Forge Report – Sales for Star Citizens of Vault 76 Suffering while Breaking Records

written by Fyren


Star Citizen launches free fly event and new planet

unknown (56).png

Star Citizen, that ambitious open world online space simulator project that you may have heard of, launched a free fly event this week. The game is free for anyone to check out until November 30th. Along with being free to try, several of the space ships in game will be available for free demos all through the event, with different models being available each day. This event follows the recent addition of a new city and planet to the in game universe, named Lorville and Hurston respectively. Lorville introduces one of the more difficult landing procedures I’ve seen, as well a subway system with multiple train lines to help you navigate the city.


Steam and GOG launch sales


Deep discounts once again roll out to the largest digital distribution platforms for PC. Several great titles can be had for under $10 as is the usual for this time of year. However, with both of these platforms dragging the same titles out time after time for their deepest discounts, these sales are beginning to feel a bit tired. Games like the original Dishonored (On sale right now for just $2.50) is a great bargain, but it has been discounted like this so many times before and I personally picked it up about 9 Steam sales earlier. The majority of the discounted titles are a similar story. Maybe it’s just me, but nearly everything that I would want to buy at a discount, I already own by now. It just makes this sale feel like less of a big deal as the years go on.


Fallout 76 suffering


Terrible reviews of Fallout 76 continue to roll in. Complaints of all sorts are plaguing the game and yet, people still continue to play it. From the busted PvP system, to open mic communication, physics tied to locked framerates, downright janky combat, and a progression system that does nothing to allow the player to plan out their character; the issues are numerous and legitimately impactful to the experience. Despite all those problems however, the game still seems to be maintaining a decent player base as people continue to log in and bumble around the wasteland with their pals. Perhaps Bethesda should spend a bit more time on polishing a game when they can’t rely on the modding community to do it for them.


Pokemon Let’s Go breaks records


Let’s go!!! The newest entry into the Pokemon franchise launched this past week and immediately shattered sales records for the Switch platform. This reboot/remake of the original Red and Blue titles is a colorful 3D romp through nostalgia land for someone like me that grew up with those earlier games on the original GameBoy. Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee have sold more and faster than any previous title on the Nintendo Switch. Outperforming even the system selling games such as Legend of Zelda: BotW and Super Mario Odyssey. While I do wince a bit at spending $60 for a game these days, this one was an easier pill to swallow than most, and I am happily enjoying the Eevee version. Pikachu is just so mainstream.





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