Halloween Terror 2018

written by Athena

doom.jpgWith Halloween right around the corner, Blizzard has given us a peek at the event skins and location for this year. Claims of these skins “leaking” out before the event abound across the interwebs. Considering they were “leaked” on Blizzards own twitter channel, I think it’s safe to say Blizzard wanted the hype. The Blizzard gods outdid themselves with some of these skins! Check out my thoughts below.


There’s a rumor among explorers
About a monolithic lair
Home to terrifying horrors
Heroes, how will you prepare? – @PlayOverwatch


Location: Chateau Guillardchat.jpg

Chateau Guillard looks positively spooky! There is a Scooby Doo feeling here that makes me want to roam the halls or even stay the night. I wonder what terrors await us inside?

In the last developer update, Jeff Kaplan mentioned that there wouldn’t be any dramatic changes for the Halloween event. I am surprised to see the teaser involving a new location. However, Jeff mentions that Junkenstein’s monster finally gets a wife. Through a Blizzard teaser, Junkenstein can be heard laughing in Chateau Guillard. I wonder if they will have a version of Junkenstein’s Revenge inside Chateau Guillard or if there will be a companion storyline added to the event.


Banshee Moiramoira

WHOA Moira! I must admit I was expecting some kind of vampire Moira with a wordplay voice line like, “I vant to suck your life away.” However, she is rocking this skin with the spikes and skull. The Blizzard gods have outdone themselves with the detail and overall feel of this skin. I would definitely be running the other way when she comes to play!


Jack-O’-Lantern Wrecking Ballball1.png

Here, I feel, Hammond is absolutely terrifying while his Wrecking Ball as a Jack-O’-Lantern lacks in creativity. It seems that the mixture of scary and goofy are a bit off. Who dropped the ball?! Those tiny glowing eyes are haunting while the lantern makes me want to laugh. He just needs candy corn bullets to top off this skin.  


Swamp Monster Doomfistdoom1.jpg

Aquaman is that you? The Swamp Monsters of old have nothing on Doomfist! Again, the thought and detail put into this skin is amazing. If I were in charge, (probably a good thing I’m not!), I would give Doom fist the ability to swim through the air merman style and camoflauge when wearing this skin. Let’s not get too crazy!


Spider Widowmakerwidow.png

Is this a new skin? It feels as though we already have a spider skin? The Blizzard gods could have taken Widow in so many cool directions for this event. This just feels like a recycled skin. They could have had her shoot her Grappling Hook like real webbing from her butt! Better yet, let her have a paralyzing shot (like Sleep Dart).


Enchanted Armor Pharahpharah.png

The Blizzard gods buff Pharah yet again by removing her head hitbox. No headshots for you Widow, in your lame skin! Widows should cower in fear before the Enchanted Armor. Just kidding, she still has a head hitbox; but that would be crazy right?! Rockets will rain down from this knight in enchanted armor. This skin is sure to be a crowd favorite!


Demon Hunter Sombrasombra.jpg

It’s no coincidence that Sombra’s newest skin is a demon hunter just in time for Halloween! This pay-to-win Blizzcon skin will be available sometime next year. She is going to hunt down all of the monsters. Looking for me?


The 2017 Halloween Terror event was a hit in Eichenwalde. Check out the past skins below!

For more information about the Halloween Terror event check out these resources:



Official BattleNet Forum: https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/overwatch/t/junkrat-as-the-monsters-bride/223962/8






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