Rainbow Six Siege: Cheaters Beware!

written by DocWhiskey


Taking another short break from the trend of Operator breakdowns, this week will be discussing the actions taken by Ubisoft to combat and punish people who use additional programs to gain an advantage in game over their opponents. Whether it’s on a test, in game, or on your significant other, cheating isn’t cool.


Recently, Ubisoft has dropped the hammer on cheaters, and those who’ve benefited by teaming up with them in the Ranked playlist. Boosting is an age old problem in games with competitive playlists across all platforms. This is done by paying for players using scripts/cheats/hacks to get a leg up on their opponents to ensure a quick and effortless climb to the highest ranks in the game. The downsides to this are that people who are playing honestly will occasionally get teamed up against these cheaters and absolutely destroyed due to the opposing team having a massive advantage with things like wallhacks (seeing through walls), and aimbot (instant headshots). In order to combat these toxic practices, Ubisoft has put more effort into keeping these people from playing the game. The result was a recent ban wave that targeted at least 600 accounts last week, and another 1300 accounts this week with more likely to follow. Ubisoft has also patched and hot-fixed their anti-cheat program to prevent several hacks from working altogether, and upped their internal testing to aid in discovering weak points that can be exploited.



Some posts have come up on aggregate sites like Reddit, coming from people who have been falsely accused, or at least claiming to be falsely accused of cheating/boosting and lost the ability to play the game for 15 days time. This sparked somewhat of an outrage among players who felt, quite reasonably, that the ban from playing should have been permanent. Those who’ve been banned for this dirty tactic were also allowed to retain their rank and Diamond charm, until Ubisoft stated that any account found guilty of this would have their ranks reset, and their charms revoked before the launch of the next season, where we will see two new operators and the release of the Hereford Base map rework. Players will still be facing the 15 day ban from the game. People who’ve been affected for good or ill by cheaters/boosters in the Ranked playlist will have their MMR (Match Making Rating) adjusted in similar fashion to the system in place for Counter Strike: Global Offensive. PC players will also soon be required to activate 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication) in order to play Ranked, which is a step in the right direction to help stem the flow of players banned for reasons such as this from making their way back into the game, with just little more than an inconvenience.


This comes among the latest game changes to the toxicity bans, where players will now be removed and prevented from playing for the usage of racial slurs in game chat, with stacking lengths of time depending on the number of offenses. Since this change has gone through, there has been a definite drop in chat based toxicity, but unfortunately it’s much harder to monitor voice chat in game where most of the foul mouthing occurs.



It is good to see Ubisoft taking a more active role in pruning the bad apples out of the game, but it will always be a constant battle to keep people playing honest, and respecting their fellow gamers. It is very easy to forget that there are people behind the gamer tags, using the mask of anonymity that the internet is so good at maintaining. It is also easy to forget that while the anti-cheat programs are put in place to prevent people from gaining unfair advantage, they are more reactive than proactive when it comes to combating cheaters as someone is always out there looking to make a quick buck by selling these cheats to players desperate to feel good at the game.


The Reforged Gaming Community is continuing to grow its Siege family. Come check out our Discord and join the fun! In house pickup games are hosted on Friday nights at 7:30 EST. Hope to see you there! -Doc


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