Holiday Skin Review

written by clubfrills


Santa Jeff has graced us with a new round of holiday skins, so you can now get your merry cheer on as you tilt the enemy team with the ever-popular GOATS comp. This year’s selection includes some real gems as well as some questionably furry-themed skins. Let’s take a quick dive into each skin and whether you should consider spending your precious in-game gold (or, dare I say it, buy loot boxes).


Festive Rein


He’s gold. Not really a lot of effort in this skin, but the bow on the hammer is a very nice touch. For me, it’s kind of awkward to keep getting these gold skins when gold weapons from comp are supposed to be some kind of grinding incentive for more casual players to play competitive mode.

Pros: Your team’s supports will love you since Rein will be glowing with a sign that says “Please CC me more.” Give the gift of support ult charges for your team this holiday season.

Cons: Almost everything else. The last thing I need is GOATS teams that actually pay attention enough to kill my team’s Rein.


Winter Ashe

I have yet to see a single skin for Ashe that is worth spending any currency on, and this one is no different. I’m starting to think Blizzard enjoys dressing up Bob much more than Ashe. Just look at that coat with the furry neck — that’s pretty hot.

Pros: Sweaty Ashe mains that collect every skin might want to pick this up, for anyone with a fetish for Marge Simpson and blue hair.

Cons: Really not worth the gold, I would grind arcade mode for a chance at this one.

Present Bastion

Clearly the “present” is giving the enemy team a surprise pirate ship comp, or setting up behind point A on Hollywood all the way behind the wooden crates with an Orisa. I also recommend  gift of a nano’ed unkillable death tank. Everyone loves a good surprise.

Pros: Any opportunity to do a strat that takes little coordination and tilts the ever-living crap out of the enemy team is great. Your DPS players will likely run this skin, because, you know, memes.

Cons: If you run this skin, you will probably get coal as a gift this year. (Can we give coal as an endorsement, Jeff?)


Krampus Junkrat


A godlike skin. A true work of art. Now, this is a skin you should absolutely consider picking up. Just look at those glowing eyes, that hearty beard, and metallic claw hand. It is breathtaking.

Pros: Everything. You need this skin.

Cons: Not getting this skin, and not playing the most skilled and fair hero in the game.


Snow Fox Lucio


While the whole “furry” thing is kind of weirding me out, I have to say, I am a fan of this skin. While nothing beats the jazz skin, this is a suitable option for the rest of the winter season.

Pros: Spreading the furry cheer this season. Nothing says “I’m a creep” like dressing up like a fox. Yes, that is a pro and not a con.

Cons: I would have liked to hear some more clever holiday Lucio beats with this skin similar to the jazz skin. The default Lucio music is really getting old. If this had great tunes, I’d actually consider spending the 3000 gold on this one. George Michael’s “Last Christmas” is the optimal choice tune, of course.


Sugar Plum Fairy


Other than the Junkrat skin, if you play support, this one is a must-have in my books. Although, it is a bit frustrating how many great skins Mercy has overall. Show Moira some love. I guess a sugar plum Moira would feel out of place, but given how creepy the furry vibe is, maybe that would have been the better option.

Pros: If you kill a Mercy player with this skin on, you’re a monster.

Cons: I definitely would have considered giving this skin to Moira. Also as a music fan, a Tchaikovsky reference with this skin would have been a nice touch.


Figure Skater


Not bad. As with the Bastion skin, give the gift of tilt this season. You know what I’m talking about. Set that teleporter up on Hanamura point A attack, and then walk right to point. Bring Krampus Junk along the ride while you’re at it. I’m unsure why Blizzard didn’t consider a “northern lights” Symmetra skin — she makes cities out of light for god’s sake. Maybe next year?

Pros: A solid skin, probably one of the most stylish ones beyond the vampire skin from Halloween (which I wear year-round).

Cons: It’s a Symmetra skin. Should people even play this character?




I don’t play Widow, but if I did, I’d get this skin. As a grumpy old 30 year old, the 80’s vibe is really doing it for me. Be sure to pop on some classic 80s yacht rock in the background. May I suggest someone makes a head shot montage to “Take On Me”? I’d do that, but I can’t aim.

Pros: Super vintage, great neon vibes. Almost anything is better than the Halloween skin, which was just… purple.

Cons: The neon says “please map me” to the enemy Widow. I’d consider wearing this skin to be a quasi hard-mode for a 1v1 duel.




While we finally have some decent Zarya skins to choose from now, I would put this one in the top five. It’s stylish and not obnoxious like the power ranger skin. The beanie is a little bit wonky and out of place, but I’ll allow it. Also, the present emote is terrifying when Zarya crushes a teddy bear and its head pops off. We should start a petition for Zarya’s ultimate to be a bear hug that pops off enemy heads. Actually, just replace personal barrier with that ability. The more CC, the better, am I right?

Pros: A fine addition to the Zarya collection, although I’d still take the weightlifter and barbarian skins over this one. If you hate stuffed animals (you monster), pick up the new emote alongside this.

Cons: It’s a bit safe, but perhaps that’s the right way to go considering how gross the gothic skins were at launch.


Overall, I’m not too crazy about these skins. The Junkrat and mercy skins are the only real must haves in this event. Here’s to hoping Blizzard introduces some more variety in the upcoming Chinese New Year event.


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