Diary of An Offworld Entrepreneur: The First Acquisition

written by Fyren


The world of business is cutthroat. Even more so when your business is the successful extraction and export of resources on another world. The only way to achieve success is to drive the competition out of business. This is my time to shine. A robotics company is looking for the executive with the most drive, the most sense, and the most business chops to send the competition crying home to their mothers. The job interview? A real world scenario. The applicants have been narrowed down to two, one of which is me. With a bit of startup funding, the last company left standing gets the job.

unknown (42).png

The surface of this dusty red planet is littered with resources of all kinds. Both of us are eager to get a headstart and the landrush kicks off. Diversifying is the key to success. Especially in a hostile environment like this, one needs to be self sufficient in their drive to expand. I’ve made the mistake before of focusing on one product. Doing so leaves you dependent on the market and intense borrowing to stay afloat. As my stockpiles are building across the board I manage to start producing complex materials before the other applicant.


Debt can pile up fast. Before you know it you could be under a mountain of it and unable to get out. Research, development and innovation keep me ahead of the curve. Out here, food is scarce and hard to grow. So, I invest in biodomes and water. As I mentioned though, diversity is key. I also ramp up steel and glass production, the resources needs to build those domes. Quickly, the competition becomes dependent on my abundant food supply. This is exactly where you want to be. Once this happens, my stock prices start to soar. I have a product and a loyal customer, it just so happens that customer is the person I’m trying to put under.

unknown (43).png

A few auctions for technology patents and land claims put me in debt. Of course I bid too high, I can’t stop myself sometimes. Thankfully, by this point my revenue streams are stable and the debt is wiped out before it becomes a problem. It just takes a bit of focus and the ability to prioritize. My factories are running in overdrive, cranking out product nearly as fast as the raw materials are coming in. The structures covering the landscape begin to turn this lifeless rock into something resembling a civilization.

unknown (44).png

It doesn’t take long before it is clear who the winner is going to be. I never had a doubt. My stock prices are hitting record highs. I own a majority stake in the competition. Rockets laden with goods leave regularly to those that need them offworld and return laden with the profits. Soon, in one swift move I put the other applicant out of her misery. I buy out her company with the massive amount of cash I have on hand. Not only did I make a ton of money in the process, but I believe I was just hired to run more successful projects like this one. The door of opportunity is open and I won’t waste any time charging through it.

unknown (45)


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