Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Grim Sky

written by DocWhiskey



Following the exciting performance of the Paris Major’s All-Star match, the Ubisoft representatives at the LAN event revealed the much anticipated details of the upcoming DLC, Year 3 Season 3 Operation Grim Sky. This DLC comes packed with two new operators, the attacker Maverick, and the defender Clash. Alongside these additions comes the long awaited rework of Hereford Base, the traditional training facility of the British SAS Special Forces, which has been referenced in the book “Rainbow Six” by the famed author, Tom Clancy. Also dropping with the map rework is a buff to the much loved map Consulate, which has been adjusted to make it more suitable for competitive play despite having been a map option in every Pro League season to date.



Jumping right into the new content, the 3 speed, 1 armor attacker Maverick is already shaping up to be a powerful addition to the attack. His loadout includes the M4 assault rifle, which features a 30 round magazine, fire rate of 750 and a base damage of 44 making it comparable to Buck’s C8-SFW, but with slightly higher damage and a lower rate of fire. As a second choice of primary weapon Maverick is able to field the AR-15.50, a .50 caliber model of the AR-15. The AR-15.50 features a low magazine capacity of 10 rounds, but boasts a base damage of 62 to compensate for it. As a secondary sidearm, Maverick only carries the 1911 TacOps pistol, again a weapon with low round count but high damage of 55, putting it on even playing field with the legendary Spetznaz PMM. Supplementing his weapons, Maverick can bring either 2 stun grenades or a single claymore to aid in pushes or control of the map. The most appealing aspect of this operator is his gadget, the Breaching Torch. The Breaching Torch can be used to cut through reinforcements and isn’t affected by Mute or Bandit, which means that the attacking team may no longer have to rely on Thatcher or Twitch to clear the way ahead of Thermite or Hibana. Much to the liking of the Rainbow Six community, the Breaching Torch is a free form gadget, meaning the player can use it to open holes in any shape he or she wishes, which means we’re likely to see quite a few pieces of phallic artwork making its way onto Reddit over the next few weeks. The torch operates on a fuel based ammunition, meaning the player must choose between making one big hole, or several small ones. Maverick isn’t necessarily going to replace the utility of Thermite or Hibana who are true hard breachers, as opposed to Maverick being something of a hybrid hard breacher/gadget denial operator. As such, it’s likely that the synergy between them is going to be extremely potent.



Next up is the 3 armor 1 speed operator, Clash. Clash is an incredibly unique addition to the defending team, as she is the first defending operator to carry a shield. Her shield is somewhat similar to Montagne, providing full coverage of her body while in use. The shield features an integrated taser system which can be used to inflict minor damage to operators, but induces a crippling slow effect that wears off over time, making her victims easy prey for roamers or any other operator who Clash coordinates with to achieve a swift kill and edge the numbers advantage towards the defending side. Similarly to Lesion, her value as an operator in the late round will certainly shine through when she’s able to deny a plant or access to a flank route. Clash carries one of two weapons into battle along with her shield, though she must swap to them and leave herself vulnerable. The first weapon is the P-10C pistol, which features a more average magazine size of 15, and a respectable damage of 40, and also features a red dot sight similar to the Bosak sisters, Ela and Zofia. Her other choice of weapon lies in the SPSMG9, which also has a red dot sight integrated. The SMG carries 20 round, making it’s capacity per magazine pale in comparison to most of the other machine pistols currently fielded by various operators. The SPSMG9 is locked into a 2 round burst, making precision a necessity, and a damage rating of 30. Supplementing her kit, Clash can bring either barbed wire, or impact grenades. Considering the nature of her CCE shield, both are powerful options that allow her to aggress on her targets with a quick flank, or keep them locked in the barbed wire for extended periods of time.



Both of these new Operators will be welcome additions to the roster, but it is likely that they will see some further adjustments before the Grim Sky DLC goes live sometime in September. Speaking of adjustments, Hereford Base has undergone a complete rework, bringing it into line to be a highly competitive map for the Ranked and Pro League map pools. This rework is quite a bit different to the one that Ubisoft pushed forward for Clubhouse, which received several important updates to balance the map out. Hereford base has entirely changed, down to the bricks in a very literal sense. Each bomb site is now viable, instead of just the basement site. A second internal staircase has been added to aid rotations for either team, and the long hallway down the middle of the map has been adjusted to make it a bit safer to travel. These are just a few of the changes to the map, but players will have to experience the map for themselves to gain a full appreciation for how much work the Ubisoft developers have put into it. Hereford will certainly be more fun to play with this update, and without a doubt much more chaotic for both teams. Hopefully it will make its way into the Pro League rotation, and give Pojoman another map to gain Digest material from. Alongside it, Consulate has been updated with a new bomb site in visa office and server room, bringing its total to 4 sites. It has also had a wall extended to protect attackers from the early round spawn peeks from piano room.


“Hereford will certainly be more fun to play with this update…”

Operation Grim Sky will also feature the weapon sight misalignment fix, which has been anticipated since the release of Operation Para Bellum. This fix is meant to keep the players aiming reticle in the center of the screen, to decrease the occurrence of shots being well off from where the reticle is during extended bursts of fire. While this is a very welcome change, it will likely not be the solution to the potato factor, which is entirely user error. Machine pistols will also be receiving significant changes to reduce their usage as primary weapons on certain operators. As far as how drastic a change it will be on release can only be told by time at this point. If it’s as bad as it is on the Test Server, then Operators like Smoke, who is very adept at shaping the sites for more favorable defense will likely be using his FMG-9 over his M590 shotgun. This is also an indirect buff to Mira and to a lesser extent, Maestro and Alibi, as these are the only defending operators who can carry a shotgun alongside their primary weapons, though the Italian’s Balif .410 isn’t exactly reliable for site shaping. Only time will tell at this point, but regardless Grim Sky is looking to be a very fun season. Hats off to you Ubi, thanks for all the hard work.


The Reforged Gaming Community is a multi-gaming community comprised of players from all around the world. Our goal is to reduce toxicity in online gaming by creating lasting bonds between our members. Our Rainbow Six family is always looking for more people to play with, so check out our Discord server and join us every Friday night at 7:30 EST for our community pick up games. Hope to see you there, Forge On! – Doc

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