Forge Report – Discord selling crunch time DLC on day 1

written by Fyren


Discord launches game store and new subscription service


Discord, the popular communication software for gamers everywhere, has recently launched a storefront for games. When this was first announced I was excited to see the Steam platform get a little more competition. The new Discord game store looks very sleek and modern as is expected from the platform. The selection of titles available doesn’t include the latest and greatest AAA games, but it is no slouch either. Several successful games from mid range and indie developers can be found here at a reasonable price. The real kick though for Discord, is the change to their Nitro subscription service. Now, for $10/month much like what Humble Monthly is doing, they offer a bunch of games each month. As a bonus for people who had signed up for Nitro early on in Discord’s development, the added features are available at no extra cost. As an early Nitro adopter I was treated to a bevvy of free games, most of which are actually pretty good.


Rockstar accused of abusive crunch time practices


The past week has been a roller coaster for Rockstar, the developers behind Grand Theft Auto and the upcoming sequel to Red Dead Redemption. The company was accused of forcing its employees to work upwards of 100 hours per week during the crunch time leading to the release of Red Dead Redemption 2. The company denied the accusations flatly, saying that such practices destroy morale and drive away talent. Employees for the company came forward this week in defense of Rockstar. The general consensus is that crunch time is a real thing. However, most employees speaking out say that even though they are putting in extra time to make sure the game is finished and the best that it can be, their work week hardly ever exceeds 60 hours, with most achieving only 5 to 10 hours of overtime per week. I guess Rockstar really is a better place to work than EA.


Darksiders 3 to feature day 1 DLC


A long awaited title for me will finally be releasing next month, Darksiders 3. After the shut down of THQ, myself and many others worried at the future of the Darksiders franchise, but here it is, alive and well. The 3rd installment following the horsemen of the apocalypse will this time focus on Fury (having already played as War and Death in the previous installments). The recent news though is a little disheartening. In addition to the $60 price tag for what I guess is the ‘Starter Edition’ the game will have day 1 DLC available for purchase which consists of the previously freely available arena mode known as The Crucible. Also available for purchase is the Serpent Holes DLC, a sort of randomized dungeon mode with increasing difficulties and rewards. Both of these DLCs can be had for the low price of $10 if you buy the ‘Actual Game Edition’ for $70. I am sad to see a franchise I love get mired in this sort of thing. I suppose I’ll be waiting for the ‘We Are Still Trying To Milk This Edition’ in about a year that includes everything for half the price.


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