Diary of A Citizen of The Stars – Package Boy

written by Fyren

unknown (73)

Any good citizen needs an occupation and I am no exception. I’m still trying to find my place in the universe. One of the counselors in Lorville suggested that I try being a courier and so, that is exactly what I did. Seems pretty straightforward. Go pick something up, take it where it needs to go, drop it off, get paid.

The first such endeavor seemed very simple. I was to pick up some chemicals at a mining station and drop them off at a research outpost. Benson Mining Station is a clean place, if small and uninteresting. No one was present when I arrived. No life around the place at all. Yet, when I walked in the package was clearly labeled and just sitting on a shelf waiting for me. Strange. unknown (72)

Now to deliver. Again, an outpost in the middle of nowhere on some moon without a soul in sight. At least the delivery went smoothly. The package was sucked up in to some sort reverse vending machine. By the time I make it back to my ship parked just outside, I’ve already been paid. Then the quiet really starts to bug me.

unknown (71)

I head to Port Olisar, a gigantic space station for my next pick up. Aside from initially landing on the wrong landing pad and nearly colliding with the station it went as well I might expect. This time I am delivering fruit to the free city of Levski. I’ve never traveled so much before and I’ve certainly never been to this city. With the fruit secured in my hold I head out. I was not prepared for the sight when I arrived. A huge hole bored into the planet surrounded by broken down equipment. Built into the sides of the borehole that seems to have no end is the city of Levski.

unknown (70)

I contact landing control and get someone that sounds like they’ve having the best day of their life. He is incredibly happy, almost disconcertingly happy. It puts me on edge. I’m told there is a hangar I can land in, but I can’t see it. Remember, I’ve never been here. Instead I land in the middle of a street. It’s quite the jog to find an access point to get into the city though since the street is not meant for spaceships. Eventually, I find my way into the city. The sights there are simultaneously amazing and incredibly depressing. The place is covered in dirt, nearly every surface filthy. Roughly half of the lights work and most of the equipment lies broken down, unmoved from the day it stopped working. Signs are cobbled together from spare parts, and the elevators creak and groan as if they are about to give out any second.

Despite all of this, the place has a certain charm about it. No one seems to notice or care that they live in what many would call a shit hole. In fact, the entire city is filled with this spirit of resolve. Resolve to make the best out of what they have. I spend several hours wandering around the makeshift corridors, catwalks, and bare rock tunnels after making my delivery. While it may not be the most affluent place I’ve ever been, it is definitely my kind of place. The air itself is charged with determination to not be broken. That’s what I want to be.

unknown (69)

I’m not sure that courier is my path, but at least I’m not terrible at it. Though, I am lucky that there were no deadlines for these deliveries. I do tend to take my time to wander. Perhaps I will keep looking. I don’t know what I’m looking for, but I’m sure I will know when I find it somewhere among the stars.


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