Forge Report – 76 Play Pass at Blizzcon

written by Fyren


Fallout 76 Beta begins


The beta period for Fallout 76 kicked off this week allowing people from all over on both console and PC platforms to jump into the West Virginia wasteland. Opinions on the game are currently very mixed. With the typical Bethesda offering of bugs and glitches on display and some network and server issues, some are decidedly upset. The open nature of the game though is definitely a big draw and something that we haven’t seen from the Fallout franchise before. I would expect that depending on the sales figures for Fallout 76, more of this flavor of open ended online spin-off might be headed our way. An open world survival type Elder Scrolls game maybe?

Google Play Pass announced


Google announced that they will be starting a subscription service similar to Xbox’s game pass, but for the Google Play Store on Android devices. Very little information about the service was revealed other than that it will be a monthly fee that allows subscribers access to what would normally be paid for or premium apps. Did anyone ask for this? What’s the goal here? Who is the market? I personally don’t see the value in something like this. Mobile devices are littered with free apps for a reason, people don’t like to pay for apps. Why would I want to pay for apps every month?

Announcements from Blizzcon


Blizzcon is a thing that happened this week. There were several announcements for all of Blizzard’s properties. I will list them all here and I’ll try to keep this short.


New hero, Ashe. A white haired and sassy lady with a lever action rifle, a few sticks of dynamite, and a large Omnic sidekick.

New cinematic that focuses on the story between Jesse McCree and the new roster addition, Ashe.

Heroes of The Storm:

New hero, Orphea. The first in universe coming to the Nexus, she is the creepy little mage child of the Raven Lord that fans of the game will recognize as the realm lord from the Cursed Hollow map. Orphea will be a mid-range mage with some great burst potential and some CC options.

Starcraft 2:

New co-op mode commander, Zeratul. Not much to be said here. Co-op is a great mode for Starcraft 2 and the more commanders they add the better. They have yet to design one that isn’t unique or fun in its own right, and the Zeratul footage looks no different.


New expansion. More cards and stuff incoming… I find it really hard to care less

World of Warcraft:

New story and lore coming to Battle for Azeroth and WoW Classic launching next summer. Free to subscribers. This what people have been wanting for years and at last the Blizzard gods are delivering. An official vanilla WoW experience.


Diablo Immortal, a new mobile game announced for iOS and Android. This didn’t go over so well. The announcement was boo’d by the audience and has since been the subject of much hate across the internet. This mobile spinoff, while being touted by Blizzard as a full Diablo experience, is being developed by a third party named NetEase. NetEase has already developed several mobile RPGs in the style of Diablo, which has also led to criticism that Diablo Immortal will simply be a re-skin of one of their previous titles.




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