Let the Summer Games Begin!

written by Athena


Sliding into our 3rd annual Summer Games event, Blizzard hits a home run. Lúcioball is back! If you are a fan of Rocket League, this is the mode for you. Blizzard has given us a gorgeous new arena, the Busan Lúcioball stadium, located in Busan, Korea. This brings us to a total of 3 arenas where you can play for fun or kick it up a notch with Copa Lúcioball for competitive points. Oh, this is my jam!


If you haven’t had a chance to check it out, there is a new “what’s new” button in the Hero Gallery that shows all new items at once. This is a HUGE time saver, for anyone who wants to quickly see all of the newest skins, emotes, and voice lines! Thanks Blizzard!



There are more than 50 new items to unlock, including 6 legendary skins! (Check them out below!) While some skins have fallen flat to me, I feel that Blizzard has nailed the landing with incredibly vibrant colors and details for most of the skins this year. I have rated the new skins based on my opinion using a completely made up Olympic scale:


Gold Medal: I LOVE this skin and have already pre-purchased it! Thank the Blizzard gods!

Silver Medal: Overall, I like it. This is pretty good, but could maybe, possibly be better.

Bronze Medal: I do not like this skin, but understand the appeal to some people. I refuse to equip it should the Blizzard gods decide to give me 5 duplicates of it.


Cabana Ana


Look at Ana rocking the sunglasses and hat in this legendary skin. She is ready for a break on the beach, but always has her rifle handy should the children get out of hand. Granna spends most of her time taking care of everyone else. It’s her turn for some comfy clothes and a good book. This summer, un-tilt with Cabana Ana. You need to learn to relax.

I score this: GOLD


Eireannach Moria


Eireannach or “Irish” Moria looks positively evil in this epic skin. I see how Blizzard was trying to embrace Irish culture. Eireannach Moria looks like she is ready to Riverdance an enemy to death. I applaud the attempt, but I am not a fan of the harsh orange/green/purple/white color scheme. There was a flaw in my approach.

I score this: BRONZE


Mexicana Sombra


Mexicana Sombra is adorable in her epic new skin. I am not a huge fan of green, but I love the nod to the flag of Mexico. The color scheme is not too harsh and should help her blend in to many environments. Hack the planet.

I score this: SILVER


Fastball Zenyatta


This is the best skin to come out this summer! Fastball Zenyatta is balling in this legendary skin. The amount of detail down to the stitching on his balls and vibrant colors help him take home the gold medal. Even those who do not appreciate baseball have told me they love this skin too. This is one of few skins that I have already bought. A glimpse of mastery.

I score this: GOLD




Gridironhardt looks buff in this legendary skin. His weapon is a topped with a kickass trophy, but I do not see the appeal of this linebacker. There are some good details, however, this skin is lacking in color. Also, why is his head so small? I can see how football lovers might appreciate this skin. No touchdown here. Is that the best you can do?  

I score this: BRONZE


Tre Kronor Brigitte


Tre Kronor Brigitte is cute, as always, in this epic skin. I like the nod to Sweden with the color scheme and Swedish emblem of 3 crowns. Much like her father IKEA Torbjorn, who is always ready to work, IKEA Brigitte is ready with her shield’s up.

I score this: SILVER


Catcher Winston


Catcher Winston looks cool, calm, and kickass in this second, legendary baseball skin. (Did Blizzard run out of sports?) I don’t know what it is about Catcher Winston that I like. Maybe it’s the attitude he portrays with his sunglasses and poker face. Maybe it’s his jetpacks. Either way, I like this skin, but it could be better. Sorry about that.  

I score this: SILVER


Lacrosse Roadhog


Lacrosse Roadhog is not hooking anything with this skin. This legendary skin is not lacking in color or detail. I just do not like it. I am not a huge fan of Roadhog to begin with so that may bias my opinion. His helmet and hook are OK, but those sweatpants are one swoop away from a full moon. Welcome to the apocalypse.

I score this: BRONZE


Waveracer D.Va


Waveracer D.Va is stunning in this legendary skin. Not only is her mech a sexy jetski, D.Va herself is a bombshell. She is ready to party with her sunglasses on, flower in her hair, nails done. No shoes, no problem. Waveracer D.Va is hitting the waves tonight! Love, D.Va

I score this: GOLD


For more information about the Summer Games check out these resources:


Patch Notes August 9, 2018: Official BattleNet Forum

And to find our previous judgement on skins go: Overwatch Anniversary Skins: In My Humble Opinion

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