Forge Report – Forced Linkage of Inactive Accounts after Atlas Apology

written by Fyren


Battle.Net integration to be required for eSports chat

battle-net Blizzard announced this week that they will be testing a new “feature” during their currently running competitive Overwatch eSports event, Contenders. In order to participate in the live chat on Twitch users will need to link their and Twitch accounts together. The announcement went on to say that this move is in an effort to control toxicity in the chat during these events, which is something Blizzard has been trying to do for years. It remains to be seen what exactly this will do to curtail the toxic chat. It is possible, and knowing Blizzard it is highly likely, that any perceived poor behavior in the twitch chat during these events could lead to action being taken against that user’s account including muting, suspension, and even bans. This test run during the Contenders series is likely to see if the system works so that it can be deployed during the upcoming season 2 of the Overwatch League.


G2A Charging users for inactive accounts


G2A, the notoriously shady grey market game seller, has recently started charging users of the site for letting their accounts go inactive. The inactive status is assessed after 180 days and users are charged $1 to re-activate their account. It is unclear whether G2A is doing this to make up for falling profits or just trying to squeeze more profit out of their customers. For those familiar with the company though, this should come as no surprise, as G2A frequently sells bogus, stolen, and illegitimate game keys. The company even offers a subscription service that “protects” subscribers from those keys.


Atlas Developers offer apology for current state


It should be no surprise to anyone at this point that the launch for Atlas has been nothing short of a disaster. From server crashes to massive game breaking bugs and failing to differentiate itself from its predecessor, ARK: Survival Evolved, Atlas has been plagued by negative reviews and impressions across the internet. This week, the developer issued an update that started with an apology to fans that have been struggling to enjoy their time with the game so far. “You could say that we were off to a stormy start!” they started. I’ll pardon the pun. The update then goes on to list the emergency changes that were deployed in an effort to keep the sinking ship of a game afloat. Please, pardon my pun. Defenders of the game continue to say that Atlas will get better with time, just as ARK did. The majority though fears that this game was a low-effort re-skinned cash grab that displays an utter disrespect for consumers.

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