Forge Report – Epic Metro Demo has a Destiny of Politics

written by Fyren


Metro: Exodus crawls into bed with Epic Games

epic metro.png

It seems this is all anyone can talk about this week. The Epic Games Store has been slowly building its catalog of games in an effort to provide some competition in the digital games retailing market. This week, in a direct shot at both Steam and potentially consumers, Epic signed an exclusivity deal with the publisher of the upcoming game, Metro: Exodus which was unveiled at last year’s E3 where it turned many heads. The game will be joining a handful of titles available only through the Epic Game Store. Pre-orders that were made through Steam will still be honored. Metro is now $10 cheaper on the Epic Store most likely thanks to the more favorable revenue split on the platform. Everyone wants Steam to have some competition, but this isn’t exactly what they had in mind. Exclusive deals like this only ever benefit the platform holder, and only ever restrict the choice of the consumer. Especially for PC gamers, who tend to value that freedom of choice more than others, this seems like a swat on the nose. My experience with the Epic Games Store so far has been limited, only using it to claim the free titles that they are using to entice people to the platform. I don’t see that changing anytime soon either, until they start offering competitive discount or better features.

Anthem’s open demo weekend is a thing


Anthem has an open testing weekend that as of this article should still be running for a little while longer. The impressions are in and they are… mediocre. There are many reports of bugs and poor server performance, however the combat of the core gameplay loop is incredibly enjoyable. Details about Anthem’s endgame activities have also surfaced. These include dungeons, world events, and contracts. The contract system seems similar to a randomized sort of ‘daily quest’. Boss fights look to be challenging and interesting, even though there will only be handful of them available at launch. A member of our community reports that the demo left him with a positive impression, but not so much that he wants to pre-order it. I have a feeling this is going to be one of those games that is just ok at launch and doesn’t really find its stride until a year or more down the road.

Destiny 2 has goodies for everyone


Bungie’s latest patch to the online shoot n’ loot-a-rama added in a veritable cornucopia of stuff for everyone. Some of that comes in balance changes and some comes in new quests and unique guns, like The Last Word, a sweet looking new hand cannon. Sweeping through the patch notes most of the changes seems to include the word “increased” which is good news for every class. Increases in damage and durations for most abilities across the board, with the exception of the Hunter class which did get a few nerfs. Several weapons also saw their damage increased including the Scout, Auto and Sniper rifles. So, regardless of what you play there seems to be good news. I keep meaning to jump back into Destiny 2, now seems to be the time.

Ubisoft backpedals on Division 2’s politics


Outrage abounds following a marketing e-mail sent out for the upcoming looter shooter Tom Clancy’s The Division 2. The mass marketing e-mail arrived in inboxes all over the place with the subject reading “Come and see what a real government shutdown looks like”. Outrage exploded from all sorts that felt the subject was tone-deaf and in poor taste. Many sites expressed that the marketing was disrespectful to those people who were affected by the real world government shutdown early this year. Ubisoft immediately apologized for the e-mail and re-iterated that The Division 2 is not a political game. However, the entire premise for the game is predicated on the collapse of the US government and the following collapse of social systems. Honestly, I don’t think Ubisoft has anything to apologize for. The real world shutdown still sees essential services such as police, but the premise of The Division sees collapse of those systems entirely. It is not a far stretch to refer to that setting as a ‘real government shutdown’. Some may have found the joke to be in poor taste, but I found it to be poignant, topical, and mildly clever. Not bad Ubisoft, still not gonna play your game though.

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