Rainbow Six Siege: Attacker Utility

Written by DocWhiskey

Utility, much like attachments and weapon choices, are entirely subjective to the player. There are however some generally accepted options for certain operators who have one secondary gadget that is more desirable than the second option. Some of these secondary gadgets will even synergize with the operator’s gadget, like Smoke Grenades with Glaz’s thermal optic. The use of these secondary utility gadgets may be overlooked by some, but it is good to get into the habit of employing them to generate a more favorable position for yourself, or your team to take advantage of. Without further ado, lets jump in!



Smoke Grenades are one of the most useful secondary gadgets available in Siege. With them, players who have them equipped can cut off lines of sight or provide cover for a teammate who is going for a hostage grab or defuser plant. Like tracer rounds, the smokescreen works both ways, unless you’re Glaz or Maestro. While your movements are hidden from the enemy team, so too is their movement. Smoke grenades have been a staple in most attacking strategies in Pro League for several seasons, at least up until Operation Para Bellum brought Maestro to the table with his Evil Eye cameras, which can see through smoke and damage operators with its built-in laser. The Bulletproof Camera gadget available to the defending side can also see through smoke, and both of these gadgets will allow the defending team to ping your location while in the cloud of smoke, making it advantageous to remove these gadgets from play. Like all other hand thrown gadgets, smoke grenades will get zapped by Jager’s ADS, so it’s a good idea to locate and disable them before wasting the grenade. While this grenade is non-lethal in most circumstances, critically low health operators can be downed/killed if hit by them.

Smoke Grenades are available to the following operators: Recruit, Montagne, Glaz, Fuze, Blitz, Jackal, and Dokkaebi.

Max. of 2 Grenades



Stun Grenades are another great pick for whatever operator you decide to run, and while they lack the concealment that a smoke grenade would bring, they can give you the upper hand in any one on one engagement by very briefly blinding and deafening of any operator who is within its proximity, including yourself and your teammates so use with caution and mind your throws. An important thing to keep in mind is that it is a directional and proximity based effect. 15 meters will blind, but full blind will only occur within 11 meters. By facing away from the grenade, the blind will only occur within 3 meters, and hearing loss happens within 8 meters regardless of which direction you face. These effects last for up to 5 seconds total, which can feel like an eternity. Like smoke grenades, these can also be intercepted and destroyed by Jager’s ADS.

Stun Grenades are available to the following operators: Recruit, Sledge, Ash, Thermite, Montagne, Buck, Blackbeard, Capitao, Hibana, Lion, and Finka.

Max. of 3 grenades.



Frag Grenades are the last of the throw-able secondary gadgets, and because of their kill potential they are limited to only four operators. Frag grenades are extremely useful for several different reasons. They can breach hatches, or if thrown correctly can create a small hole in a wall that can be crawled through, or used as a new line of sight. They can also be used to displace enemy operators who don’t have the safety net of Jager’s ADS to protect them from it, potentially giving your team a chance to capitalize on the movement of the operator trying to escape the grenade’s kill radius, and summarily remove them from the rest of the round. Like in most games, Frags can be “cooked”, or held after the pin has been pulled, which will cause the grenade reticle to flash repeatedly and with greater speed the longer it is held. This has been a common tactic in many different shooter games, as a well cooked and well placed frag grenade can give an enemy little to no time to react to its presence before they’re blown away. After pulling the pin, it has a 4 second timer after which, if not thrown, it will explode in the user’s hand and kill them and anyone around them. These gadgets will immediately kill any operator inside it’s radius, which is indicated by a red grenade icon on the player’s screen, regardless of armor value. The icon can also appear white, which means that at full health, an operator may survive the explosion, but can be kind of a gamble if they’ve taken some hits during the course of the round.

Frag Grenades are available to the following operators: Recruit, Sledge, Buck, Finka.

Max. of 2 Grenades.



Claymore mines are placed on the ground, rather than thrown, and have a short arming time after which three red lasers will emit from the device. Only one of these lasers needs to be tripped within its distance limit to trigger it, and will deal full damage up to 2 meters, with the damage dropping to zero at 6 meters. The lasers sit low enough that a claymore can be set up on a drone hole and activated through it, which may end up killing the defender. At the very least it will do a generous amount of damage to them. Unlike the frag grenade, Claymores only deal damage in a 180 degree arc in front of it, meaning anyone behind it will remain unharmed. Operators who’ve picked up armor plates from Rook’s bag will either survive the explosion or enter the DBNO state, however a 3 armor operator standing at the edge of its effective range will have a good chance of surviving the explosion, while taking a significant chunk of damage. Claymores are generally used in two ways, to prevent run outs in popular locations by placing them near doors or under windows. The second way is to position them in common flank routes. Claymores will produce an audio cue when destroyed, alerting the attacker to the presence of a roamer trying to flank them, removing the necessity of having another player watch a flank route when they could be more useful elsewhere on the map.

Claymores are available to the following operators: Thatcher, Thermite, Twitch, Glaz, IQ, Capitao, Ying, Zofia, Lion, and Maverick.

Max. of 1 Claymore



Breaching Charges are one of the most basic secondary gadgets available in Siege. These charges can blow through non-reinforced walls and hatches, through floors, window and door barricades, and Castle’s Armor Panels. In order to use these gadgets, the player must first locate a breachable surface, and place it down through a short animation that has a distinct audio cue, leaving them vulnerable to particularly alert hostiles. Once placed, the player can either stand aside and detonate it, or if they’re rappelling, they can utilize the “enter” option to swing away from the window, and detonate the charge before swinging in. Though the blast radius is rather small by comparison to other explosive gadgets, it can still be lethal. Some players have used this to their advantage by setting traps with the charges and baiting enemy players into its kill zone. Each charge has a small light indicator that illuminates while being held. Green indicates that the surface is breachable, while yellow means that is semi-breachable, and red means non-breachable. Semi-breachable surfaces will still create holes in the floor, but will leave the metal support beams in place, giving the attacker a new line of sight, but not a new place of entry. Mira’s Black Mirror gadget also has a similar indicator.

Breach Charges are available to the following operators: Recruit, Thatcher, Ash, Twitch, Fuze, Blitz, IQ, Blackbeard, Hibana, Jackal, Ying, Zofia, and Finka.

Max. of 3 Charges.



Last but not least, is the Drone. Each Attacker starts the round in the preparation phase on a drone. Drones are used to gather information on who the defending team is playing, how they’re setting up, and where the roamers are running off to. These mobile cameras are easily the most important gadget available to the attackers, and are best kept in safe spaces, near areas where roamers are known to frequent, or where your team plans on pushing the objective from. Drones also have a jump feature to propel themselves a small distance into the air, which is very useful for getting into a spot above the eye level of the defending team, making it less likely to be found and destroyed. Should your drone get taken out during or after the preparation phase, a second drone can be deployed and moved into position just the same. Good droning can give your side a significant advantage in almost every situation, especially while hunting for that pesky Caveira. Currently the only operator who’s drone is unique is Twtich, whose Shock Drone can deploy a taser that destroys electronic gadgets and Mira windows, and can also deal a few points of damage to operators, friendly or otherwise.

Drones are available to all Attacking operators.

Max of 2 Drones.


Whether lethal, non-lethal, or used solely for gathering information, all of these pieces of utility can have significant impacts on the way rounds play out for the attacking team. It can be easy to forget that some of them exist sometimes, but it is always good to have an ace in the hole ready when the situation calls for it, or create an opportunity to make a game changing play when the need arises. Defenders have their own set of secondary gadgets, of which the uses range from practical to downright devious, that will be covered in another article.

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