Rainbow Six Siege: The Informants

written by DocWhiskey

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Whether you’re looking for a new defensive operator to purchase, or a new one to learn, Information operators are some of the most useful to bring to the team. In the last article, the Anchors held the spotlight, and two of those operators will be making an appearance in this week’s piece as well. This piece will be covering a new set of operators that specialize in gathering information on the attacking team. Information operators are operators whose gadgets serve the purpose of giving the defending team a better picture of the map and the activity of the attacking team without having to rely solely on the static cameras placed around the map. Many of these operators have drones, or deployable cameras that can be thrown, placed, or moved around the map. There are two categories of Information operators, which will be broken up into Primary and Secondary. The Primary Information title belongs to operators whose unique gadgets are used to gather intel. Secondary Information is reserved for operators who have the option to equip a bulletproof camera as a secondary gadget, and will be mostly passed over in this article. Also to be noted, is that the Trap operators like Ela and Kapkan also play a large role in information gathering, but will be covered in a later release. Let’s jump on in.


The first Operator in this category came to the game in Year 1, Season 2, Operation: Dust Line. Valkyrie is a 2 armor, 2 speed Navy SEAL. She carries a 9mm MPX submachine gun that has everything: decent damage, rate of fire, recoil, and is overall a solid choice in primary weapons. She also has access to the semi-automatic SPAS-12 shotgun, which has decent range and fire rate, but aggressive recoil and lackluster destructive capabilities on soft walls. Lastly, her secondary weapon is the .50 AE Desert Eagle, which is less a pistol, and more of a hand cannon with high damage, but also a wrist-breaking recoil pattern. Her gadget sets her solidly in the Information category. Valkyrie can deploy up to 3 Black Eye cameras that function just the same as the default static cameras, but will stick to most surfaces, giving the player the opportunity to tuck them away somewhere safe where the attacking team won’t be able to see them quite so easily. The downside to these cameras, are that while inactive, they are baseball sized black spheres, making them hard to hide against light colored surfaces. When active, the cameras glow a bright blue, making them easy to see in dark locations. Common placements for cameras area generally in high traffic areas, or along flank routes that attackers often take for rotations during the round. Several maps offer good locations to throw cameras outside just after the preparation phase ends, to keep watch on the outside of buildings to give the roamers a chance to remove any guess work out of their runouts on rappelling attackers, and secure a kill while mitigating the risk to them. Valkyrie compliments her kit by bringing a nitro cell, or deployable shield. Being that Valkyrie is a 2 speed operator, she can move around the map at a decent clip, and because she can position cameras wherever she desires, she can also fit into the Roamer category quite competently, which will be discussed in a future article. Valkyrie is hard countered by the attackers Thatcher, IQ, Twitch, and to a lesser extent, Dokkaebi, who interacts with Valkyrie’s gadget differently by gaining access to the camera feed should Dokkaebi be allowed to hack a defender’s phone.


Next up is another Operator from the United States, Pulse. Pulse is a 3 speed, 1 armor operator who also fits into the Roamer category quite nicely, and can deploy his gadget to hunt down his targets. Pulse carries a .45 caliber UMP submachine gun, which has decent damage, but a low rate of fire and easily manageable recoil, making it the go to gun for many players. He can also choose to forego the UMP in favor of the M1014 semi-automatic shotgun, which has better destructive capabilities than the SPAS-12 carried by Valkyrie. He can choose between two very competent secondary weapons in the M45 MEUSOC, and the 5.7 USG pistols, both of which have easily controlled recoil, and good damage. Like his SEAL counterpart, Pulse can also carry a nitro cell, but has the option to employ barbed wire instead. Pulse’s unique gadget is the Cardiac Sensor, which is capable of picking up on the heartbeats of attacking operators up to 9 meters away, but is boosted significantly if the detected operator is under the influence of the attacker Finka’s adrenal surge. This gadget allows Pulse to play aggressively, actively looking for swift, decisive kills by shooting through soft walls, or by exiting the building. Another common tactic is to use the cardiac sensor in conjunction with the nitro cell, and play underneath common second floor entry points to greet the attackers with an explosive reception. Like Valkyrie, Pulse is also hard countered by IQ, who can detect his cardiac sensor from up to 20 meters away, making it relatively easy for an IQ player to dispatch Pulse from a safe distance away. Pulse can also find himself having a hard time making room for himself if the attacking team brings Jackal along to aid in their roam clear during the early stages of the round, as Pulse players generally move around the map a lot, providing Jackal with a good opportunity to pick up his footsteps.


Coming to Siege in Year 2 Season 3, Operation Blood Orchid, the 2 armor, 2 speed Lesion is part of the Chinese SDU. Like many of the Information operators, he also fits into the Trap and Roamer categories. Lesion brings into battle the T-5 submachine gun, which boasts very easily managed recoil, and competent damage. His other primary weapon choice is the SIX12SD shotgun, a semi-automatic shotgun that is integrally suppressed, and is quite competent at somewhat extended ranges as far as shotguns are considered. Lesion gets only one choice in secondary weapons, that being the Q-929 handgun. He can choose between aiding in reinforcing the objective site with a deployable shield, or preparing rotation holes with the more commonly chosen impact grenades. His gadget is the Gu Mine, a cloaked trap that causes a loud audio queue when triggered, giving the location of the attacker away. Lesion can employ 8 of these Gu Mines, which fade from sight once in place. The mines take time to regenerate after use, and take 30 seconds to recharge before another can be used, making a more conservative play style favorable if the player wishes to get the most out of the Gu Mines, whose value grow as the round timer ticks down. When triggered, attacking operators suffer 10 damage, and 8 ticking damage every 2 seconds until the needle that the trap stick them with is removed, or the operator is put into a DBNO state. In addition to this, the afflicted operator is unable to sprint, or plant the defuser in the bomb game type. These mines provide a visual icon on the player’s screen, but not for teammates, allowing Lesion to pass the information along to his comrades when a mine is triggered. IQ, Twitch, and Thatcher are all hard counters to Lesion, as they can disable the mines with relative ease.


Coming with the most recent update, Operation Para Bellum, the operator Alibi is as much an information gatherer as she is a roamer. She boasts a 3 speed, 1 armor rating. An Mx4 Storm SMG, which has somewhat low damage, but a high rate of fire and low recoil, is her first choice of primary weapon, and the ACS12 automatic shogun, which stands as the most potent shotgun in the game currently in the regard of destroying soft walls, as the second option. Alibi is a close quarters skirmisher, both of her primary weapons being quite competent at shredding through attacking operators with ease. Her secondary weapon choices are between the Keratos .357 revolver, and the Bailiff .410 shotgun revolver. Of the two secondaries, the Keratos seems to be the most common choice among Alibi players, as its high damage and low recoil is only countered by its extremely limited ammo capacity. Complimenting her weapons, she can carry a choice between impact grenades, or a deployable shield. Alibi’s unique gadget is the Prisma decoy hologram. Up to 3 of these Prisma gadgets can be deployed, and once in place, will generate a copy of Alibi’s player model with default headgear, uniform, and the Mx4 without any attachments. These holograms lack the native animation that the real Alibi, along with all other operators, have in game. When interacted with by any projectile, or object, the offending operator will trigger the Prisma’s tracking ability, and have their position will be revealed every second, for 5 seconds, a similar fashion in which Jackal tracks defender’s footprints, but will not reveal the identity of the attacking operator. The Prisma projectors leave a device on the floor that can be shot to be destroyed, and is generally placed behind cover to help conceal the base of the projector in order to make it easier for Alibi to trick the attacker into shooting the hologram and giving their position away. Like many of the other Information operators, Alibi is hard countered by IQ, Twitch, and Thatcher. In addition to this, Glaz is another hard counter, as her holograms do no register on Glaz’s thermal imaging optic.


The last three operators in this list are Mira, Maestro, and Echo, all of whom were covered in the Anchors article, which can be found here. Mira’s Black Mirror gadget can be placed in locations with good lines of site along popular rotation or attack routes, allowing anyone sitting on the mirror to keep tabs on the movement of the attacker(s), and if timed correctly, can also destroy Thermite’s Exothermic charge, and Hibana’s X-Kairos pellets. However, this application of her gadget is extremely rare, and isn’t as reliable as Mute or Bandit’s gadgets for denying the breach of a reinforced wall.


Maestro’s Evil Eye cameras can be placed in any location Maestro can reach, and are impervious to damage by bullets and melee while in shell mode, but can be destroyed when the protective screen is retracted to utilize its integrated laser for either destroying attacker’s gadgets, or harassing enemy players. Any form of explosive damage will also destroy an Evil Eye. These cameras can see through smokescreens as well as ping the locations of the opposing team, but can only be controlled by Maestro. Once Maestro has been removed from play, the cameras aren’t disabled, but cannot be moved from the position they were last left in. These cameras can be hacked, but not utilized by Dokkaebi should she gain access to defender cameras.


Echo is the last of the Anchor/Information hybrid operators. Using his Yokai drones, Echo can position these drones anywhere around the map, and once the drones have been attached to a ceiling, they cloak and are only able to be seen without the aid of gadgets by players with keen eyes. Echo can also use his drone to fire a sonic pulse to disorient its target for several seconds and prevent the use of gadgets or the planting of a defuser. IQ and Twitch can both effectively destroy Echo’s Yokai drones, and Thatcher can temporarily disable the drone.


Along with the operators listed above, there are several others that have the secondary bulletproof camera gadget. Like Maestro’s camera, these ones can be placed on nearly any surface, and can also see through smokescreens. The bulletproof cameras provide an immobile line of sight, and are much easier to destroy than Maestro’s cameras, by way of bullet, melee, or shock dart from Twitch’s drone, to the side of the device. Operators that have access to these bulletproof cameras are Doc, Mute, Castle, Caveira, and Vigil.


Information operators are hard to fit into any single category, as they can perform many roles quite well. They are always a welcome addition to the team composition, and when used in conjunction with communication and coordination, can help ensure an efficient site hold. Being that information is such a valuable asset in Rainbow Six: Siege, having these operators on the board during the rounds is an advantage that shouldn’t be overlooked, and is often made a priority at most levels of play.

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