Rainbow Six Siege: The Roamers

written by DocWhiskey


Over the last few weeks, the focus has been on the defending team and the different sub-categories of operators that make up that side of the game. We’ve talked about the sturdy anchors who lend their gadgets and talents at maintaining site control, trap operators who keep the enemy at bay with their device, and many others. Today comes the Roamers.



Roaming is an important aspect of the defense strategy. In fact, many teams at varying levels of play dedicate the first bit of the round to identifying and attempting to clear out any roaming operators, who’s job it is to stall the attack as long as possible. Roaming requires a decent amount of map knowledge and situational awareness in order to pull off effectively, but when done correctly can have perhaps the biggest impact on a round going the way of the defending team. For a simple breakdown, Roaming is the play style of playing well away from the site, waiting to ambush attackers as they breach windows, rotate through the map, or start their push towards the objective. Deep Roaming is what it sounds like, an operator playing deep into the map waiting to flank and catch their prey off guard and unaware, while Shallow Roaming is done with less intrusion into the map, but is good for catching early rotations, provided the operator’s situational awareness is able to keep them from being flanked themselves. As a Roamer, there are plenty of operators that counter the play style. Jackal is the most efficient counter, as his gadget allows him to track footsteps of any operator he comes across. Dokkaebi’s Logic Bomb causes the defender’s phone to vibrate loudly, giving a distinct audio cue to their location. Roamers like Pulse and Vigil can fall prey to IQ’s RED scanner with ease, and of course the biggest threat to the lone Roamer playing deep in big tower on Oregon, is communication. Should the attackers figure out where you’re at, a coordinated push would be disastrous. Always have an exit strategy.

For the purposes of this article, the Operators Kapkan, Ela, Pulse, and Bandit will not be covered in detail, as three of them have already been covered in the Information and Trap pieces, and Bandit will be covered in the upcoming Denial article. This is done to prevent too much repetition of information.






To kick things off, the 3 speed 1 armor GSG-9 operator, Jager. Jager is one of the most fundamentally basic roamers in Rainbow Six. His gadget does not directly reflect the role he often plays. In fact, it’s quite the opposite, as his ADS devices would lend themselves well to keeping himself holed up in a secure location on site while keeping the team protected from thrown gadgets. This isn’t the case though, and it is rare that one would see Jager on site with the exception of late round rotations to prevent an attacker capture/plant. Jager often finds a good place to put his gadget down, somewhere that is likely to have grenades tossed through, and also once affected Hibana’s X-KAIROS pellets as well, which saw a lot of use in pro league to burn the ADS charges (2 per device) in order to prevent them from zapping essential smoke grenades during the heavy Blizt/Ying/Glaz meta. For primary weapons, Jager sports the 416-C assault rifle, and the formidable M870 combat shotgun, both of which are extremely viable, even after Ubisoft removed access to the ACOG optic from his 416-C, and his fellow operator Blitz’s MP7. The age of Jager/Bandit spawn peeking was laid to rest with Operation Blood Orchid, though both operators are still quite dangerous without them. Jager can favor a highly aggressive playstyle, although a measure of caution is always recommended no matter how big your bälle are.



The second season of Rainbow Six, Operation Skull Rain brought us the first specialized roamer, the 3 speed, 1 armor BOPE operator, Caveira. Caveira’s talents are aided thrice by her “gadget” (read: ability), her weapon, and her additional ability. Caveria, a.k.a. “that spooky bitch” who you may have seen lurking around in some room miles away from the objective shortly before necking one of your teammates and gathering all sort of useful information about where your friends are at. More likely though, that you didn’t and it’s actually you getting a knife in the jugular before spilling the beans on your team’s location like the snitch you are. Reading into that, Caveira’s ability is called “silent step”. When activated, her footsteps become almost undetectable to anyone without a $400 headset, which allows her to flank and make rotations without being heard most of the time. Complimenting that, her unique pistol, Lusion, has a suppressor that can’t be removed, but does 99 damage. While operators are still vulnerable to getting one tapped by a headshot, it’s more likely that Caveira will force them into a DBNO state, where she can either finish them off or risk it for the biscuit and go for an interrogation. Once Caveira has successfully interrogated an attacker, the entire team’s locations are shown in real time via their operator icon for a few seconds. Caveira doesn’t see much play at the highest level of Siege because most of the time she’s on her own, and the attackers are pushing with a group of at least 2, making interrogation a wasted effort as it’s more likely you’ll get shot and the DBNO operator picked back up. Cav’s primary weapons are the SPAS-15 shotgun, and the M12 SMG. While none of her weapons are bad, neither are any of them outstanding, but when used appropriately they can be much more of a hindrance to the attackers than one would expect.



Coming in with Operation White Noise, the 3 speed, 1 armor 707th SMB Operator, Vigil. Vigil, like Caveira, has a gadget that directly suits his role as a roamer. The ERC-7 is a cloaking device that renders Vigil invisible to cameras, such as drones and Valkyrie’s Black Eye should Dokkaebi hack her way into the defender camera feed. This allows Vigil to keep himself hidden from view while waiting for an attacker to ambush, however the device causes some interference on the drone’s camera screen, and audible beeping whenever the drone is close to him, meaning that the attackers aren’t left completely clueless, just mostly. A coordinated team will find him perhaps harder to displace than other roamers. His weapon set includes the K1A SMG, and the BOSG.12 for primary, both of which are incredibly lethal. The K1A has one of the easiest recoil patterns in the game, and the BOSG.12 fires slugs that deal massive damage, more often than not enough damage to force an attacker into DBNO on the first hit. His secondary SMG-12 and C75 Auto are both machine pistols that have less than ideal damage, but a high rate of fire that beats out even Mira’s Vector 45 SMG.



Bandit, Ela, Kapkan, Alibi and Pulse have either been covered in previous articles, or will be covered soon, as such there will not be a lengthy paragraph for them individually. Pulse and Ela are both extremely competent roamers, both being 3 speed, 1 armor, and carrying gadgets that can help ensure a decisive kill. Ela’s Grzmot (Thunder) mines disorient the victim, making them easy prey to her Scorpion SMG. Likewise, Pulse’s Cardiac Sensor is ideal for identifying the location of an operator in preparation for a run out, bottom up C4, or wall penetration kills. Bandit’s MP7, like Jager’s 416-C used to have access to the ACOG, which made the two German defenders a frustratingly lethal combination of far reaching and fast moving, as both are also 3 speed operators. In that same vein, Alibi has incredible roam potential with her speed and impact grenades alongside her very potent SMG and the aid of her Prisma holograms. Kapkan is the only one in this list who is a 2 speed 2 armor. His EDD traps don’t necessarily aid his roaming, but they do help keep him informed of where enemies are whether the devices are triggered or destroyed.

Roaming, like any other role in the defense, is an important role to have filled. Many people misinterpret Roamers as “I have to get as many kills as possible!” While this is correct in theory, it is also fundamentally incorrect. A Roamer’s entire purpose is to delay the enemy team for as long as possible, and while getting frags will certainly help that, the goal of any roamer should be to be as annoying as possible, for as long as possible. Inevitably you will either get killed or waste enough time that the attackers are forced to make a hasty push on site, hopefully into the waiting arms of your anchors on site while the rest of the defense collapses in behind them for a swift and decisive victory.

The Reforged Gaming community is a multi-gaming venture, dedicated to bringing the overall salt content of online gaming down, and replacing it with a mutual respect that we owe each other. Except you Stealthy, you’re still a noob-tubing cunt, and I will never forget that match on Scrapyard. As always, our Siege inhouse games are hosted in our Discord at 7:30 EST on Friday nights, where all levels of skill are welcome to come join in the fun. Hope to see you there! -Doc.

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