Blizzcon 2018 – The Overwatch Roundup

written by Disco


For anyone with any sort of interest in Overwatch, Blizzard’s annual convention, Blizzcon, was filled with new heroes, new adventures, and new surprises. However, unless those people were there or actively keeping up with the updates, it may be difficult for anyone interested to get a full picture of what happened. While a general overview of Blizzcon news was covered in the most recent Forge Report, there were some extra items that were not covered in as much detail. With Blizzcon 2018 now in the books, here is a list of Overwatch-related items of significance coming out of the convention.


New Animated Short: “Reunion”

Though animated shorts are hard to come by for those who want to experience more and more of the expansive lore of Overwatch, those shorts also tend to either new information or bring an aspect of the game to life for fans. The new animated short, “Reunion”, ended up doing both, giving a story to the dry desert of Route 66 and Jesse McCree as well as providing a good first look at the newest hero on the roster. Speaking of which…


New Hero: “Ashe”

Ashe is a hero with plenty of tricks up her sleeve. Those tricks include her lever-action rifle (which she can look down sights with), a knockback-inducing shotgun ability, her dynamite explosives, and the ultimate ability to summon… B.O.B.? This is definitely a hero poised to bring new life into the game, as all the various aspects of this character are likely to make her one of the most interesting and enjoyable hero on the roster to play.


New Cereal: “Lucio-Oh’s”

As the tagline states, “Overwatch never tasted to good.” This particular cereal, popularized in-universe as the cereal Lucio endorses, has now been brought to life by the same people who make Frosted Flakes, Raisin Bran, and Apple Jacks. In addition, buying a box of cereal will also result in getting a loot boost, which is comprised of one additional lootbox earned upon leveling up for three levels – in essence, this will provide three lootboxes for each box of cereal purchased.


New (But Not Really) World Champions: “South Korea”

Though it may not come as a surprise to anyone that South Korea won the Overwatch World Cup for a third time (and are still the only country to win the title so far), the process by which this result came about was definitely a surprising one. Eight teams made it to the World Cup this year: France, Canada, China, Finland, United States, United Kingdom, South Korea, and Australia. Canada, China, and South Korea won their quarterfinal matches, allowing them to make it to the semi-finals. Despite having a strong showing in the group stage, the United States were not able to win against the United Kingdom, who knocked the United States out of the cup and pushed themselves into the semi-finals. However, they were not able to make lightning strike twice and defeat South Korea. Meanwhile, China got the upper hand over Canada, making the final match to be South Korea against China. In a 4-0 victory, South Korea demonstrated that they were still the country to beat when it comes to Overwatch. Canada did defeat the United Kingdom in their third place match, causing the gold, silver and bronze to go to South Korea, China, and Canada respectively.


New Technology: “World Cup Spectator Client Beta”


After months and months of fans asking for the ability to spectate Overwatch League matches in Overwatch, Blizzard gave players the ability to spectate World Cup matches in the Overwatch client. In their announcement of this new software, Blizzard notes that this is not the end product; rather, they are hoping to expand the tool out to be more stable and applicable to other match types. This could potentially mean that an Overwatch League spectator client may be available to the public at some point down the line; for the current moment, this beta is the only time this has been possible for non-Blizzard employees.


Overall, this Blizzcon was a very busy one with plenty of new announcements. The new hero, “Ashe”, will be released into the PTR for testing within the next couple of weeks, and other loose ends listed will be tied up as time goes on. Though other Blizzard games had new announcements recently ranging from the somewhat exciting (like Hearthstone’s new troll-based expansion) to Diablo’s dismal mobile game announcement, Overwatch had quite the bundle of news that will impact the game for every player and every fan.



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