Forge Report – Deep Valve VR buys Obsidian Remastered

written by Fyren


Deep Rock Galactic publisher acquired by THQ Nordic


The publisher behind the always entertaining, 4 person co-op, cave diving dwarf simulator was acquired this week by THQ Nordic. Coffee Stain Studios along with Ghost Ship Games, the publisher and developer of the game respectively, have both made public statements on the acquisition to their fans. The developers said “Important part is that our collaboration with Coffee Stain will remain unchanged”. It remains to be seen what this means for one of my favorite games, but THQ Nordic seems to be buying up quite a bit of the market these past few years since re-branding themselves in 2016. With this purchase, THQ Nordic also gains access to Coffee Stain’s other published titles: Goat Simulator and the Sanctum series.

Valve working on a VR Headset


Several leaked images from inside Valve HQ have revealed that the company is not ready to give up on the hardware game after the flop of its Steam Machines and the middling success of hardware like the Steam Controller and Steam Link. Now the company is developing their own VR headset. While little information can be derived from the leaked images released to the masses via an imgur album, we can easily see that while the device is nowhere near release it is fairly far along in development. Does this mean we’ll see VR ports of Valve’s first party titles like Left 4 Dead or Half-Life? Wouldn’t that be neat?

Microsoft buys developers InXile and Obsidian

Microsoft has also continued its buying spree this week picking up 2 more development studios; Obsidian Entertainment and InXile Entertainment. Both developers now operating at the pleasure of Microsoft and Xbox. If you own an Xbox this is probably good news for you as it means more games from these developers will be coming to your console. For everyone else though, this is a bit depressing. While many Xbox games are available on PC through the Windows 10 store, it just isn’t the same for many of us, myself included. The Windows 10 store is just a plain bad platform for the end consumer.

Command and Conquer remasters are on the way


Electronic Arts won some brownie points this week in announcing upcoming remasters of the beloved strategy series, Command & Conquer. Following the terrible announcement and mediocre release of their mobile spinoff, Command & Conquer: Rivals, that shares nothing with the series other than a name, it seems EA is ready to listen to what their audience is telling them. Yes, we have phones but that doesn’t mean we want to play all of our games on them. While the remastered collection is not expected anytime soon, it seems it will at least be a good product. Included will the be the original Command & Conquer along with the widely acclaimed Red Alert, both delivered in shiny, new 4k resolutions. I never thought to say this, but there is at least one company out there that might want to follow EA’s example here with one of their beloved franchises.





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