Forge Report – Asus ROG requires re-install O’ Fortuna with Micro Transactions

written by Fyren


The Asus ROG Phone might actually appeal to gamers


Gaming phones. Going back to the N-Gage in 2003, phone manufacturers have been trying to get the gaming phone right. Last year, Razer entered the competition with their Razer Phone and now Asus is getting in on it too. The Republic of Gamers phone recently released, complete with some definitive gamer branding and an RGB logo on the back. All jokes aside, this device actually does a lot of things right. It has a vapor cooling chamber to keep the devices overclocked processor at reasonable temperatures. It has two charging ports, one being on the side of the phone for when you want to charge while holding the phone sideways while gaming. It has pressure sensitive zones on one side that act as shoulder buttons. To me, the biggest thing is the accessories that Asus has developed for the device. Great controllers, extra cooling, and some great looking docks that allow you to take games like Fortnite or PubG from your mobile device to your TV in a snap. Now we just need some better games on Android to take advantage of something like this.


Next Overwatch Patch to require a full re-install


Overwatch’s next upcoming patch has been confirmed by the development team to require a full re-install of the game. They cite under the hood changes to key components of the game that are too complex to simply be patched in. The full install of the game is around 30GB so expect to be AFK for a little bit. These changes include multiple optimizations for the game and we can only hope that some long requested features are included. Players who already have the Overwatch PTR downloaded and installed are said to enjoy a “significantly smaller” download. So, if you want to save yourself a bit of time on patch day, you can install the PTR client today.


Warframe’s latest expansion launches


Warframe launched their second expansion this week entitled Fortuna. The last expansion from Warframe added a truly gigantic heaping of content and this time it appears that Digital Extremes will not be breaking that tradition. At TennoCon earlier this year, they teased hover boards for your cyber-ninja to ride and do tricks on as a new form of movement for the game. I am proud to report that hoverboards have been delivered with this expansion. The update is out now for PC players and is coming soon for consoles. Speaking of consoles, I am still waiting for Warframe to come to the Nintendo Switch so I can fly, flip, ride, and slay in style on the go. Unfortunately for Digital Extremes, the developers behind Warframe, concerns over crunch time practices have been raised by the community. There aren’t many details on those practices at the company available just yet, but when those surface I will be sure to report on them here.


Destiny 2 to add more heavy-handed microtransactions


Sales numbers for Destiny 2 have been pretty disappointing for Activision. The expansions released for the game have had fairly poor number compared to the budget allocated to make them. Following the BlizzCon giveaway of the title, Activision has announced that micro transactions will be ramped up in Destiny 2 to make up for the poor sales numbers. We can expect some pretty heinous monetization coming to Destiny 2 soon. This is really depressing for someone who has never played Destiny 2 previously but decided to give it a go with the giveaway. Any new players they might have gained will likely be quickly driven away by the aggressive micro transactions.



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