Hearthstone – Upcoming Balance Update

written by Techno


On Thursday, January 31, 2019, Hearthstone announced the following changes:

Cold Blood – Will Cost 2 Mana (Originally 1)

Flametongue Totem – Will Cost 3 Mana (Originally 2)

Equality – Will Cost 4 (Originally 2)

Hunters Mark – Will Cost 2 (Originally 1)

Emerald Spellstone – Will Cost 6 (Originally 5)

The following changes will take place on February 5, 2019, along with the lunar new year seasonal update.

Why were the changes necessary?

1.) Cold Blood

92Cold blood gives many Rogue decks a ton of tempo. Cold Blood can be used in many different ways. Whether you are using it on a low health minion to enable trades or applying it on a charge minion upon the turn it’s summoned, it is still one of the best cards that can be used in any Rogue class deck.




2.) Flametongue Totem200px-Flametongue_Totem(390)

Wow, another basic shaman card receiving a nerf. Flametongue Totem was one of the best minions to have in a shaman deck because of the power it provides to token decks. Because of its effect to buff adjacent minions, it was a must have in any token and aggro decks for shaman.

3.) Equality

Equality is one of the best cards in Even Paladin and Control Paladin. This card goes along with Wild Pyromancer and Consecration perfectly. Being able to clear a board at 4-6 mana was too powerful for that amount of mana. Now because of the nerf, you will only be able to board clear with this combo at 6-8 mana.

4.) Hunters Mark

22This change is straight forward, it kind of follows the same reasoning with Equality. Because you can remove a minion with 2 mana, adding along Candleshot, and no additional cost at all, Hunters Mark was changed to 2 mana to potentially fix the problem. This one wasn’t as oppressive as Equality it is only a single target but it still needed that change.





5.) Emerald Spellstone


This is the only Non-Basic/Classic Card on the list that received a change. This spellstone was originally intended to be a late game threat. Because of its cost at 5 mana and the wide array of low cost Secrets available, it became more of an early game utility card rather than a late game threat.

Changes are being implemented more and more often. It will be interesting to see how the shape of the meta evolves. Will there be a huge shift or will things remain basically the same? Time will tell when these changes go live next week. Seeing that we are receiving card changes more often, I am sure we will be receiving new nerfs more often starting this year. We would be so lucky as to receive new nerfs every single month. I hope that this trend continues and the rate of balance changes continue shaping the game into something better and better each time.

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