Rainbow Six Siege: Denial Ops

written by DocWhiskey



Welcome back to another basic breakdown guide. Over the last several weeks, every archetype of Defender has been covered in a broad spectrum, leaving only the Denial operators for last. Denial operators specialize in wasting the time of the attacking team by preventing hard breaching, rushes, and rotations through the uses of their various gadgets. Trap Operators also fit in well here, and the guide to those Ops can be found here. As they’ve already been covered they will not be appearing in this guide, at least not as extensively. This week will conclude the Defender side, and will see a transition to the Attackers in the following article, alongside a new column titled Operator, In Depth where the community will vote on a single operator to be covered in a much more detailed format. Let’s jump on in!


Coming from the famed British SAS, Smoke is a 2 speed 2 armor operator who shipped with the base game on release. Smoke has always been an important cornerstone to defensive setups, and is an operator whose value increases as the timer ticks down. He comes equipped with two solid choices in primary weapons, the FMG-9 SMG, and the M590A1 shotgun. Until the recent patch nerfing the recoil on his deadly SMG-11, the 590 shotgun was the primary choice for most people and may continue to see quite a bit of use as times goes on. His shotgun is used primarily to shape the site into a more defensible manner, while the SMG-11 was used as a primary weapon which would eventually lead to its nerf alongside the other secondary SMGs. As a second option of secondary weapon, he also has access to the P226 Mk25 pistol which is also a viable choice for players who choose to use it. Smoke’s gadget is what really makes him shine though. He carries three remote detonated smoke canisters containing a potent toxic brew that damages enemies and teammates alike. These canisters emit a yellow colored smokescreen for 10 seconds at a time for a total of 30 seconds, which is a massive chunk of time if the attackers have been slow on the push. Smoke doesn’t favor a highly aggressive playstyle because of his value as an operator, but certainly carries the fragging potential to stand his own ground when needed. His kit is supplemented by Impact grenades or barbed wire, which can be used interchangeably.


Also coming from the SAS, Mute is again a 2 speed, 2 armor operator who specializes in preventing intel gathering and gadget deployment. Like Smoke, Mute can also carry the M590, but is much more commonly seen fielding the MP5K submachine gun. With a good rate of fire and relatively low recoil, the MP5K is a great gun for the beginning Siege player to get started on. Mute only has access to the P226 Mk25 pistol as a secondary, and a nitro cell or bulletproof camera for secondary gadgets. Mute’s primary gadget is the Signal Distruptor, which is a device that looks a lot like a router that emits an AoE (area of effect) jamming of electronic gadgets, but does not destroy the gadget. Breaching/Exothermic charges, Ash’s breaching rounds, Fuze’s cluster charge, Twitch drones (and regular drones), and basically anything else that is remotely controlled or detonated will not work until the jammer is either picked up or destroyed. As an additional perk, Lion and Dokkaebi’s gadgets will not affect any player standing inside the AoE bubble of Mute’s gadget, and Operators that have Global Abilities will not be able to activate their gadgets while inside the jammer’s AoE. All of this makes Mute an extremely well rounded operator. With some strategic jammer placement he can make the attacker’s job significantly harder.


Coming to Team Rainbow from the American FBI, Castle is also a 2 speed, 2 armor operator who benefits well from having a coordinated team. Castle’s loadout is the same as his FBI counterpart, Pulse, with the UMP .45, M1014 shotgun, and a choice between the 5.7 USG or the M45 MEUSOC pistols. He also carries a choice between the new bulletproof camera, and the tried and true impact grenades. Castle’s main draw is the Armor Panel. The panels work similarly to the wooden barricades that any Defender can put in place, however these panels take significantly more time to break down with a melee, but are treated just the same by breaching rounds and charges, as well as fragmentation grenades. When saying Castle works best with a coordinated team, it is meant that Castle played correctly can lock down entire sides of the map, or force attackers to rework their strategy in order to deal with the armor panels to gain access to the areas they want to control before a site push. Operators like Ash and Zofia are very good at getting rid of these panels, and up until the Grim Sky patch, Glaz’s OTS-3 sniper rifle could destroy the panel with a dozen or so shots. It is not advisable to panel up windows or doorways directly on site in most cases, as it can lead to rotation conflicts with the roamers, or provide Fuze and Ying an ideal place to latch their gadgets with no risk to themselves. Castle synergizes well with Mute, as a signal jammer will prevent Ash from destroying the panel, but will not prevent Zofia’s impact grenades or Sledge’s hammer from removing the panel from play. Like wooden barricades, any Defender can hold the interact key/button to remove the panel, and doing so will return it to Castle’s inventory for reuse at the player’s leisure.


Jager’s German counterpart, Bandit also hails from the GSG-9. The 3 speed, 1 armor operator Bandit carries the same M870 shotgun that Jager does, but instead of the 416-C, carries an MP7 SMG and a P12 pistol. Like his comrade, Bandit’s primary weapons are both very effective fragging machines, with his SMG shining with a high rate of fire, low recoil and respectable damage. Bandit can also fortify the site with a deployable shield or barbed wire. His gadget, the Crude Electrical Device, CED, or more commonly, Bandit Batteries are place able battery rigs that electrify reinforced walls, barbed wire, or deployable shields. Any gadget or operator coming in contact with an electrified surface will suffer slight damage over time the longer they are in contact with the surface, or in the case of gadgets will outright destroy them instead of disabling them. This lead to a common strategy known as “Bandit Tricking”, which was the process of waiting for Thermite or Hibana to place their hard breaching gadgets on a reinforced wall, after which Bandit would place a battery on the wall to destroy the charges. This maneuver also works well to bait out Thatcher’s EMP grenades, and often leads to situations where both operators are trying to time it against the other to either deny the breach, or deny Bandit from utilizing this tactic. He carries 4 CEDs and can sometimes be seen placing them inside barbed wire to destroy drones during the prep phase. Like the ADS, Signal Jammer, and most other place able gadgets, CED’s can be taken out by gunfire, shock drones, or EMP grenades as well as frags and impact grenades. Once his CEDs are expended, or have served their purpose, Bandit can use the advantage of his 3 speed rating to quickly rotate off site and engage attackers with the roamers, or hang back and help anchor the site.



This concludes the Denial operators, or at least the ones who’ve not yet been covered in past articles. Jager, Frost, Kapkan, Lesion, Echo and Maestro to a lesser extent, are also operators who fit the role well. Trap operators most notably are very good for preventing site rushes and punishing player who either don’t drone or have poor situational awareness. Echo and Jager are both good at protecting the site by preventing dangerous projectiles form entering an area with the ADS, or stopping an attacker from planting the defuser In the case of Echo’s Yokai drone. Coming to the end of the first half of the series mean’s we’re still only scraping the surface of the Operator pool, with many more up and coming in the next few months.

The Reforged Gaming community is a multi-gaming family who are always looking for new people to play with in games such as Rainbow Six Siege, Overwatch, Rocket League, Squad, and many others. Check out our Discord here, and come join the fun! -Doc


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