Deck Review: Odd Paladin

written by Techno




Oh boy, time to get down to one of the most hated decks in the standard ladder. Just for a show of hands, who here like Odd Paladin? No one, great, let’s talk trash about it. Just kidding. In this article, we will be reviewing the deck called Odd Paladin.



During the Witchwood Expansion, where Baku the Mooneater was released, Odd Paladin was born. The deck consists of odd-cost cards, which enables the effects of Baku the Mooneater to upgrade your hero power.




According to, Odd Paladin has an overall win rate of 63.7%.


What Makes the Deck Unique

One of the biggest problems that token decks have is it’s lack of ability to gain board advantage after a board clear. However, Odd Paladin does not have this disadvantage. Because of the upgraded hero power given by Baku the Mooneater, Odd Paladins can  summon two Silver Hand Recruits instead of one. Thus, they can continuously generate the minions once per turn on their board. Along with the huge amount of minion generation from the deck, Odd Paladin decks always include cards that buff their minions, such as Fungalmancer and Level Up!(prenerf).

Odd Paladin can also make use of basic cards that are given to you at the beginning of the game. These cards include Raid Leader and Stormwind Champion. Because you’ll always have more than one minion for board presence, these minions generate tons of value because they buff every minion on your board.

Before Level Up! was nerfed, Odd Paladin did have a lot of mid-game potential. Along with cards like Vinecleaver and Champion’s Maul (Unidentified Maul) to go along with the hero power, generating Silver Hand Recruits to enable the effects of Level Up! is not a problem. Odd Paladin heavily relies on this card in the late game because of the sheer amount of board advantage it creates.



Blizzard realized that Odd Paladin was becoming a problem in the meta, so they came up with a solution. Blizzard decided to change the mana cost of a card known as “Level Up!”. From changing this cards mana from 5 to 6, making it unplayable in the deck. Because of that, Odd Paladin lost a lot of its turn mid-game potential. Though this doesn’t nullify the decks ability to be aggressive, it definitely cuts down a huge portion of its power.



Since the card Level Up! is now unplayable for this deck, players chose a variety of substitutes for the deck. Here is a list of a few popular cards that replaced Level Up!:

  • Leeroy Jenkins
  • Stonehill Defender
  • Glowtron
  • Frostwolf Warlord
  • Blood Claw

Odd Paladin is still one of the strongest aggro decks in the meta despite the nerf that they received. Because of that, I believe that Odd Paladin will continue to evolve in the future as cards continue to be released.


This concludes this weeks article. Next week, we will have another Legendary Card Review. Thank you all for taking your time to read this article!

Stay Tuned and Forge Onward!

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