Got Friends? A Guide to LFG

written by Athena


Tired of constantly solo queuing with throwing randoms? Check out the Looking For Group (LFG) Feature. LFG is a long-awaited feature that has both pros and cons. There are several options to look for and settings you can control when using LFG. “The Looking for Group tool gives players more control over their online play experience in Overwatch. It allows players to find like-minded or similarly skilled individuals who want to work together. Groups can lead to better team play with less negativity and, ultimately, more fun. Since Overwatch is at its very core a team game, there’s really no better way to play.”Scott Mercer OW Developer



As a group host, you can control who you play with. There are four options for every team member: healer, tank, dps, or flex. You decide your composition and if you want to leave roles locked by enforcing roles or unlocked. Enforcing roles allows you to ensure a stable composition where you are sure to have the roles you want filled. Your team members are locked into that role while grouped. Alternatively, you can leave roles unlocked and use the honor system with the hope that your team stays in their chosen roles. This option provides more flexibility, but also runs the risk of occasional trolls. If you are struggling to fill your group, you can combine with another LFG, if the roles match.

lfg1.png(image from

The best setting, by far, is the voice chat option. If mics are required, you know the game is going to be a bit more serious and you will be held accountable for your role. This is amazing for competitive play! Story time: In one group with mics required, there was a player who never spoke and was kicked out of the group before we even queued. In another group with mics required, there was a player that joined and said “EEEEEEEEEEHHNNNNNAAAHHH” and was immediately kicked.

On the flip side, maybe you want to goof off or practice with a group without mics. Then you can find an LFG without mics required. My favorite so far has been “One Tank to Rule Them All” which included 1 tank, 5 heals with no mics and the mission of having fun.

Another setting is the endorsement level minimum which allows you to play with people who are endorsed frequently, if you want. Ideally, this would ensure a low-sodium gameplay experience. In reality, endorsements are thrown out like candy at a parade and have less value every day. Be sure to take all endorsement levels for what they’re worth, not much at all.  



Finally, you also get to choose your game mode. What are you in the mood for?

Quick Play & Arcade

While solo queuing can be fun, there are times when you just want to play with a more organized team. I mean, I used to absolutely love solo healing 5 insta-lock dps. Now that I can hide my profile, I’m no longer ridiculed by said 5 insta-lock dps for practicing a tank or dps.


LFG allows you to choose the competitive SR range that you want to play with. +/-150 is usually a good place to start if you want to play with people in your range. In my experience +/-500 or more leads to possible trolls and throwers. Solo Queuing for competitive, as a healer, was and still can be a nightmare. There were definitely games with an entire team of mercy mains. Seeing a mercy main forced on 76 because there was a Pharah reigning hellfire on our mercy-main tank bodies was really painful. With LFG I don’t need to solo queue. I can just search for a group that requires a reasonable composition like 2 tanks, 2 healers, 2 dps or 1 tank, 2 healers, 3 flex. Horror Story time: Don’t be that person queuing as tank, say hello for mic check, wait for hero selection and then shout, “I’m a Genji main, why can I only choose from the tanks?!  



LFG has alleviated the need to wait for your friends to get online. Can’t sleep? LFG. Want to practice something new and not have your friends see you face smash your keyboard? LFG. Don’t have friends who play Overwatch? LFG. Want to lock DPS? LFG and make your profile private. For many, this is a game-changer. Tell us your experiences below!  


For more information about LFG check out these resources:

LFG: So far so gud

Patch Notes June 20, 2018: Official BattleNet Forum


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