Rainbow Six Siege: New Players, Welcome!

written by DocWhiskey

A belated Merry Christmas to everyone here, and a Happy New Year as well. For some, this is the year that finally finds Rainbow Six Siege getting a home in your Steam Library, or the tray of your Xbox or Playstation. If you’re one of these people, please give yourself some time to learn the game before getting too frustrated with it. Siege has a fairly steep learning curve, but you’ll get there in no time. Meanwhile, this article is my gift to you folks, and is a compilation of many articles that have been written this year that you may find useful in speeding up the learning process.



What is Rainbow Six: Siege? Siege is a tactical first person shooter featuring 3 game modes, and 4 ways of playing them. The 3 game modes are Secure Area, where the objective is to occupy a room on the map long enough to complete a capture bar, similar to Control Point maps in Overwatch. While a defender remains on site, the progress bar will not move, and will begin to regress if an the attackers leave the room. Second is Bomb. Bomb is the sole game mode played by the Rainbow Six Pro League. Bomb features two sites that the teams fight for control over. The objective of the attackers is to plant a defuser, while the defenders try to stop them. Once placed, the defuser will remain active even if all attackers are dead, meaning a cleverly hidden defuser box can lead to a round win if the defenders can’t locate it before the defuse timer runs out. Lastly, is Hostage. Hostage is fairly straight forward, defenders try to protecc, attackers try to extracc. A round loss and a team kill is awarded to whichever team inadvertently kills the hostage, so keep your Fuze in check. Attackers objective is to breach and escort the hostage to one of the zones outside of the building, indicated by red flares, and again the defender’s objective is to stop them.

The 3 ways of playing these game modes are in the Casual or Ranked playlist, or in Terrorist Hunt. Casual rules are first team to 3 round wins, with 4 minute round timers, and randomly selected spawns and objective sites, whereas Ranked features a 3 minute round timer, first to 4 rounds or a 2 round lead in Overtime, and the option to select your spawn sites and objective sites. Terrorist Hunt is the PvAI game mode where players can practice aiming, getting the hang of maps, and testing out new operators and weapons/attachments. Each round is broken up into 2 phases, the Preparation Phase, and the Action Phase, more on this to follow in the next section.



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Attackers! Attackers are on the offensive side of the game, and always spawn outside of the building (or on the roof in the case of Tower). At the start of Preparation Phase, attackers deploy drones to scout out the map, and gather information on the composition of the defending team, defensive set up, and objective location. These drones are destroyable by gunshot or melee, and it is generally in the best interest of the attackers to keep them alive as long as possible. A second drone can be deployed at the start of the Action Phase, when the gunfight begins and doesn’t end until a win condition is met, by either completing the objective or one side having no operators left standing. You can read all about attackers and what they do, here: Soft Breachers | Hard Breachers | Roam Clear/Denial | Shields

Note: There is one article left covering remaining attackers pre-Wind Bastion.

Defenders! The Defender’s role is much the same as the attackers, prevent the other team from gaining control over an objective, or simply crack skulls to win the round. At the Start of the Preparation Phase, Defenders start on or near the objective, and have until the start of the Action Phase to complete the defensive setup including setting up gadgets, reinforcing walls and hatches, creating rotation or murder holes, etc. During the Action Phase, defenders can still place down their gadgets and reinforcements, however it is much more dangerous to do so as the animations leave you vulnerable for extended periods of time. Runouts and Spawnpeeking are risk/reward, the risk being a quick death and the reward being a decisive kill. Once outside, Defenders have 3 seconds to return to the confines of the building before they are detected and their location shown in real time to the attacking team. Like the attackers, you can read all about the Defenders here: Anchors | Denial | Information | Roamers | Trap

Customization. Weapons and Operators can all be customized with various skins, uniforms, headgear, and charms. Most of these are unlocked via Alpha Packs, which can be purchased using Renown, the in-game currency that players earn by completing challenges, or playing games. It takes quite a bit of Renown to be able to purchase the packs, but it does add up over time. Alpha Packs cannot be purchased using R6 credit, the “for purchase” in-game currency. The exception to this are the seasonal and event packs, which can be purchased with R6 Credit. Most of the original 20 Operators have been given Elite Uniforms, which are also only purchasable with R6 Credit, but come with weapon skins, charms, and a kickass (mostly) MVP animation at the end of a winning game. All of these customization options are purely cosmetic and don’t affect gameplay. These Cosmetics are purchasable with Renown, or via digital content packs in some cases.

Attachments and optics however, do affect gameplay. Currently there are 5 sight options, Iron, Red Dot, Holographic, Reflex, and ACOG (attackers and certain defenders only). Many will argue that the Reflex is the best 1x optic in the game, however in the end it is all a matter of personal preference. Some weapons are able to equip a grip to help control recoil patterns. The two options for the grips are the Angle Grip and the Vertical Grip. Angled features less recoil control, but faster aim down sight times, while the Vertical has slower ADS but better recoil control. Some weapons, like Buck’s C8 and CAMRS rifles, cannot have any grips. Players are also given the option to place a Laser Sight on their weapons, which tightens up hip fire sprays, but is mostly just good for giving your position away if you let it wander with abandon.




ESL and R6 Pro League. The Siege ESL scene is filled with stiff competition, with Challenger and Pro League being the top level of play. At the end of each season the bottom team in Pro League is relegated to Challenger League, while the first place team in Challenger League is moved into Pro League, and the 2nd place CL team plays the 7th place PL team to determine who moves to Pro/Challenger League Many tournaments are held outside of Pro League play days and LAN events, such as the Dreamhack tournaments and National events, like the US Nationals that were played a few weeks ago. GO4 also hosts online tournaments that teams can sign up for and compete in. Pro League LAN events generally have charms that can be earned by watching their streams on Twitch, and a really good place to look at the news hitting the pro scene is the R6ProLeague subreddit. Watching the Pro League play days and tournaments is an excellent way to learn new tactics and strategies, but don’t expect that level of cooperation or communication in your random casual solo queues!

It may seem like a lot of information all at once, but here’s to hoping that it helps out all you newbie operators who will carry the torch one day. Be kind to your teammates, and your opponents. Don’t let the toxicity ruin your gameplay, use those mute buttons. Be open to criticism, and learn from your mistakes. Soon enough you’ll be fragging out and making awesome plays. Happy New Year!


The Reforged Gaming Community is growing its Siege player base little by little. Every Friday at 7:30 PM EST, we host in-house pick-up games that pit attendees against each other in custom games for a few hours. If you’re interested in joining the fun on Fridays, or just looking for a group of non-toxic people to play with, then stop by our Discord and reach out in our Siege channels. I look forward to welcoming our new players! -Doc








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