Forge Report – Tales of Proton Microtransactions on Playstation

written by Fyren


Telltale Games is heading out


Telltale Games, the purveyors of their own style of narrative adventure games is going to be closing up shop soon, following massive layoffs at the company. Upcoming projects are likely to be announced to have been cancelled in the coming weeks as the company begins wrapping up its business with just a skeleton crew. I, for one, will be sad to see this developer shut down despite their formula growing a bit stale over the last few years. I still remember some truly profound experiences in playing through most of their catalog, particularly in The Wolf Among Us and The Walking Dead.


DMC5 to ‘feature’ micotransactions


Devil May Cry 5, announced at E3 earlier this year and promising to take the series back to the roots that made it successful, has been discovered to include some pretty offensive micro-transactions, especially for a single player title. Not limited to just cosmetic items, things like character upgrades will be purchasable with real world currency. Was the lesson from WB’s Shadow of War not learned? Why are companies still trying to do this with big budget single player titles? The concern here, with character upgrades being purchasable like this, is that the progression curve of the game will be severely affected and end up hurting the experience for the people who want to be players before being payers.


Proton for Steam Play making gaming on Linux better than ever


Valve continues to make progress on their new Proton compatibility pack, which interfaces with the Steam client directly to allow more of the service’s library to be played on multiple operating systems, regardless of native support from the developer. Recent updates have expanded the list of Steam games that may be played on most Linux operating systems. Despite not having native Linux support, titles like Skyrim and The Witcher 3 have been demonstrated running on Linux through Steam with no tinkering required. Valve has already made a commitment in this direction as well, saying that the list of supported titles will continue to grow. I would wager they just don’t like Microsoft having the lion’s share of the control when it comes to PC gaming.


Playstation 1 Classic


Sony announced their new retro console, the Playstation Classic. Following in Nintendo’s footsteps they unveiled a scaled down PS1 that comes pre-loaded with some of the greatest games from that era. The console will ship with original PS1 controllers, which means no analog sticks, and that’s it. It will not come with a power adapter, though the device will be USB powered so it is likely you already have a few spares lying around. The asking price for the machine is 100 crisp US dollars, which is a bit pricey. If they had kept it in the 70 or 80 dollar range I would definitely be more interested in picking one of these up, but the triple digit price tag gives me pause, and I’m sure I am not alone in that feeling. If it sounds like your jam though, these little consoles will be on sale just in time for the holiday shopping frenzy.

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