Forge Report – Anthem takes less from Artifact while Wargaming

written by Fyren


Steam taking smaller cuts from best sellers


Valve has announced that starting soon they will be implementing a sliding scale to the cut of each sale that takes place on their platform. Steam’s cut of the sale price at present is 30% across the board. Starting soon though, games that hit sales marks will see this cut reduced to 25% and 20% depending on how well they sell. After making over $10 million, the cut will be 25% and after $50 million in profits that cut will be further reduced to the 20% mark. There are a few important things to note here. First, smaller games and indie developers are not going to see any of this effect. This will benefit only the largest companies and best selling AAA titles. Huge publishers like EA and Ubisoft who still have their games on Steam will easily hit these marks and benefit from the new system. Second, Valve has stated that all DLC sold through the Steam platform for any one game will contribute to the sales mark for getting this lower percentage. This, unfortunately, will incentivize developers and publisher to include more micro transactions and DLC in their game in an attempt to get to these sales goals. I’d say this is another reason to start shopping around other platforms like GoG, Chrono, and even Discord.


Anthem closed testing sign ups are open

Bioware’s Anthem has been a heavily anticipated title. Maybe less so following their pretty weak gameplay demo at E3 earlier in the year, but still anticipated nonetheless. While the game shows little in the way of innovation, we can expect some beautiful graphics and really solid gunplay. Anthem is set to launch early in 2019, but if you don’t want to wait the sign-ups for the closed testing phase are open now right here. Hurry though, as sign-ups are only open through December 3rd and apparently being done on a first come first serve basis. If you get in to this test, you will be under a Non Disclosure Agreement, so try to keep it to yourself.


Card game Artifact out now


A new game from Valve. Yes, that’s right. Valve has finally put out another game, and it is a strategy card game based on the ever popular DOTA. Cards feature characters and items that DOTA players will recognize and you can play it now for the entry fee of $20. The game is played across 3 lanes or boards, and features hero cards and minion cards with a goal of destroying the enemy towers. You can see right away the influence that DOTA has had on the development of this game, it is not merely a themed coat of paint. There are several tricky mechanics at play here, and if you are new to card games this one may end up being a bit overwhelming. You can check out Artifact here.


Wargaming acquires Fractured Space developer


Wargaming, the folks behind the World of (insert machine of death here) games have just acquired the development studio Edge Case. World of Tanks, World of Warships, and World of Warplanes have all enjoyed massive success as multiplayer arena vehicular slaughter simulators. Now, with the acquisition of Edge Case they have access to another title that should fit into their line up perfectly, Fractured Space. The premise of Fractured Space is pretty similar to what Wargaming is already used to, except that it is in space with some really cool looking spaceships. Destroyers, Frigates, and Cruisers warp around capture points and unload barrages of missiles and lasers upon one another until they all explode in beautiful showers of particles. This purchase really makes sense for both parties involved here and I wish them the best moving forward. I guess the only real question is if they are going to rename Fractured Space to World of Spaceships.















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