Forge Report – Apex Legends Threatens GTA Cheaters with Moderation

written by Fyren


Apex Legends comes out of nowhere


Apex Legends released early this week to universal acclaim. The marketing approach for the game is something I talked about in a previous article, but the game itself is really something special. As of the moment of writing, the game has surpassed 10 million players and over 1 million in concurrent players. It has enjoyed the top position on Twitch since its release surpassing League of Legends and Fortnite. I’ve never enjoyed a battle royale game before, but this one has me hooked. There is little I can say about the game that hasn’t already been said as the game took the internet by storm and nearly everyone is playing it. That being said, come find me here and play a few rounds.

Metro Exodus developer makes a threat

Metro Exodus Logo - 1280x720


One of the developers on Metro: Exodus, following the backlash for the Epic Games Store exclusivity deal, lashed out at critics this week. Obviously passionate, emotional, and feeling a bit defensive he threatened that if the game did not do well on the PC platform, read the Epic Games platform, then further Metro games may just abandon PC altogether. The comes in response to some PC gamers calling for a boycott of the Epic Games Store and by extension Metro: Exodus. The development company, 4A Games, as well as the publisher, Deep Silver, have both made official statements on the matter saying that the views of this one employee do not represent the companies or their interests. I probably won’t end up playing the newest Metro now as I only played the others after some pretty deep Steam discounts. I talk often about Steam needing competition, and it does, but Steam is on top for a reason. Personally, the sales and extremely deep discounts keep me using the platform.

GTA Online cheater owes $150k in damages


The creator of GTA Online cheat software was sued awhile back by Rockstar Games. Well, it seems that he failed to appear in court and as such forfeited the case. The judge ruled in favor of Rockstar in the amount of $150,000 in damages. If you have ever played GTA Online, you have very likely noticed cheaters spawning in planes, cash, or exploding everything in sight. The cheat enabling software was taken down following a Cease and Desist last year, but now it’s official. Rockstar isn’t messing around. Hopefully we should see fewer of these cheating players running around Los Santos now. If you do want some free GTA cash though, Rockstar is giving players login rewards for every weekend in February. Why not jump in and run over a few pedestrians?

Discord under fire for moderation


Discord has recently become the target for a special brand of ire that only denizens of the internet can produce. Several users have reported entire servers being deleted for supposedly violating Discord’s Terms of Service. Of course, those terms and the community guidelines that they reference cover everything from “mocking” to “child pornography”. These broad strokes of rules put nearly every Discord server in danger of being deleted by Discord staff at any time with no warning. Many conservative group have reported this exact thing happening to them. While other servers actively engage in activities that are not only in violation of Discord’s rules but also morally questionable and are still in operation. The FBI is currently investigating Discord to ensure that the platform has not become a mere hive of scum and villainy. I’ll be keeping an eye on this as the story plays out and we hope to bring out more information on the subject soon.

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