Forge Report – Consumer Electronics go Bungie with an Architect

written by Fyren


The Consumer Electronics Show happened


Today will be wrapping CES 2019 and there were a ton of cool products shown off to the press and public this year. From folding phones to driverless taxis there is a lot to be excited about. Here’s some of my favorite picks from the show, strictly relevant to us PC gamers of the world.

Razer HyperSense – hypersensAre you looking for more immersion? Razer thinks they have the answer. They have developed an adaptive haptic feedback tech that they have integrated into a complete set of peripherals to include the headphones, keyboard, mouse and even the chair. Now, what is adaptive haptic feedback? Good question. Using Razer software, audio is captured and analyzed in real time from whatever game is being played and in 3D a sort of rumble effect plays out across the peripherals. So, a rocket detonates behind you, you will feel that rumble in the chair behind you. A grenade to the right? Feel it in the mouse. It sounds kinda dumb, but when all the pieces work in concert I can imagine it feeling like a pretty cool experience.

AMD Ryzen and Radeon – radeon7AMD announced their 3rd generation of Ryzen processors which continue to embarrass Intel by remaining very competitive at lower prices and similar performance. Ryzen architecture is even rumored to be powering some of the next generation of gaming consoles. The Radeon 7 graphics card was also shown off. The new Radeon is built on the 7nm process meaning more power efficiency than larger chips and features a huge 16GB of super fast VRAM. This thing will tear through 4k gaming like its nothing. The future looks bright for AMD as they continue to close the gap with Intel who now must worry about defending their position on top.

Acer Predator Triton 900 – predatortriton900Under the hood this is just another high end gaming laptop. The interesting thing here is the display. The entire display is on a rotating hinge that rotates from the middle of the screen. It can flip all the around in a 180 to face up, down, forward, backward or any direction in between. It is definitely a bizarre looking piece of kit and I’m unsure what the intended market for something like this is. In fact, I would be surprised if this thing makes it to market. It is an interesting design though to be sure.

Acer Predator Thronos – thronosAnother interesting bit of design from Acer. The Thronos is… well, it’s a throne. It’s the complete package to complete any gamer’s dream set up. The throne is nearly endlessly customizable through a series of motorized parts to include the triple monitor display setup mounted to an overhead brace that raises and lowers so that you throne sitter feels like they are in a gaming cockpit. The keyboard tray also closes in on a motor as well. To complete the experience the entire station tilts back in what Acer calls a ‘Zero-G’ mode. Foot rests, cup holders, storage pouches for controllers or snacks, and yes… even RGB lighting. All this for the paltry sum of $10,000. That might sound like a lot to ask for this until you realize that everything is included, even the high end gaming PC that powers it all. The headset, keyboard, mouse, PC, triple monitors, everything is included in that price. Now that’s actually a pretty good deal. The Thronos is still in pre-production but should be available for purchase later this year.


Bungie parts ways with Activision Blizzard


Early this week, Bungie announced that it would be ending its partnership with Activision Blizzard. Up until now Activision was publishing Bungie’s shooter looter, Destiny 2, through the popular Battle.Net client. Moving forward Bungie will be self-publishing the title and assuming all responsibility here on out. The interesting thing though is that the announcement made a point of stating that the game would continue to be available through the Battle.Net client. So, it does seem that the two companies are still in bed together as it were, however the nature of that relationship has likely shifted a bit more in Bungie’s favor. It is not secret that the executives over at Activision Blizzard have been exceptionally disappointed with the sales and revenue generated from Destiny 2, so this move makes sense for both parties. What was not expected by the suits though, is that following this announcement the ATVI stock price plummeted again having not even recovered from the Diablo Immortal dip following BlizzCon last year. You may recall last week, we covered the departure of two CFOs from the company and now another hit to the stock price. I don’t think they are going anywhere any time soon, but this is definitely not a good look.


Paradox Interactive buys up Prison Architect Developer


Introversion Software, the developers behind one of my favorite games, Prison Architect, has been acquired by Paradox Interactive. Paradox bought not only the company, but all of its assets and intellectual property as well. Of course, the amount of the purchase was not disclosed as these deals are typically a closed door type of affair. Following the buyout a spokesperson for Paradox said that with the acquisition they are looking at releasing more ________ Architect games. As a huge fan of Prison Architect this really gets me going. Of all the publishers to acquire this studio, I feel Paradox is a good fit. The Architect game, which may soon be part of a series, will feel right at home amongst the rest of Paradox’s published lineup of quality titles like Battletech, Stellaris, Shadowrun, Cities: Skylines and the classic Magicka. Sometimes, it is sad to see a small studio with nothing but their passion project get bought out by some large company that can only see the dollars. This doesn’t feel like one of those times. Instead, I think this is a smart move for both companies and I hope they both get something out of the deal going forward. I really look forward to the next Architect style game.



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