Forge Report – Sales Abound

written by Fyren

Everyone is doing their Christmas Sale

Every platform right now is doing their traditional Holiday season deep discounting. In light of not much happening this week, I dug through digital bargain bin of GOG, Good Old Games, to find some recommendations. Everything on this list will be something I have personally played at least enough to recommend it. So, before you think to yourself “Why didn’t you mention (insert game title)?” it’s probably because I haven’t played it. I’m not doing the Steam sale because they get enough attention as it is and they don’t need any more help. So, strap in and open your wallets, it’s shopping time.

Divinity: Original Sin 2

I’ve only just started this one but so far my time with the game has left a lasting impression. A turn based top down RPG, with some of the most complex mechanics and systems I have ever seen. If you enjoyed games like Baldur’s Gate, it’s like that… except so much better.

The Witcher 3

There has already been so much praise heaped on this game that there is little else I can say. It is one of the best single player RPG adventures I have ever experienced, and you owe it to yourself to at least get a taste.

Heroes of Might & Magic 3

Still a unique take on strategy games to this day. Combining what looks like a city builder mobile game, with an expansive overworld rich with discoveries to be made, and a hex based tactical combat system. Despite being quite an old title, this game remains innovative.


The aesthetic, the soundtrack, and of course the game of making the best out of a hopeless situation. Lead your people to survival or not in a world where the second ice age came early.

Stardew Valley

This is my go to game when I’m tired of playing competitive try hard titles. While it is a farming simulator, it’s not like some others. It has a beautiful cast of characters and the feeling in designing your own profitable farm is oddly liberating and satisfying.

Darkest Dungeon

A dark and gothic themed dungeon crawler with surprisingly deep turn based combat. A narrator follows your journey to restore the ancestral home to glory, and it is hands down the best narration I’ve ever heard in any media. Not only is the game worth it in its own right, but it is worth it for the narration alone.

Star Wars: The Force 
Unleashed II

Not the best game on this list and not critically acclaimed, but at the sale price this one is a fun hack n slash romp through the Star Wars universe. The campaign is short but sweet and highly enjoyable to play through… once.

Torchlight II

This is one of those “It’s like Diablo but…” games. It is bright, colorful, and filled to the brim with character. The light steampunk theme also tickles me. The combat is very polished, the customization options are pretty standard, and it comes packed with an extremely powerful level editor/designer tool that is great practice for the budding Game Designer.


One of the best city builders out there. Just remember to diversify your resources in this one. I went all in on farming in one run and one bad harvest led my few hundred settlers to their graves. It’s unforgiving, but so rewarding when you get it right.

FTL: Faster Than Light

A rogue-like space game with granular control over crew members you attempt to make it to your destination without dying, getting caught by impending doom, or running out of fuel or other supplies along the way.

Papers, Please

A low-fi passport stamping, border control simulator. As boring as that may sound, it’s actually very engaging. There’s a story of a sort and characters to follow all while balancing your own success. This is an absolute gem.

Arcanum: Of Steamworks
And Magick Obscura

This is my favorite game of all time, and at this price it cannot be beat. A top view RPG set in an extremely rich and deep world of steampunk and magic colliding. The options for character design and builds is immensely deep and holds many runs over of enjoyment. Please play this game.

Prison Architect

A city builder of sorts where you take on the task of building, maintaining and running a private prison. The scale gets quite massive later in the game with TONS of options for building and staffing. Recently added multiplayer makes this a hell of a good deal.

Star Wars: Republic

A squad based shooter with decent AI setting the player as the commander of a squad of clone troopers during The Clone Wars. The campaign is short but enjoyable nonetheless. This one is starting to look dated, but the sound design and solid mechanics make it well worth it.


A fast paced top down brawler/shooter with attitude. The combat, which is nearly all that happens here, is very smooth, polished and satisfying. There are plenty of different weapons and combos to master. Some of the jokes and lines are a bit juvenile but the gameplay is super solid.

Shadowrun: Hong Kong

Another top down game, turn based tactical RPG. The campaign is pretty long and is all killer. The characters are rich and the world is fascinating. The cyberpunk setting is something we need more of and definitely lends the entire game something special. Assemble your team of runners and take to the shadows!

Tooth and Tail

A real-time strategy game in which there is no direct control of your army units. Instead you take control of the commander who can rally different groups of troops to a banner. This, combine with the story and setting make a truly unique experience. The armies are all animals vying for dominance. Don’t worry it’s not super furry-esque.

Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath

An older shooter that received and HD upgrade a few years ago. You play as the Stranger, a scruffy bounty hunter in a pretty odd world. Special ammo for your guns takes the form of critters that must be captured to later be fired at the enemy. Yeah, there is quirky character here.

Dust: An Elysian Tale

I’m not normally much for platformers or anime style games, but this one stole my heart really quickly. The platforming is de-emphasized here instead being focused on a very satisfying hack n slash combat system. The anime type art style is not too over the top and didn’t bother me as much as it has in other titles.


This is a strange one. It’s a martial arts game at its core, but not like a traditional fighting game. It has more in common with Dark Souls than it does something like Mortal Kombat. I definitely need to spend more time with this one, but the few hours I have spent with it so far have been very enjoyable.


A magical rogue-like spell shooter. You take on the role of a mage that flings magic missiles, fireballs, ice spikes and poison clouds like the burly dudes of other eras fling bullets. You will jump, dodge, weave your way through procedurally generated dungeons while sending all sorts of magical death flying through the air towards a variety of enemies. Definitely a good time.

Die By The Sword

A very dated game by now as it came out in the mid 90’s. Despite that, this game innovated sword combat in a way that has not been replicated or matched since. The control scheme is very unique and requires a keyboard with a numberpad. This is because the numberpad controls the direction of your sword swings and blocks.

Massive Chalice

A tactics game in the same style as the recent XCOM titles, but with a great stylized aesthetic and bows and swords in place of guns.

The Swindle

A stealth platformer in which you are tasked with breaking in to hundreds of procedurally generated houses in order to steal enough money to fund your greatest heist. That being to steal the Basilisk, a piece of surveillance tech so advanced that all future thievery will be made impossible.


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