamer). While Siege doesn’t limit the way an operator can be played, it’s generally not recommended to try your hand at the roaming game with an operator that moves slowly and makes enough noise to scare a grizzly bear away. Without further ado, let’s move onto our first operator.


Rook is a general anchor, suitable for holding on site and off site. His unique gadget is a bag of ballistic plates that any operator, including the attacking team, can make use of. The armor allows a little bit of extra damage to be taken without sacrificing speed for the 1 and 2 speed operators and ensures that when receiving fatal damage the operators wearing the plates will enter a down, but not out state (DBNO), unless they are killed via headshot. Rook’s kit includes a competent array of weapons with the MP5 and P90 submachine guns, both of which are very viable in most situations, including mid to long range engagements due to both weapons having access to the ACOG optic. His last option for primary weapons is the SG-CQB shotgun, which is a powerful option as the SG shotguns available to the GIGN operators are considered to be some of the best in the game currently. For secondary weapons Rook can choose between the LFP586 revolver and the P9 pistol. The revolver hits like a truck but suffers from high recoil and low ammo capacity. It is generally not favored over the P9. To compliment his weapon loadout, Rook can choose between a deployable shield to help reinforce the site or impact grenades to assist roamers in creating rotation holes through the map.

Rook’s play style can best be described as an aggressive anchor as once his armor pack is down his utility is essentially expended leaving the player free to make high risk/high reward plays early in the round. It’s not uncommon for the attacking team to be greeted by Rook shortly after spawning in to begin their assault. His long range ACOG and high damage (relatively speaking) MP5 certainly allow him to get bold early in the round or effectively hold tight angles on or off site.


Next up is another GIGN operator, Doc. Doc is a 3 armor, 1 speed operator that carries the same kit that Rook and thus excels in the same ways. The exception to this are his secondary gadgets. Doc can select between a bulletproof camera, which is new as of the release of Operation: Para Bellum, and a deployable shield. Doc’s unique gadget is a Stim Pistol which holds 3 shots that can revive friendly operators in the DBNO state or heal up to 40 hitpoints on operators who have not been downed yet. He can also choose to stim himself in both the alive and DBNO states. When targeting a friendly operator with the Stim Pistol who is above 61 hitpoints, the additional healing is dealt with ticking overhealing that gradually wears down until the operator is back at the normal 100 hitpoints. Being that he can heal himself and others, Doc has significantly more utility than Rook does in the late round where the defending team is more likely to have sustained damage, making a slightly more conservative play style more rewarding. Just like Rook, Doc is also a common sight to see peeking out of a window early in the round to try and secure a kill before the attacking team can get set up in their assault.


Coming in for our 3rd Anchor is the G.E.O. Operator, Mira. Mira is one of the anchors that also falls into the Information category. Mira can deploy up to two Black Mirror gadgets on reinforced and soft walls that provide a line of sight into whatever area lay in front of the mirror, but keeps the area behind it hidden from the prying eyes. While Mira is the only 1 armor 3 speed operator that doesn’t have access to the coveted ACOG optic, her kit more than makes up for it. Her primary weapons include the ITS-2 shotgun which is a relatively uncommon pick as it is vastly overshadowed by her Vector .45 SMG. The Vector boasts one of the highest rates of fire in the game and a very modest recoil pattern which turns it into an absolute beast of a primary weapon. Her secondary weapons give the player a choice between a shortened version of her ITS shotgun and a USP .40 sidearm. Players often choose to field the Vector along with the secondary shotgun to help prep the site with rotation and murder holes. Combine her weapon loadout with her secondary gadget choices between a deployable shield and a nitro cell (C4) and you have one hell of an anchor who can stall or outright deny the attacking team the objective with a scary proficiency. Mira is often placed either directly on the objective, just off-site, or in high traffic areas, as she is most effectively employed in short to medium range situations where her kit can really shine.


Operation Red Crow brought us our 4th anchor, Echo. Echo is a 3 armor 1 speed operator whose unique strength lies in his Yokai drone. With the Para Bellum update, Echo now has two Yokai drones to deploy. The additional drone offers him many more options on positioning of the drones, which solidly sets him in the Information category by providing himself and his team with two additional cameras. These drones remain invisible until they are either moved or fire the concussive blast that disorients attackers and keeps them from utilizing gadgets or planting the defuser in the Bomb game mode. Echo’s loadout brings him the SuperNova shotgun and the much more common MP5SD which comes equipped with an integrated suppressor. The MP5SD is by no means the best but it does pack a nasty bite and makes short work of 1 and 2 armor attackers. His secondary weapons give him access to one of the best machine pistols in the game, the Bearing-9, which is useful in all manner of engagements due to its high rate of fire and fairly manageable recoil patterns making it a “must pick” weapon over the P229 sidearm. Alongside his weapons, Echo can also help reinforce the site with a deployable shield and barbed wire to help slow the attacking team down. Being that Echo must remain alive in order to get the most use out of his Yokai drones, his play style tends to be more on the conservative side. He gathers information to feed his team and positions his drones to either assist roamers in hunting their quarry or  to deny attackers the chance to make a push.


Hailing from the former Soviet Union, the Lord himself, Tachanka brings a questionably useful gadget and some surprisingly good primary weapons to the field. The 3 armor 1 speed Tachanka has ascended to a sort of meme-godhood as being widely regarded by the player base as the most useless defender, albeit one of the most fun to use. Lord Tachanka’s primary weapons include the 9×19 VSN submachine gun and the SASG-12 semi-automatic shotgun. The 9×19 doesn’t hit as hard as some of the other guns available to other anchors but the vastly reduced recoil helps bring it into a state of balance and makes it a better choice than the SASG. Like most shotguns, the SASG-12’s destructive potential in close quarters is unquestionable but it suffers from extremely limited range. Tachanka’s two choices in secondary weapons are polar opposites of each other. The GSh-18 pistol has high magazine capacity but low damage, while the PMM has high damage but limited ammo capacity. Both handguns having a modest recoil making them a good weapon to fall back on if needed. The crown jewel of The Lord is his RD-46 Degtyaryov mounted LMG which can be used to block off corridors with heavy firepower but leaves the operator of the gun stationary and extremely vulnerable to a coordinated attack. Overall, Tachanka is a 10/10 pick for fun but a 1/10 pick for actual game play viability.


Last up, and the newest addition to the defending team’s roster, is the GIS operator, Maestro. Maestro is a 3 armor, 1 speed operator and currently the only defender with access to an LMG as a primary weapon which means it’s time for Tachanka to step aside and share the spotlight. Maestro’s loadout includes his Alda 5.56 light machine gun and ACS12 automatic shotgun for primaries. The former of which is a much better pick for holding down an objective than the shotgun. He also has access to an ACOG optic which allows Maestro to be quite capable of holding tight angles and laying down a large volume of suppressing fire due to the 81 round belts that his weapon comes equipped with. His secondary weapons bring the Keratos .357 and Bailiff .410 to the fight, the Bailiff being the first and only handgun chambered with shotgun shells in the game currently. Maestro’s unique gadget are his Evil Eye turrets which can be mounted anywhere that Maestro can go. They can be used in two distinct ways making Maestro another anchor that falls into two or more categories. The Evil Eye can see through smoke giving it a degree of denial, especially in the Bomb game mode where smoke planting has become a very common practice. It is also capable of destroying drones and gadgets of other operators making him fall into a Denial role, as well as Information. Like Echo, Maestro’s play style is rewarded for being more conservative as not only can his Evil Eyes not be fired by other defenders but the camera is also locked in place while Maestro is not using it. This makes the camera dead in the water if he is taken out early in the round, which also makes him a high priority target for the attacking team.

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