Rainbow Six Siege: The Disruptors

written by Doc Whiskey





Picture this. Your Rook armor is down, ADSs are placed, Bandit or Kaid have sealed off the hard breach, and you’re getting ready to make your stand against the attack. Suddenly you see a bright blue light and hear a muffled explosion and the room goes dark. The shockwire is gone, the ADS is destroyed and from the floor above you hear a metallic thunk, just before a cluster of grenades begins raining down from the ceiling. Chaos reigns supreme and your allies start dropping like flies, and the “Round Lost” indication lights up your screen. The Disruptors enable themselves and the rest of the team to advance on an objective and make life hell for the defenders, either by disabling electronics, actively hunting them down, or outright destroying them, and the people who put them down. Lets jump on in!





First up on our list is, or was until Kaid knocked him off his old man throne, the oldest member of Team Rainbow, the SAS Operator, Thatcher. Thatcher is a 2 Armor 2 Speed who’s choice in weapons lay in the AR33 and L85A2 assault rifles, and the M590A1 shotgun. Thatcher is currently the only SAS operator without access to the much loved SMG11, and instead has the standard issue P226 Mk25 service pistol. Both of his rifles are quite punchy, however the L85A2 is a standout as it’s low recoil makes it a perfect weapon for new players to learn the subtle art of recoil control with. Thatcher’s kit is complimented by 3 breaching charges, or 1 claymore. The main draw to him though, is his EMP grenade gadget, which disables cameras and certain operator gadgets for a short time, and destroys electronic gadgets upon detonation, clearing the way for Hard Breachers like Thermite or Hibana to remodel the map as they see fit. The throwing arc of his EMP grenades is the same as any other grenade, though it doesn’t do any damage to other operators unless you manage to hit them with it, Upon detonation, this grenade will also disable the optics of Defenders, names the reflex, holosight, and red dot sight. Some may find the loss of their aiming reticle crippling, while others may not notice it at all, meaning it’s not a good go to strategy to utilize the grenades for that function.




Hailing from France and the famed GIGN, the 2 Armor 2 Speed Twitch brings a host of strong assets to the game. Her three primary weapons, the F2 assault rifle, 417 DMR, and SG-CQB shotguns all pack a hefty hit to them, with the F2 being a common choice for most people due to it’s reliable damage and relatively easy to control recoil pattern and rate of fire. For secondaries, Twitch can utilize the P9, or LPF586 revolver, though the P9 is again the more reliable choice for most situations. Complimenting this, Twitch also has breaching charges and a claymore at her disposal. Her unique gadget is a modified Shock Drone, of which she holds two of. At the beginning of the Prep Phase, she deploys the first drone and can deploy the second any time after the round starts. These drones are much quieter than the standard drones, however they lack the ability to jump. This is counteracted by the Shock Drones carrying an internal magazine of 5 tasers that can be used to destroy electronic gadgets, or Mira’s Black Mirror gadget. They can also be used to harass Defenders as they do 10 damage per hit. Prior to their nerf, Twitch’s drones had 15 tasers each, and it wasn’t uncommon for the entire map to be cleared of cameras and a significant amount of gadgets prior to the objective push, however this proved to be a bit too much and the shot count was reduced to where it is currently. Because her gadget is a drone, and because she has an incredibly powerful primary in the F2, Twitch is a fantastic operator for solo play, which has been seen quite a bit over the first couple days of the season 9 pro league play days.





From Germany we have the 1 Armor 3 Speed IQ. IQ is another operator that is good for both solo, and team play. Her 552 Commando assault rifle has never been touted as one of the best, however it is still a really solid choice in weapon. Combined with a hard hit and a moderate recoil, the Commando is generally preferred over the AUG A2. She has a third option in the G8A1 light machine gun, but with a very sluggish aim down sight time, it often finds itself benched in favor of her more versatile assault rifles. Like her German compatriots, IQ has the P12 pistol at her disposal, as well as breach charges and a claymore to round out her kit. IQ’s unique gadget is the RED Mk III, which is an electronics detector. With this, IQ can see electronic signatures through any surface from up to 15 meters away. The big disadvantage to this is that while using the wrist mounted screen, IQ can only use her pistol, leaving her at a sever firepower disadvantage while locating gadgets. In addition to gadgets, IQ can also see Defending operators while they are using cameras, or while Dokkaebi’s Logic Bomb is still active. This also works against Echo, and it’s not terribly uncommon to see a Defender get shot through soft surfaces, just when they though they were safe.




Next up is everyone’s favorite hostage murdering, hockey puck launching, AK wielding Russian, Fuze. Fuze is a 3 Armor 1 Speed operator, and is the only operator with an option to carry a shield instead of a primary rifle or LMG. His two primary choices are the AK-12, a devastating assault rifle that will shred through enemy operators with ease, and the 6P41 light machine gun. Both of these weapons are very viable in almost any situation, and can be mostly interchanged. The 6P41 has much higher recoil than the AK-12 does, but is manageable with some practice. His third option of primary is a ballistic shield. It doesn’t have any special features like Montagne or Blitz’s shields do, but does serve the purpose of absorbing bullets like a sponge. His two secondary choices lay in the GSh-18, a high capacity, low damage pistol, and the PMM which is quite the opposite, featuring high damage and low magazine count. Fuze wouldn’t be himself without his Cluster Charges. These charges can be attached to soft surfaces both vertically and horizontally, and after a very short arming time, can be remotely activated to send a cluster of 5 puck shaped grenades in a fan shaped arc into an area. This is really good for making Defending operators move, potentially into the line of fire of your allies, or into the path of your other grenades. Using the Cluster Charge is also a great way to clear out any utility items placed down by the defenders. The grenades themselves deal a significant amount of damage and should be avoided where possible. It pays to be cautious and unpredictable when placing these charges, as the audio cue from attaching one on a window is fairly likely to get your head taken off in short order.




Last, but certainly not least is the 2 Armor 2 Speed SDU operator, Ying. Wielding the powerful T-95 LSW light machine gun, and the not as often seen SIX12 shotgun, Ying is a perfect operator for players that like to really blindside the enemy, and is similar to Twitch in that her solo play can be quite powerful thanks to her gadget. Like her counterpart Lesion, Ying also carries a Q-929 pistol, which is neither the best nor the worst pistol to use, but it does have some excellent iron sights. Rounding her kit out, much the same as the others in this article, Ying also carries either a claymore or breaching charges. Her gadget is quite similar to Fuze’s in its method of deployment and how it delivers it’s payload. Ying carries 3 Candela cluster flash charges that can be places on soft surfaces vertically and horizontally, just like our Russian friend. These Candela can be set on a delay timer of 1, 3, and 5 seconds, but will detonate on impact. When released, 6 micro-flash charges disperse through the area, blinding anyone caught up in it for varying lengths of time depending on how many of the flashes they caught, up to 4 seconds for all 6 flashes. With 3 of these at her disposal, Ying can coordinate with the team, or by herself to secure kills on roamers, or cause mass disruption on site while the push to clear is happening. While Ying herself is immune to the flashes, her teammates are not. As such it is generally frowned upon to throw a Candela into a room with friendlies in it.

While many of these operators are quite capable of efficiently performing solo play and fragging, it should be kept in mind that it’s not necessarily what their role in the big picture is. In many respects these operators are supporting ops that enable the rest of the team to do what they can to secure the round. Regardless of how you choose to play them, these ops are solid picks when it comes time to unlock new operators, and in game.

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