Hearthstone’s Emergency Changes

written by Techno

On Wednesday, December 19, 2019, Hearthstone announced the following changes:

Leeching Poison – Will cost 1 mana. (Originally 2).
New Text: Give your weapon Lifesteal this turn
Saronite Chain Gang –
New Text: Taunt. Battlecry: Summon another Saronite Chain Gang
Level Up! – Will cost 6 mana. (Originally 5)
Nourish – Will cost 6 mana. (Originally 5)
Wild Growth – Will cost 3 mana. (Originally 2)

These changes were immediately implemented to the game later that day.

Why were these changes necessary?

Since the meta now is very one-sided with just a few decks, the Hearthstone community was not happy. The changes were necessary to balance the decks that many players struggled to play against.

Changes like these were implemented to break off some of the power creep cards in the current meta. Any game that extends past turn 10 was really unfair for the players that weren’t playing either Kingsbane Rogue, or Shudderwock Shaman. Now let’s get down to what changes were made and how it affects the present meta.

1.) Leeching Poison


Leeching Poison is the one spell that makes Kingsbane as powerful as it was in the meta. Kingsbane weapon is a 1 mana 1/3 Weapon with a Deathrattle that adds it back to the deck with the current buffs. Having a weapon that not only heals off the damage that you take when you kill a minion is already way too powerful. But on top of that, you can deal damage to your opponent and get the damage back as health is just way too powerful. Along with the Rogue class hero power, you also don’t take fatigue damage.

So with the change of Leeching Poison, the deck is at a state where it cannot heal as well as it did before. Though it now costs 1 mana, the effects of the Lifesteal will only last one turn. 

2.) Saronite Chain Gang


Now the new players are wondering, “What could be so bad with the original effect?” Well… the reason is, this effect was abused ever since the Witchwood expansion. Within this set, the Shaman class got one of its most valuable cards. This card was known as Shudderwock. With the initial effect to copy every Battlecry, this card easily became the most abusable card within the game. Using Saronite Chain Gang to combo with another card named Grumble, Worldshaker, playing Shudderwock would add another copy of the card back to the hand as a 1-cost card while keeping the same stats. Not only that, adding other Battlecry effects gave the deck even more value.

The change to Saronite Chain Gang was necessary to keep Shudderwock from generating another copy of itself within the Standard format. Though this deck is still playable, it will not be as much of a power creep as it was before.

3.) Level Up!


Finally! A nerf to one of the most aggravating deck in Hearthstone, Odd Paladin. This card change is pretty self-explanatory. In Odd Paladin, the basic hero power of the Paladin class is buffed by Baku, the Mooneater. Because of this, the hero power’s effect is now “Summon 2 Silver Hand Recruits.” Being able to summon two Silver Hand Recruits at any given time increases the value of this card. 

Because of the change in the cost of this card, it becomes unplayable in Odd Paladin. Putting this card into the Odd Paladin deck will nullify the effect of Baku. All in all, this change was definitely necessary to keep the meta in check.

4.) Wild Growth & Nourish


Okay, I know these are two different cards, but these two cards are used in every druid deck because of the versatility. After all, the effects of  these two cards can be used in every deck, if only it wasn’t limited to one class. Because the changes don’t necessarily shut down any specific decks, the two cards will still see play.

Seeing that the changes were immediate, I decided it was best to publish this article discussing the cards changes would better capture the eyes of our community. Because of this, our original article on a “Standard Deck Review,” as voted by our readers, will be posted next week. So, until next time, Stay Tuned!

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