Forge Report – Bowsette Pandas get Cross Play Royale in a Wildstar

written by Fyren


Minecraft Pandas


At Minecon this week, the team behind Minecraft’s ongoing development announced several new additions, including a new spinoff game called Minecraft Dungeons. By far the most exciting news though, was the addition of pandas to the world of Minecraft. Lazy, cuddly and playful, these new creatures will be coming to the game later this year as part of a holiday update. Despite the tons of additions that have been made to Minecraft over the last few years since Microsoft took over the franchise, it still pales in comparison to what the modding community has been able to do with the sandbox game.

Bowsette takes the internet, by force


The latest sensation to hit the gaming side of the social media sphere is here, Bowsette. A mashup character resulting from Bowser using the super crown to transform into a princess is a pretty weird concept. The ensuing fan art, fanfic, cosplay, and of course rule 34 content, dominated social media sites for most of the week. There are now petitions to Nintendo to have the character made official and part of the Mario universe canon. Here’s another trend that I don’t fully understand, but for some reason I can’t help but feel a bit happy about it.

Cross Play allowed at last


Sony this week finally caved into pressure from fans of Fortnite, after disallowing cross play between the Playstation 4 and other systems. Sony was also guilty of locking the game to the PS4, preventing the same account from accessing Fortnite on other consoles. The backlash for this move was severe, sustained and apparently effective. Sony announced this week that, effective immediately, cross play will be available for Fortnite with support for other titles coming in the future. They are calling this a beta test, though I am confused as to what they are testing. Nearly every other platform manages to do cross play just fine. There was no mention in the press release about the locked out accounts, and that is a bit disheartening.

Battle Royale… with cheese


Battle Royale is the current hot trend, we know. With every trend though, when it starts to mature a bit the innovation on the formula is starting to roll in. Two titles released this week in the battle royal genre, but these have some extra cheese on them. The first, Battlerite Royale, is an extension of a previous arena MOBA style action combat game, Battlerite. It uses all the same characters, abilities, and mechanics but drops players via a large flying serpent into a large battleground where they must loot their abilities and items. The battleground is well designed, and looting skill shot abilities actually works better than it sounds like it would. The other bit of cheese is Geneshift, which just added a battle royale mode to their top down action shooter. Each round in this one is just 2 minutes in length, with 2 rounds making up a full match. Player’s can get second chances after being eliminated or they can also respawn as a zombie to heckle the survivors. The game features a bunch of cool looking weapons and even vehicles. I look forward to seeing more innovation like this in the royale genre.

Wildstar croaks


The space fantasy MMO, Wildstar, is going to be shutting down for good late this November. Carbine Studios, the company behind the ambitious project, has released their plan for the upcoming months which includes several events and special send offs for their game. Wildstar launched to middling success, hoping to steal away the hardcore raiding crowd from its biggest competitor, World of Warcraft. They didn’t quite manage to hit that goal though. As the rate of content being released continually slowed, the game slowly lost most of its player base. They released high quality raids by all accounts, but not often enough to keep the dedicated raiders interested. The focus on raid content also cause the other areas of the game to suffer with many casual players calling it quits as well. Here lies the corpse of another game that tried to take on World of Warcraft and died trying.



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