Rainbow Six Siege: Roam Clear and Denial

written by DocWhiskey


Roaming is one of the most important aspects of the defense, as it allows the defense to maintain some form of unpredictability in their defense. As time goes on there are generally accepted rotations that become common, but can still ultimately lead to critical kill for the defender. As such, being able to efficiently flush our and kill roamers, or deny their rotations become an equally important task for the attackers. This article will highlight the operators who are extremely useful for this task.



Shipping with the base game, the Russian operator Glaz is 2 Armor 2 Speed operator. He is a very competent operator to have on angles covering common rotation routes, the objective after the plant goes down, or after the capture objective has been triggered. Fielding the OTS-3 sniper rifle, which comes equipped with a thermal optic that highlights defending operators in a harsh yellow, even through smoke. Glaz can make use of even the smallest holes in soft walls to get a decent shot at any operator unfortunate enough to be caught in the crosshair. His two secondary weapons include the Gsh-18 and the formidable PMM. As utility goes, he can be equipped with either a claymore, or two smoke grenades. Due to the nature of his gadget, seeing Glaz with a claymore is almost, if not entirely unheard of, even with smoke grenades losing a bit of utility with the Para Bellum update and the new thermal cameras. Glaz excels at holding down even large potions of the map because the thermal optic makes it very hard to miss seeing an enemy operators. His close quarters play is somewhat lacking, even with the PMM sidearm due to its limited ammo capacity.


Coming into the game with Operation: Dust Line is Blackbeard, or Nerfbeard as some have taken to calling him due to Ubisoft’s fetish with nerfing him. Blackbeard is a 2 Armor 2 Speed operator who carries either the Mk17 CQB, or SR-25 rifles as primary, and a Desert Eagle as a secondary. His gadget is the Rifle Shield, which places a limited HP physical shield on top of either of his primary weapons. This shield blocks headshots until it is broken, though in the current state of the game it has only 50 hitpoints. Upon release Blackbeard had only one shield instead of the two he has now, which had 800 hitpoints and made him an absolute monster. At that time for Defenders, if Blackbeard posted up on a window, that was his window and he wanted you off his goddamn lawn. Even in the current patch, Blackbeard still excels at holding angles as that second or two it takes for an enemy operator to break the shield is usually all it takes for him to turn his sights on them and secure the kill. High rate of fire weapons chew through the shield quickly and weapons like Mira’s Vector and Smoke’s SMG-11 are good options for taking him down a peg.



Operation Velvet Shell brought the first operator who’s gadget was specifically designed to aid in tracking down and dispatching roamers. Jackal is a 2 Armor 2 Speed operator, who wields the powerful C7e assault rifle, and the PDW9 SMG, but also has a third option of primary in the ITA12L shotgun, though it is rarely seen due to him having a shortened version of that shotgun, the ITA12S available next to the USP40 handgun. Coming equipped with breaching charges and smoke grenades, alongside some soft destruction with his secondary shotgun, Jackal is an extremely well rounded operator suited to performing most tasks. His EYENOX gadget really sets him apart from other operators though. The EYENOX can be toggled on and off at anytime and passively see footsteps left behind be enemy operators. These footsteps can then be scanned up to 3 times to reveal the real time location immediately, and then updated tracking markers every few seconds. Caveira can counter these tracking pings by toggling her silent step on and off before the marker updates, and will burn the use of Jackal’s gadget with relative ease. The identity of the operator being tracked is revealed to the rest of the attacking team, as well as the ping markers themselves making Jackal the most efficient operator for performing a clear of the area before an objective push.


Joining Team Rainbow in Operation: Blood Orchid, the Chinese operator Ying, another 2 Armor 2 Speed, once again flipped the meta on its head. With a T-95 LMG and SIX12 shotgun for primaries, and Q929 pistol as a secondary, Ying has some pretty powerful weapons at her disposal, especially considering the rework that LMGs went through to give them a bit more viability in all levels of play. What really makes her shine, if you will ignore the pun, are her Candelas. Functioning similarly to Fuze’s Cluster Charge, in that it can be stuck on a soft wall or barricade and detonated inside to release a series of flash charges that are all too efficient at blinding everyone in a 10 mile radius. These Candelas can also be thrown or rolled into a room to disrupt a defensive set up on site, or as a way to minimize the risk when closing the noose on a roamer who manages to get themselves cornered. The Candelas are also able to be set with three timers that vary based on how long the deployment button is held, which will affect how soon they go off after being deployed. Jager’s ADS will destroy these wholesale, either before it deploys the flash charges, or will zap up to two of the projectiles. Ying also has access to breaching charges and a claymore mine for utility.


Operation White Noise saw the 2 Speed 2 Armor Dokkaebi join the attacking team. Equipped with the Mk14 EBR DMR and BOSG.12.2 slug shotgun, she leaves a little to be desired in the way of automatic fire, but her two secondaries, the C75 and SMG12, make up for it a bit despite their rather aggressive recoil patterns. With a choice between smoke grenades and stun grenades, Dokkaebi can be used to aid in the roam clear, or in an objective push. Her Logic Bomb gadget assists with both of these tasks by sending a signal to the Defender phones, causing them to vibrate loudly to provide audio queues for the rest of her team, as well as temporarily denying the use of any camera gadget with the exception of Echo’s Yokai drone. These calls can be avoided by sitting inside the range of Mute’s signal jammer, or by playing Echo. As if the ability to give away the relative positions of the defenders, prevent their use of cameras until the phones are turned off, and being a general nuisance on angles, Dokkaebi can also hack the phones of fallen defenders to gain access to the camera network. Again, she is unable to take control of Echo’s Yokai drone, and is also likewise unable to control and fire Maestro’s Evil Eye. She can however, take control of static cameras, bulletproof cameras, and Valkyire’s Black Eye cameras to either hunt down and destroy these devices or turn them into an advantage for the attacking team.


Also coming with Operation White Noise, Zofia Bosak, sister to Ela Bosak. Zofia is another 2 Speed 2 Armor who brings a lot of punch to the attacking team. Zofia’s M762 and LMG-E primaries are both extremely viable options, and both have seen quite a bit of play among the pro scene, with the LMG-E being a more recent trend due to the recent recoil adjustments and high ammo capacity. Zofia’s gadget, the KS79 Lifeline is a double threat, with two impact grenades and three Grzmot concussion grenades. Both of these projectiles can be used to sort out any operator in short order, but stands to be a significant threat to roamers who’ve been detected by way of being able to open up a wall with an impact grenade and then disorient them with a concussion grenade, making them easy prey for Zofia, or another attacker aiding in the takedown. Her concussion grenades will affect her, as well as any teammate caught in its blast radius just the same an any enemy caught in it, however she does recover significantly faster from it, as does Ela. She also has access to breaching charges, and a claymore mine. Like her sister, Ela, Zofia also carries the RG15 sidearm equipped with the red dot sight. When entering a DBNO state as Zofia, the option to “withstand” is given, which allows her to reenter the fight, but with only a single hitpoint making her still dangerous, but very easy to dispatch after the fact.


Lastly, the king of the jungle and 3rd place runner up in “Who’s nerf is it anyways?” behind Blackbeard and Ela, the 2 Armor 2 Speed Lion. Coming in Operation Chimera alongside his cohort Finka, Lion comes equipped with the V308 assault rifle, 417 DMR, and the SG-CQB shotgun for primaries, and the P9 and LFP586 magnum sidearms. When concerning firepower, the V308 is in a class of its own with moderately high damage, 50 round drum magazine and a laughably easy recoil pattern. This gun should never see the shelf in comparison to the other weapons at his disposal. However, his EE-ONE-D drone is what makes him a significant threat at all points in the round. Whether using it to assist the roam clear, or pressuring the objective, this gadget is a game changer even after it was heavily nerfed. Upon activation, the EE-ONE-D launches a sonic pulse above the map and highlights the realtime location of any operator moving during that time, making isolated roamers easy pickings, as well as the site retake for defenders atrociously dangerous. Prior to it’s nerf, Lion had 3 uses of this drone, and the detected operators remained highlighted during the full 4 second duration of its deployment, and a short cooldown between uses. After its nerf, operators can only be detected while actively moving instead of all the time after being detected, and it can only be used twice in a round with a substantially increased cooldown.

All that being said, the best way to clear roamers, or deny rotations is by thorough droning and constant communication between the attacking squad. This means that while these operators certainly excel at the job, they aren’t entirely necessary for it, although they do bring a lot of much needed utility along with them. As a follow up for the new series, Operator: In Depth, the r/SiegeAcademy community has spoken, and the first Operator to get an article will be Dokkaebi. Be on the lookout for the first edition of Operator: In Depth in the coming weeks.

Reforged Gaming is a multinational, multi-gaming community where players can find groups of people to play with, without the toxicity of solo queues. Our Siege following has recently gained a lot of members and has led to the creation of our first two amature semi-competitive teams, Reforged Spartan, and Reforged Firestorm. Each week on Friday at 7:30 Eastern we host community games in our discord, which can be found on our homepage at the top of this article. Come join in on the fun, and make some lasting friends. Looking forward to seeing you there! -Doc.



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