Forge Report – Hytale of The Storm scales back Battle Royale Revenue Splits

written by Fyren

Hytale announced from Hypixel Minecraft Devs

This week the folks that have been running the massively popular community Minecraft server, Hypixel, have announced that they are working on a full game! 

Hypixel has been known and renowned for its creative use of the Minecraft mod tools to create their own games and mini games within Minecraft. Now, the mod team turned development studio is developing a voxel style open world RPG, borrowing heavily from their previous experience. From the what we can see in the announcement trailer this looks to be an improvement on the previous model however. I find it extremely commendable that from the first moment the development has not only been focused on the game but also in developing modding tools and support for community run servers with one such example in the trailer showing the game being modded into a twin stick shooter type experience. It is nice to see a studio not forget where they came from, despite Hypixel receiving the majority of their funding for this project from Riot Games of League of Legends fame. Hypixel is due out at some point in the future, but testing signups are open now!

Heroes of The Storm enters maintenance mode

Heroes of The Storm, what some called an adventure in futility. However, the game went on to enjoy a fair bit of success.

Pulling in eSports viewership greater than that of some of Blizzard’s other titles, the HGC or Heroes Global Championship was an ongoing project that flourished for several years. Unfortunately, all future eSports events for the game have been cancelled according to a statement from Blizzard. In addition an undisclosed portion of the development staff have been re-tasked to other projects within the company. New heroes and balance changes will continue, but at a slower pace. Content creators, casters and professional players around the world that had focused on HotS are currently looking for new jobs. I still enjoy the game and will continue playing it for the foreseeable future, but this definitely saddens me. This entry into the MOBA genre is the only of the bunch that I didn’t immediately despise. The streamlined nature, quicker matches, map diversity and turn around potential are unique factors that continue to set it apart from the competition.

Planetside: Arena is the next Battle Royale

Daybreak Studios, formerly known as Sony Online Entertainment, is throwing their hat into the Battle Royale ring with their Planetside franchise.

Based heavily on the larger scale Planetside 2, the new Planetside: Arena will offer something that should feel familiar for fans of the franchise but also a little different. The Assault, Engineer and Medic classes will make an appearance, each with different abilities. Daybreak is excited to announce several modes for their last man standing take on Planetside. The typical solo and squad play will be available, but they are also working on a 250 vs. 250 mode that promises to be fairly entertaining. Tanks, Personnel Carriers and Quads are also making a comeback, though there are no aircraft available yet as the studio says they are having difficulty with balancing those particular vehicles. Planetside: Arena launches next month and is available for pre-order now.

The Discord Store will be opening up the floodgates soon

Seemingly in response to the opening of the Epic Games Store, Discord is upping the ante. While developers at distributing via the Epic Game platform can enjoy a revenue share of up to 88%, Discord said that’s not good enough. Why not 90%?

So, starting early next year that is exactly what they intend to do. The Discord Store will be allowing developers to self-publish on their platform and enjoy a 90/10 revenue split across the board regardless of the game or the company behind it. You can read more in their official statement here, but there isn’t a whole lot of information there. I hope that this move does not throw open the metaphorical floodgates that Steam has been struggling with over the past few years. I will be interested to see what sort of curation the staff at Discord will implement or if the platform will become flooded with games. Having a bunch of low effort titles, mobile ports, or asset flips on your storefront is not a good look any more, and directly clashes with the goal laid out by the Discord team when they first opened their store earlier this year.

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