Rainbow Six Siege: Defender Utility

Written by DocWhiskey


Like the Attackers, the Defenders also have access to several useful secondary utility gadgets. The application of these gadgets vary from objective to objective, but are often subjective to the player’s personal preference. Defender secondary gadgets are more passive than the Attacker’s, requiring less direct interaction beyond the placement of the item, with the exception of the Impact Grenade. Each has their place, and lend themselves well to slowing down the advance of the enemy team, or gathering information through video or audio queues. Lets jump on in!



First up is potentially the most basic of the secondary gadgets, Barbed Wire. Barbed Wire allows the operator who places it to cordon off an area and create a small (1.25 meter radius) section of the map’s real estate passable, but with significant movement reduction for the Attacker that is caught inside of it. This movement reduction slows the operator by 50%, and prevents them from sprinting through it, as well as creating a distinct audio cue to let the defender know that someone is nearby. Unlike the Attackers, Defender are unaffected by the movement reduction, but still cause the wire to create the audio cue when passed through. Certain operators interact differently with this gadget. Bandit and Kaid for example, can place their gadgets within the barbed wire to electrify it, making it cause ticking damage and destroying drones that attempt to pass through it. Finka cannot sprint through Barbed Wire, but can give herself and her teammates a reduced effect by activating her Adrenal Surge, allowing them to clear the obstacle a bit quicker than normal. Each Barbed Wire bundle takes two melee hits to destroy, and can be removed by any explosive wielded by either team, or by Sledge’s hammer. Barbed Wire is usually destroyed on a “by convenience” basis, as sometimes it is more dangerous to take your attention off the surroundings to deal with the nuisance. Some good locations to place this secondary gadget are on stairways, underneath windows, and in narrow hallways.

Max. of 2 Barbed Wire

Barbed Wire is available to the following Operators: Smoke, Pulse, Doc, Kapkan, Tachanka, Jager, Bandit, Frost, Echo, Ela, and Maestro.



Next is another very basic secondary, the Deployable Shield. The uses for this gadget seem to evolve with every season, although until recently the most common use was to prevent Attackers from vaulting into rooms by placing the Shields at right angles to a window. These Shields act like movable walls, granting Defenders an extra measure of protection from gunfire and, to a more limited degree, explosives, giving Anchors a solid place to defend from on site. They’ll save you from a bullet, but a well placed Frag Grenade will cause no end of trouble for the operator hiding behind it. In addition to providing stationary cover, Deployable Shields can also be carried around in their undeployed state, providing protection to the head and part of the torso, however this tactic isn’t exactly a viable way to utilize the gadget. Some Operator’s unique gadgets interact in helpful ways with Deployable Shields as well, as Bandit can attack a shockwire battery to them, Tachanka can set one up along a field of fire to provide protection to his legs while himself or any other operator is using his LMG, and Alibi’s Prisma can hide the base of the gadget behind one to make it even more uncertain if the attacker is shooting the real deal, or a fake. Unlike Barbed Wire, these gadgets work both ways, and Attackers can get just as much use out of them as Defender can if they aren’t destroyed during the push to the objective.

Max. 1 Deployable Shield

Deployable Shields are available to the following Operators: Rook, Tachanka, Jager, Echo, Mira, Lesion, Ela, Maestro, Alibi.



Getting into a bit more advanced gadgetry, the Nitro cell is one of two explosive devices available as secondary gadgets for the Defending team. Each Nitro Cell dolls out a generous amount of damage to those caught in it’s blast zone, dealing 171 damage to 1 Armors, 144 to 2 Armors and 126 to 3 Armors. Needless to say, this gadget will always guarantee a kill if you hit someone within 2 meters, and hefty amounts of damage between 3-5 meters, and none at or beyond 6 meters. Nitro Cells are best used when the information gathered by you or your teammates warrants a throw that will result in a kill, and are excellent for taking out Attackers who are planting defusers, or the Shield bearing Attackers like Montagne, Blitz, and Fuze. Placing them on the underside of a soft ceiling under doors or windows is also a good way to secure an easy pick, as this gadget will stick to whatever surface it is thrown onto. Because it is heavier than most other throwable devices, Nitro Cells have a flight arc than can be hard to get used to, and requires the player to aim higher than they would with a frag or impact grenade when trying to make it go the distance. When preparing to deploy a Nitro Cell, a loud velcro-esque sound is generated, giving Attackers a chance to pull back to a safe distance or focus their attention on it in an attempt to shoot it before it is detonated. If a Cell is pre-placed, a blinking red light, and a beeping noise is present to alert enemy Operators to it’s presence. For this reason, and the Nitro Cell being such a valuable piece of utility, it is recommended to hold on to until needed instead of pre-placed as a trap.

Max. of 1 Nitro Cell

Nitro Cells are available to the following Operators: Mute, Pulse, Kapkan, Bandit, Valkyire, Mira.



The second explosive secondary gadget that Defenders have at their disposal is the Impact Grenade. Impact Grenades are a Roamer’s best friend. These little explosive tennis balls can create rotation holes large enough for any operator to move through with ease, and deal some hefty damage against enemy Operators as well. In addition to this, some players opt to use them as ways of creating a fast runout from doors and windows. Impact Grenades are generally used to help shape the objective site into a more favorable position by tearing down walls and opening hatches alongside players who opt to pack a shotgun on their loadouts. When used in an aggressive fashion, they will deal up to 67 damage to operators who are hit with them, depending on their armor value. However, the damage radius is limited to 2.4 meters and closer. It is generally ill-advised to toss them at a shield wielding Montange or Blitz, as the grenade will only deal 8 points of damage if it impacts on the shield itself, making it a safer bet to toss it to the side of those particular Operators. Impact Grenades, while they have a much longer throwing arc, will explode on contact with any surface, or after 20 meters if no surface is hit.

Max. of 2 Grenades

Impact Grenades are Available to the following Operators: Smoke, Castle, Rook, Kapkan, Caveira, Lesion, Vigil.



Last, but certainly not least is the newest secondary gadget to come to Siege, the Bulletproof Camera. These cameras are static, and have no movement to them once they are placed, but can be picked up and moved to other locations if needed. Bulletproof Cameras are, well, bulletproof. Bullets can still damage and crack the screen, making it a little bit harder to view through, but not by much. With the emphasis placed on gathering information about the movements and locations of the enemy team, these cameras can certainly give the Defenders an advantage if they remain in play during critical moments in the round. They function similarly to Maestro’s Evil Eye, sans the rotation and laser, in that they can see and ping targets through an Attacker’s smoke grenades, or Smoke’s toxic babes. Expanding on this, the cameras can still be destroyed by explosives, melee and attacks and gunshots to the sides, or one of those pesky Twitch drones. Thatcher’s EMP grenade will temporarily disable the video feed, but is only out of commission for about 10 seconds, and can also be hacked by Dokkaebi. Because they cant be rotated to get a new view, Bulletproof Cameras are best placed in areas with long sight lines and in decent concealment, as the red light that comes on when in use is hard to miss for the attentive Attacker.

Max. 1 Bulletproof Camera

Bulletproof Cameras are available to the following Operators: Mute, Castle, Doc, Frost, Caviera, Vigil.

Each of these five gadgets has a place in the round, and each has the potential to be the focal point of great plays by the defending team. Every little bit of information counts, as well as any bit of damage or kills you’re able to secure by utilizing these secondary utility gadgets. Some operators will have less viable choices than others, when the utility of one secondary gadget vastly outweighs to usefulness of the second choice, as is the case with most operators who run Nitro Cells or Impact Grenades. At the end of the day, it is really up to the player to decide how they want to build their loadouts and develop new and improved ways of utilizing whatever secondary they’ve chosen to use, whether it be synergizing with their own unique gadgets, or those of their teammates.



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