Rainbow Six Siege: Soft Breachers

written by DocWhiskey



Like their counterparts who can chew through reinforced walls with ease, the Soft Breachers can make life hell for defenders by opening up new lines of sight in awkward angles through walls, floors and occasionally windows. While their manner of destruction may be significantly less flashy than their hard breacher allies, these operators excel at pressuring the defenders, or clearing a path to the objective, all while having some generally good weapons and secondary gadgets. All in all, these operators are well rounded and quite capable of performing a multitude of roles for their team. Without delay, lets breach that door.



First up is the base game operator Ash. Ash is a 3 speed, 1 armor operator whose speed and relatively small hit box make her a good choice for players going for the mindless fragging. Ash comes equipped with the R4C and G36C assault rifles, the 5.7 and M45 MEUSOC pistols. Complimenting this, she has access to breaching charges and stun grenades. Ash’s gadget is an M320 grenade launcher that fires Breaching Rounds. When these Breaching Rounds come into contact with soft walls it will completely destroy the wall, or when fired at the floor it will create a large area in which she and the other attackers can use to aid in their push to secure the objective. Being that Ash is a 3 speed operator with a ranged breaching device, her play style is heavily favored for being highly aggressive. Her Breaching rounds also deal heavy, but non-lethal damage to full health operators, for a maximum of 85 splash damage, or 50 damage with no explosion should the round hit an operator. Like most other projectiles and gadgets in Siege, Ash’s rounds can be eaten by Jager’s ADS, and disabled by Mute or Bandit. As far as her conventional weapons go, the R4C has been a crowd favorite for many since launch thanks to its low recoil, moderate-strong damage and general ease of use, which has since become even more of a strong choice due to the recent recoil updates. Despite her somewhat limited utility, Ash is still a nicely rounded operator for beginners to use and get the hang of the game.



Also shipping with the base game, the 2 armor 2 speed SAS operator Sledge. Not much in the way of finesse for Sledge, who carries the L85A1 assault rifle, M590A1 combat shotgun, and a choice between the P226 Mk25 or SMG-11 for secondaries. Sledge is kitted out to deal some serious damage at range as well as close up and personal. His secondary gadgets include stun grenades or frag grenades, the latter of which is most often seen because the utility of a frag grenade is a good option to have. Sledges’ gadget is pretty straight forward. It’s a sledgehammer that is capable of destroying soft walls, floors, hatches, windows, and the skulls of the defending team. With 25 uses per round, it’s really not likely that a player will go through all of it’s use by the time either team has forced a win condition to end the round. When used, Sledge will create a large hole in whatever surface the hammer hits which can be vaulted or walked through with the exception of non-hatch floors. While Sledge may not match the 3 speed rating of Ash, he is still quite useful when played with moderate aggression. He can open up lanes of approach for the rest of the team and support them with the L85, with damage output and recoil pattern that put it up there with some of the better assault rifles in the game currently. Combined with the SMG-11 and the one hit kill sledgehammer, he is also suited nicely for CQC, though it is not recommended to face check rooms with the hammer in hand.



Lastly for this article, coming from Canada and the very first DLC for Rainbow Six, the 2 speed 2 armor Buck. Buck is an excellent choice in operator for creating vertical pressure on the objective, as his Skeleton Key under barrel shotgun allows him to open up floors and walls from odd angles and with less predictability than Sledge’s hammer. Buck comes kitted with the C8-SFW assault rifle, a hard hitting and unforgiving recoil pattern that new players may find difficult to control. His other primary is the CAMRS DMR, another hard hitting rifle with a recoil pattern significantly easier to handle than on the C8. The MK1 9mm is his only choice in secondary weapons, but it is still a solid pistol with good iron sights and high damage. Buck has stuns and frags for secondary gadgets, and like Sledge it is rare to see a player on Buck without the trusty frag grenades to kill or displace the defending team. With him having access to a great assault rifle and a great DMR, Buck can be used in a variety of different roles depending on what the team needs to have done during the course of the game. His Skeleton Key shotgun has the best environmental destruction of any shotgun in the game. Most of it’s destructive efficiency lay in the 3-5 meter range, as one shell can open up holes big enough to move and rotate through. The damage isn’t quite the best, but in a pinch it can be a useful option for extremely close quarters.


Soft breachers play an important role in aggressing on and dismantling the defensive setup through pressuring odd angles and opening up rotation holes that can be used later on to get a flank on an unsuspecting enemy. However, those same rotation holes can be used by the defenders, as well as making your presence known and giving the defenders a way to flank the rest of your team. So, be sure to keep an eye on the flank watch. Zofia would also fit into this category, but as she was covered in the Roam Clear article, she did not appear in this article.



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