Rainbow Six Siege: The Hard Breachers

written by DocWhiskey



Rainbow Six Siege is a game all about strategy from a very basic level. Part of this strategy for the defending team, is to figure out how to reinforce the objective(s) to have the best possible odds of winning the round. On the other side of the field though, it is the Hard Breacher’s job to take those defenses and dismantle them with finesse or complete annihilation. Until recently, Siege has had only two operators who fill this role, Thermite and Hibana. With the Grim Sky update, Maverick joined their ranks, but his gadget is much more precise than either of the others, and with the limited fuel for the torch leaving only just enough to make a hole big enough to crouch or vault through, it’s more fair to say that Maverick is a somewhat hybrid between a “true” hard breacher, and a gadget denial operators like Thatcher or Twitch.


Shipping with the base game, Thermite is a 2 Armor 2 Speed operator who carries the potent 556XI assault rifle and the M1014 shotgun as a primary, and the M45 MEUSOC or 5.7 USG pistols. Statistically speaking, the 556XI is nowhere near being the best assault rifle available on the attacking side, but it hits hard, and has a recoil pattern that is easy to control with little practice. Thermite also has a choice between 3 stun grenades, or a single claymore as a secondary gadget. What really makes him shine though, is his Exothermic Charge. Placed just like any regular breaching charge, his gadget will make toothpicks and shrapnel out of reinforced walls to brute force a path into the objective for the rest of his team. Thermite carries two of these Exothermic Charges, and pairs well with Thatcher, Twitch, and Maverick, but is countered by Mute and Bandit. His charges can also be destroyed by impact grenades, bullets, or an extremely well timed Mira window. The charges are not detonated instantaneously, but instead over the course of a few seconds leaving time for the defenders to scramble to safety, or attempt to prevent the breach.


As the game progressed, it became clear that a new hard breacher would be needed, and in Year 1 Season 4 that became a reality. Operation Red Crow bought Hibana to the Rainbow Six team, and with her came the X-KAIROS launcher. According to Six lore, Thermite assisted in the development of this gadget. Hibana is a 1 Armor, 3 Speed operator with one of the more deadly assault rifles in the game. The Type-89 hits like a truck, and has a recoil pattern that takes a little bit of getting used to, but is rewarding in the end. The major drawback to the weapon is the 20 round magazine count. Much less often seen is her SuperNova shotgun. Her Bearing-9 SMG secondary is still a powerhouse despite the major recoil nerf that it sustained with the Grim Sky update, and is still seen much more than the P229 option. She carries 3 stun grenades, or an additional 2 breaching charges as secondary gadgets. The X-KAIROS launcher is the true draw to her though. The gadget fires a 2×3 cluster of pellets that eat through a reinforced surface, and detonate to create a hole. Two clusters make a hole big enough to crouch through, while three would be enough to walk through. The launcher carries 3 sets of these clusters and can be used at range to minimize the risk to the player, and also take time to detonate. Hibana is perfect for opening multiple hatches or walls at once, as she can trigger the pellets at any time. Detonating several spots at once can certainly put the defenders in a precarious position. Like Thermite, Hibana is complimented and countered by the same operators and methods of destruction.

Maverick (1).png

As the game continued to evolve, it became clear that once more another operator capable of breaching hard surfaces was needed. Enter Maverick, the 1 Armor 3 Speed operator with a DIY blowtorch. Maverick’s kit includes the M4 assault rifle, the AR-15.50 DMR, and the 1911 TACOPS. Each of his primary weapons are well on their way to being some of the best in their class, with high damage, low recoil, and good rates of fire. His secondary options mirror Thermite’s with 3 stun grenades, or a claymore. The DIY Blowtorch has really tipped the game on it’s head though. With Thermite and Hibana’s gadget being able to be disabled/destroyed by Bandit and Mute to prevent the breach, Maverick isn’t affected by either of these defending operators, and will simply walk up and start burning holes in the walls. Being nearly silent makes it an even more potent gadget, and forces defenders to mind their environment carefully for the telltale glow of his torch at work. The best counter to Maverick is simply to shoot him in the face multiple times, but some players have had success with tossing a nitro cell at the area he’s melting to secure a kill.


Hard Breachers are a necessity for attacking most objective sites in the game, however there is enough soft destruction and utility on the attacking side to still make effective pushes. It is still advised to bring at least one of them along to make the job a little easier.



The Reforged Gaming Community’s Siege presence has been steadily growing bigger and bigger over the last few months, and I’m happy to say that there are some very exciting events being put into the works. Come join our Discord, and settle in for the ride. -Doc


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